Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Enduring

We are now in the Season of God. This month, September 2011, will produce many wonderful Changes from the Universal Energies to understand and know that the Great Transformation is here! Many of these Changes will be misunderstood as signs of the end of times but this is not the Truth. What will be occurring will be the ending of things that will not be useful in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The first of these Changes will be the world economy that has been, is, and continues to be manipulated by Man of Negativity. This will come to an end as the New Economy of the Fifth Dimension will have No Rich and No Poor and will be based upon the Principle of Brotherhood – Sharing and Cooperating with one another! Humanity was not placed upon Earth to be financially indentured to another human being!

On September 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring growth and progress for advancing our Spiritual Prosperity. Look now to see the Foundation of Love in your life begin to advance your New Path and Destiny. Many who have mastered the Lessons of Love in the recent year will come to the forefront to serve as role models while those who have neglected their lessons will struggle to comprehend the Reality of the Spirit!

Chaos and Confusion will dissipate for those who understand that the Spiritual Realm rules over the Physical World of Manifestation on September 2, 2011 as the Universal Energies will produce signs to show that this is True. Now will be the time to act upon the Spirit of Sharing and Cooperating as conflict will become the standard upon Earth as ego driven leaders and politicians will act upon their false sense of power. This will be a sign that they have not learned the Lessons of Love and will not be worthy of leading into the Fifth Dimension. Let Light and Love lead the way to the Path of your Heart and Soul!

Choices come to those who are willing to understand the standard of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium – Living in Joy! Joy is the feeling of balance and contentment with Life and not euphoria that produces pendulum swings between elation and apathy. On September 3, 2011 there will come a choice to live the Life of Joy and Contentment with everything and everyone around you. All you will simply have to do is allow your Heart and Soul to lead you forward to experience the life that God has promised to everyone in the Fifth Dimension! As for the current world much will still be in a state of Chaos and Confusion so it will be time to act upon all you have learned from Love!

The Foundation of Brotherhood Consciousness is the Spiritual Energy that permeates in all living beings. Brotherhood Consciousness will be the key for ascertaining the Life of Joy and Contentment on September 4, 2011 for we will begin to witness an unprecedented period of time in which Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will strongly need to work together! These will be the Days of Enduring as the Legion of Light will battle the Negative Forces of Man and his systems of control and self-aggrandizement. Many lives will be wasted over the issue of Ego!

Ego is an instinctive means for surviving when one shall be in fear or has a strong need to protect him or herself. On September 5, 2011 the Battle over Ego will develop in everyone seeking entry into the Fifth Dimension and there will be no need to seek survival in the Fifth Dimension for YOU WILL BE LIVING IN JOY! The need to conqueror the ego will be strongly felt by everyone for it has destroyed many potentially great lifetimes and as we proceed into the Portal of the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011, the need to Live with Love and Joy will align everyone with God’s Promises!

The Fifth Dimension may seem to be in the far off distance but be assured that it will be here soon. Do not look in the sky for it or think you can point at a spot upon Earth and say “Here it is!” The Kingdom of God is within you for YOU ARE THE KINGDOM OF GOD! On September 6, 2011 there will be the need to comprehend, understand, and know that YOU ARE THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Many will not see this Truth because of misshapen interpretations and outright lies stated over the centuries to control the masses and assets but they will question their cultural beliefs and traditions. Seek the Kingdom of God within you and you shall Live in God’s Promise of Joy!

The more you align yourself with the Truth of who you are – A CO-CREATOR WITH GOD, the closer you will be aligned within the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! On September 7, 2011 do not become part of the Negativity surrounding our world. Instead focus upon Joy, YOUR OWN JOY and allow it to begin wherever you will be for the Universal Energies will be readying us all for the Great Event of entering the Portal of the Fifth Dimension. Love is the way of all who shall seek!

The first week of September 2011 will find us in need of bringing ourselves into alignment with the Principles of Brotherhood for everything that is not centered upon these Principles and Love will collapse and vanish! Everything will be different and new in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium when our entire galaxy ascends beginning on October 28, 2011. Become aware and learn to process with your Heart and Soul rather than the needs of the body for when you learn and become Spiritually Centered you will realize YOU ARE UNLIMITED!