Saturday, March 28, 2015

Applying the Spirit

When the Energy arrives on April 14, 2015 you will have completed the first of two conjunctive phases designed for aligning you into the Fifth Dimension, dear Ones! The first phase began on March 15, 2015 and will conclude on April 14, 2015. The first phase serves to Activate you into your Spiritual Purpose with God. The second phase will begin on April 15, 2015 and will complete on June 14, 2015, when you will be Sanctified for your new role and duties with God within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. Most of the two phase sequence will require additional internalization Time on your part in order to access and reacquaint yourself with your Spiritual Purpose with God. The most problematic component of implementing and initializing your Spiritual Purpose with God will be sustaining your trust and conviction that the Universe will provide everything you will need to begin your new role and duties with God on June 15, 2015.  

Our internal conceptual domain forms the perception of our external Reality. If you are phobic to trying new experiences because of past failures or have an expectation of peripheral obstacles of obstruction coming your way once more, your Creative endeavors in the Fifth Dimension will not produce an outcome any different than you experienced in the Fourth Dimension. The same can be said if, for instance, you were accused of wearing “rose colored glasses” in the past for interpreting the potential of a person or a situation to be much higher in merit than reality was demonstrating. The role of assisting Man of Destiny Souls has been a collective ongoing process extended through the past 10,000 years by Lightworker Souls. In those 10,0000 years you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light have integrated into Man of Destiny’s world to raise mediocre expectations of achievement, belief, and clarity of understanding into the standards of the Universe with God. The task of raising the standards of man’s world was largely thankless, undervalued, and unappreciated by Man of Destiny Souls.

In the Fourth and lower Dimensions, Love is not required in every thought, deed, or action to achieve, only that learning with Love is realized. This makes it truly difficult to navigate the essence of Reality for any Soul, especially a Lightworker Soul who has the Light, Love, and Harmony standards of the Universe ingrained within his or her Soul! Ten thousand years of substandard expectations and values may have only momentarily stunted your own achievements from Time to Time, but Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will see you returning to the standards of the Universe with God! You are the Momentum of Change, dear Ones! Within you is a detailed plan ingrained to your Soul, and only you have the ability and the choice to unveil it to the world! You will have three advantages working to assist you in the Application of the Spirit into your everyday world for Mother Earth’s evolving and Activated Fifth Dimension Reality!

The first advantage you will have over past experiences in the Fourth Dimension will be that you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light are in Unity with God – at Oneness with God and the Universe in all you will do and attempt to achieve in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. In Unity with God is not just a “catchy” phrase without significance or merit. You will find that the more you will apply the Spirit of Love with God into your Life, the more trust, conviction and confidence you will gain to ease into the massive scale of achievements you will put into motion for The New Earth arriving on May 16, 2016. The second advantage and benefit you will have in all of your initial Fifth Dimension endeavors with God will be there will be no Man of Destiny Souls to impede, hinder, or delay any of your Projects of Light and Love for two years! In other words, dear Ones, you will not have anyone to question the validity or feasibility of your work because you will not need to seek investors, financiers, or venture capitalists – for Love is God’s Currency of the Fifth Dimension and once you realize it, you will be wealthier than you ever imagined!

The third advantage for initializing your work for the Fifth Dimension’s superstructure will come with the Energy of March 28, 2015. Back in December 2013 Mother Earth aligned herself with a new communication grid, the New Matrix, to allow communication between all Souls to occur as if all communication were being simultaneously accomplished by telepathic means. The New Matrix will Activate on March 28, 2015 and will only be initially available for all Lightworker Souls to communicate directly between each other and God. It will not be a Higher Self tool, but one directly related through the Activation of one’s Seven Chakras. It will still take a little while to get used to, but like any new technology, it will become a great asset to increase the speed and momentum of the New Reality! As you will soon witness, dear Ones, Mother Earth is in a sequence of developing and building herself into a corresponding corollary of the Universe, and it is so!

The most important element in every Soul’s Fifth Dimension Life will be one’s Spiritual Purpose with God – for the Fifth Dimension represents the Return to God for all Souls! One’s Spiritual Purpose with God is not defined by the religious element one adheres to but the Spirit of one’s connection to God. Attaining one’s Spiritual Purpose with God is a matter of applying the Spirit of Love in all things one will seek to do and accomplish. You are the Momentum of Change, dear Ones! Nothing will happen if you feel thwarted or stymied by past experiences in the Fourth Dimension! Take action and begin applying the Spirit of Love with God in all that you will think, do, and say for you will find the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration to be more familiar to you than the learning stages of the Fourth Dimension! In the Fifth Dimension, Man of Destiny Souls are each individually responsible for learning to apply the Spirit of Love with God in all they will think, do and say for they will only have one role model – you and the Legion of Light to emulate and demonstrate the application of Love with God in all ways!