Friday, May 25, 2012

Experience of Unity and Oneness

The first week of June 2012 will begin the next stage of Enlightenment from June 2 through June 7, 2012 for bringing the experience of Unity and Oneness into the lives of everyone and everything upon Mother Earth. This brief period of “Time” will be very powerful indeed! For you, dear Lightworker will know and realize that you will be witnessing a new Spirit of Freedom transcending the world over! By the end of June 2012 our Mother Earth will be ushered into an extraordinary period of evolution for not only herself but also all of her inhabitants! The “Time” to celebrate and usher in Humanity’s evolutionary step of Enlightenment will be here at month’s end!

Humanity’s evolution will bring everyone and everything closer together with Love, Joy, and Brotherhood Consciousness to unite them. It will not be an overnight awareness but once everyone will realize that these next few years will be a blessing rather than the “end of the world,” True growth and expansion will take place in every Heart and Soul! You, dear Lightworker, will have better understanding and awareness than Man of Destiny, who will become even more fearful than he or she already is!

The beginning of June 2012 will continue to emphasize that all Humanity either learn and grow through experience to activate into the movement of Unity and Oneness or to begin activating into Unity and Oneness! On June 6, 2012 there will come the greatest Opportunity yet for everyone! To choose to be a part of the Greater Whole of the Universe or to choose to remain in a learning phase that will offer greater understanding about the unlimited possibilities of Love! The activation of these choices into the rapidly approaching future will depend upon which way each individual Soul will turn to God!

What will choosing to be part of the Greater Whole of the Universe or learning to understand about the unlimited possibilities of Love bring? Becoming a part of the Greater Whole of the Universe will bring in all possibilities of the Heart and Soul and what the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium are designed to be – to become a Co-Creator with God! Learning to understand about the unlimited possibilities of Love will be long and arduous for those who choose this way. But by learning and applying Love in everything they think and do will be like being sent to the “minor” leagues for further skill training rather than proceeding to play in the “major” league of Spiritual Play!

The Movement into Unity and Oneness will be ready to implement and begin from June 17 through June 29, 2012 when Mother Earth will be aligning with the Gateway of the Universe! Mother Earth’s transformational step will be inconceivable to Man of Destiny but will serve to remind you, dear Lightworker, about what you have come to do – to lead and teach Man of Destiny how to play in the world of Light and Love, just like you used to do back home! What have only been dreams of impossibilities will begin to emerge with your Creative abilities, dear Lightworker, and with your contribution to raise the standards of the Earth Plane into the New Spiritual Standards, Humanity will be redefined from a physical being to a Spiritual Being of Light and Love!

There will be many who will not understand what will be happening after Mother Earth evolves into the Gateway of the Universe. But you, dear Lightworker, are one who will understand and remain calm while many panic and go into their worst fears. Do not become alarmed! Rather tell them about the way games are played at “home!” Like playing musical chairs for seven children with seven chairs. Remember? No one loses and no one wins, you just play for the fun of it – and that is where learning to play and living in Joy begins – as a child once more, open to learning! Let your Heart’s Expression lead you with Light and Love to find your Joy in Living!