Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spiritual Prosperity

Everything you have been preparing to do in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will finally be here, dear Lightworker, on April 18, 2012! Do not feel alone for before you can even blink your eyes, you and all those who are ready will also be prepared to join you! It will appear as if you, dear Lightworker, and your fellow members of the Legion of Light will simultaneously activate, and it is so! The day and time to begin God’s Promise of Joy of Living for everyone will be here on April 18, 2012!

Opportunities for Man of Destiny will continue to be offered through April 17, 2012. Will he or she take the Responsibility to choose to become a Co-Creator with God in the New Horizon? All he or she will need to do is to learn and begin growth towards the Pathway of Spiritual Prosperity. Many will do so, but will not understand what will be expected for they do not have the experience, understanding or even self awareness to activate into the Role of Co-Creator with God. This is what you, dear Lightworker, have come to do – assist him or her in learning and understanding to experience his or her world with Love! No task will be too small in this assignment!

The main point, however, will be that Man of Destiny will be ready to begin to understand and learn after all thoughts and Creations have begun to manifest in the Fifth Dimension on May 15, 2012. The intermediate period of time, from April 18, 2012 to May 14, 2012, will be a period of utter confusion for Man of Destiny as all negative thoughts and/or actions will serve as a repercussion to the initiator! This will be so that the Lesson of Lovingness will only act upon the initiator of negativity and to minimize the damage upon his or her intended receptor of negativity! Watch world media to see how these actions will only affect those who initiate such thoughts and/or actions!

The goal during these days will be to renew the Heart and Soul with Spiritual Prosperity. Spiritual Prosperity is the Wealth of Spirit garnered while servicing and honoring the Heart and Soul and therefore, God! You, dear Lightworker, are endowed and designed through God’s Universal Energies to produce and Create with the Wealth of Spirit within you! Man of Destiny is also endowed and designed in a like manner. The difference however, is in recognizing and Creating Spiritual Prosperity as the goal of his or her Heart and Soul, which he or she does not know is within them! This comes by way of Man of Destiny’s limited experience and know how in working with his or her True Spiritual Self. The limited experience and knowledge results in symptoms of the fear that produces an “I deserve” mindset and causes comparison and competition rather than the standards of Brotherhood – Sharing and Cooperating.

Man of Destiny will take at least two more years to turn his or her mindset from the “I deserve” mode to the Lightworker standard of “I am Love!” It will not be an easy transition but the time of the New Horizon will be here before the end of June 2012! From that point on the Universal Energies will be effectively bringing in the Energy to induce and produce experience and growth for Man of Destiny’s knowledge and understanding so that he or she may become a Co-Creator with God in the New Millennium! Remain resilient to the inner calling of your Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker, for the time to reveal the Truth of who you are will be here on April 18, 2012!