Friday, May 4, 2012

A New World Emerges Part 3

The Energy of May 7, 2012 will begin forty days and forty nights of purification among Man of Destiny. Man of Destiny is a strident Soul seeking to become like you, dear Lightworker, an Enlightened Soul of Light and Love! He or she was not born Enlightened or made aware of any differences between Souls. Rather he or she originated within the evolving Earth Plane. His or her progress in becoming Spiritually Enlightened is and always will be here upon Mother Earth, until he or she understands that “All is One” with Mother Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Universe. Once that this condition has been met, he or she will be allowed to transverse the Universe to assist other Souls in the Enlightenment Process like you, dear Lightworker!

The need for everyone to purify his or her Heart’s intent will arrive with the commencement of the New Horizon upon Mother Earth from June 17, 2012 through June 29, 2012. Our current days are to prepare our Hearts and Souls for this wondrous event as the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium make their physical presence known to everyone on May 15, 2012! There will not be much for you to do, dear Lightworker, except to get yourself ready to exceed your wildest expectations about what you have come to do in the name of Light and Love!

The Enlightenment of Man of Destiny has been going on for thousands of years. Now it is his or her opportunity to learn and understand his or her Spiritual Purpose with God! Many will not see this opportunity to experience Brotherhood as a blessing. Instead, they will react with fear and interpret what they will see as the “world ending!”  Far from the Truth, everything upon Earth will be unifying and moving closer to attaining Unity so that Mother Earth can and will become the Abode of Peace and Harmony!

Oneness and Unity is the goal of Mother Earth’s presence within the Fifth Dimension’s increased state of Lovingness! Mother Earth’s goal will reflect upon Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light to increase their own state of Lovingness through the Oneness and Unity of Brotherhood Consciousness – working together to Share and Cooperate with each other and for each other! By working together to Share and Cooperate, everyone will collaborate to ensure that Joy in Living is experienced and becomes a birthright! You, dear Lightworker, are already activating the movement towards Unity to the forefront!

For four days, May 10 through May 13, 2012, you will feel the stirrings and longings of Mother Earth seeking her place in the Universe! She will become the Abode of Peace and Harmony and knows that she is still in preparation for this momentous event from June 17 through June 29, 2012! For now, dear Lightworker, see these days of revealing as the transformation from Fourth Dimensional attitudes and beliefs of learning with Love to the Fifth Dimension’s iridescent halo of Love that permeates all thoughts and actions with Love!

A New World emerges and there will be no one able to escape the effect of Living in Lovingness through Brotherhood Consciousness! Many have only dreamed of these days but you, dear Lightworker, know in your Heart and Soul that the experience of Oneness and Unity is the Way of God! When all will awaken to realize this Truth, they will come to understand that Love is and always will be the Way of God! For now, expect Man of Destiny’s fear of the unknown to delay his or her progress into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. But this is why, dear Lightworker, your experience and knowledge of Oneness and Unity will become your greatest asset for you know and understand that Love is the Presence of God!