Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Activation Part 2

This forecast will cover the remaining days of the third phase into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. We will move into the fourth phase on August 18, 2011. The third phase is the Activation phase of this movement that began on April 15, 2011. The first lasted from April 15 to June 15, 2011 and gave us the mantra of “Are you Living in Joy?” as the question to lead us forward. The second phase started on June 16 until July 16, 2011 and functioned to begin the process of bringing Balance and Justice upon All Things on Earth while the current phase, which began on July 17 until August 17, 2011, will actualize our New Security for the Fifth Dimension – Brotherhood Consciousness.

There will not be much time left until the seventh and final phase completes on October 27, 2011 after which, our Earth will ascend into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011. In the remaining days of our current phase we will begin to recognize that our fellow Human Beings are our True source of Security – Brotherhood Consciousness. Though most continue to see each other as “strangers” and with distrust, everyone will eventually realize that Man of Negativity and his profiteers of war divided everyone into the false divisions of enemies for his taking! Let Light and Love show us the way to Truth!

On August 9, 2011 the Universal Energies will strengthen to guide us into the Turning Point in Humanity’s history that began on July 22, 2011 and will last until August 12, 2011. This day will provide an Opportunity for Man of Destiny to prepare his Brotherhood Foundation to understand and to apply for his future. Though many will remain in fear and unable to process this choice, God’s Plan will be opening the way of Man of Destiny’s Freedom! Open your Heart and Soul and allow the Truth of God’s Plan to grant you Peace of Mind and Joy!

Listen to the words of politicians and leaders blaming each other for whatever ails their nations. Nothing at this time will be going “as expected,” except now, Man of Destiny will understand NOTHING IS THE SAME anymore! On August 10, 2011 the Universal Energies will be looking for Man of Destiny to seek and find his Joy of Living as the Joy of Living is and will be the most important element for life in the Fifth Dimension. Could it be easier than this? Look within and there you will find your Heart and Soul’s desire for Joy. With your new found Joy you will begin Creating your Path and Purpose within the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

As the current phase comes to a close the Universal Energies of August 11, 2011 will provide a clue to what you will become in the Fifth Dimension for they shall decree that every man, woman, and child will become the equivalent Joy of Living as they will request. If your life is currently a struggle with pain and suffering and you remain focused upon it rather than to seek to remedy it, you will be Creating more pain and suffering. The Universal Energies do not moralize as they will simply grant you what you shall focus upon. Shift your thoughts and Energy to the Plane of the Unlimited and there you will find all of your possibilities and promises as there are no conditions or barriers to Live in Joy!

To Live in Joy is the Promise of God to Man of Destiny in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium along with Truth and Love to guide him. Now you will see Man of Negativity’s corrupt and enslaving systems falling apart and failing on August 12, 2011 as there is no Joy of Living for everyone in Man of Negativity’s systems. See and know that each individual will be responsible for seeking his/her Foundation of Joy as the consent for his or her entry into the Fifth Dimension! Not by rituals, sacraments, or even religious advantage for this is a solar system event and not a religious event! Joy is the key for your future! Seek it and find it for Joy will Create your Path into the New Dimension!

On August 13, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to set into motion the secondary condition of our entry into the Fifth Dimension. This will be Brotherhood Consciousness as a condition of living upon the Planet of Peace and Thanksgiving – our Mother Earth! She will be requiring all who will enter into her realm of influence to be Peaceful, Loving, and God honoring beings. She will already know of everyone’s past and will deny their entry if they should attempt to enter before they have met the conditions of seeking Joy and Brotherhood. The New Way of living upon Mother Earth has been Changed and anyone not transitioning will be directed towards processing and learning about Lovingness!

With Mother Earth’s new standards of living in place on August 14, 2011, Man of Destiny will now be asked to define his Purpose upon the Planet of Peace and Thanksgiving. Will he choose his Pathway of Joy of Living with Brotherhood Consciousness or will he choose to follow the Way of War? Many future decisions will be contingent upon this Opportunity as living with Truth and Love will be the place to begin. Do not be overcome with fear instead seek Truth and Love within yourself and know where you will be in the future!

War and rumors of war will prevail worldwide as the economic crisis upon everyone will begin to spread on August 15, 2011! These rumors will be started by ego driven leaders and politicians who will shout, “Retribution will be ours!” They will be stating Truth for they have chosen the Way of War and Greed as their pathway upon Earth and will have their way in the Fourth Dimension! There will still be time to make a change of Heart and follow the call of their Soul but if, and only if, they shall follow their Soul. Let Brotherhood and Joy be the way of your Truth!

Many will focus their attention outward and not pay attention to the inward call of their Heart and Soul on August 16, 2011. Joy and Brotherhood will be the way of the future but during these days many will still be in shock over repeated unnecessary events overtaking the world. Though they will be seen as tragic they shall be minor compared to the events to come in the month of September 2011! Many will call upon God but not be heard for He will not intercede wherever there will be decisions made of ego rather than Love! Learn and process the way of Joy and Brotherhood coming around the corner!

The Energy of August 17, 2011 will be for contemplation as the Universal Season of Growth will come to a close. Rest your weary minds and bodies for a full day for there will be much to do and Change in the Season of God which shall begin on August 18, 2011. Take time to ponder and consider the way of your Heart and Soul. They have been longing for you to be at Peace and Rest for a considerable amount of time. Today will be a day to focus upon Joy and Brotherhood as the Activation has begun!