Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Open to Change Part 2

There will soon come a day when you, dear Lightworker, will readily and easily be able to tell who remains in the Fourth Dimension and who has Transformed their self into a Co-Creator with God for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Right now however, the Universal Energies are gathering and commingling with the thoughts of those who will activate the Love in their Hearts and place it into motion with the Energies during the month April 2012. Many who are not ready for this transition will find that without Love, their jobs, lives, and essentially all of their affairs, will become even more chaotic than ever before!

Beginning on April 8, 2012 the Universal Energies will begin a second series of Opportunities for choosing in which direction your Heart will lead you. This will include everyone, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, for no one will be denied the fate of experiencing the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium without their choosing to do so! Many will come to know the difference between the Fourth and Fifth Dimension when they learn to apply the understanding from their Hearts and Souls with Love to move forward and progress!

That will be the key, dear Lightworker, as you become aware of those around you who will be struggling to learn to adapt the understanding they carry into the Fifth Dimension. Some will be moving like a sloth, laboring slowly to move after what appears like a long sleep, while others will be frozen in motion as if they are a deer caught in the headlights, not knowing which way to move! Most of Humanity will be moving but not knowing the direction that they will be going, but take this as a sign, dear Lightworker, that they are aware that the rules of the Fifth Dimension are in effect!

The growth and learning that everyone will be required to know and understand will be that God’s Promise of Joy in Living will be the standard for everyone to uphold and honor! This will be the emphasis of the Opportunities given during the week of April 8 through April 13, 2012. Additionally there will be two dates, April 12 and 13, 2012, where there will be two stations established to begin: the first will consist of those in need of acquiring proficiency for understanding the concept of Brotherhood Consciousness – sharing and cooperating with one another with Love, while the other station will involve the removal of all “training wheels” placed upon everyone in the Fourth Dimension and become a place of learning to gain experience Creating with Love in the Fifth Dimension!

Get ready, get set, and go! By April 18, 2012 you, dear Lightworker, will be more than ready, as we near the starting gate of All Humanity’s participation on May 15, 2012. Now, however, is the time of the Legion of Light’s stage of readiness! On April 18, 2012, it will finally be time to see, hear, and feel the presence of God’s Fifth Dimension for all Lightworkers upon Mother Earth! What may have felt as false starts, partial starts, and even staggered starts, were in fact all stages of preparation for you, dear Lightworker, as were those circumstances and situations that served to prepare you for the World to Come in the next few weeks!

Remain Open to Change and you, dear Lightworker, will not miss a beat of the New Rhythm of the New Horizon! The only preparation anyone will ever need to observe after May 15, 2012, will be to maintain all activities with the Truth and Love from their Heart, and to use this measurement of Truth and Love to lead them further than they ever expected to go in the Fourth Dimension! For now, we are all in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! Let Light and Love be the guides in your Heart and Soul and you will find that we all move closer to the Dimension of God!