Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Long Awaited Change, Part 3

The third part of the April 2010 forecast features the most concentrated and awe inspiring Energy we will have ever witnessed in eons. And as stated in the previous posting the Energy will be at its maximum strength for the level of Creation needed to raise the current state of Man as this concentration of the Universal Energies will allow us to recreate our world with Love and Truth as our standards.

April 18, 2010 begins the thrust of Energy from the Unlimited so that what we think and do will be Created with Love and the principle of Truth. There is no easy way to compare what we are about to enter except to say that it will all be New. The main thrust of concentrated Energy will be from April 18 to April 28 and will intensify the Universal Energies at an amazing level to accomplish what we need to do!

The beginning of this concentrated Energy begins on April 18th and continues through April 19th. The emphasis of both dates is to Create and to bring forth the Brotherhood of Man. The process will allow us to enter through a total of three different dimensional gateways in order to place our new pathways on the right course and bring faster release from our fears toward our place of Joy and Happiness. April18th and 19th will also provide us with the Opportunity to Chose what, where, and how we will progress into our chosen Destiny. This Opportunity will function to separate us from the Chaos ensuing through the reorganization of Man’s affairs.

On April 20th through April 22nd, there will come a process of Change to absorb us further into the Love Energy. This process will have us looking deeper at ourselves to promote the issue of Family Love through the guidance of the path for the Brotherhood of Man. Here it is asked that we let go of the Security that has guided us in the past and move forward with the Flow of the Universal Energies. Doing so will bring us closer to our expanding pathways of Light and Love.

The apex of this time period occurs on April 23, 2010 when the concentrated Energy brings Man and Light to ready themselves for the inevitable call to their Higher Purpose. And it is at this point in time that a new leadership based on standards of LOVE AND TRUTH begins to emerge from the darkness of Man’s fear based world. They will have the power to influence and change the Ways of Man throughout the world for this is their calling.

April 24, 2010 will bring the surge of Energy to its purpose of manifesting our pathways of Light and Love. This shall continue until April 28th when a brief lull in Energy begins. But before that begins there comes a reminder on April 27th for us and the Unlimited Love available to Create our pathway. It asks us to seek the Brotherhood despite the physical evidence that seems to be chaotic. In this way Truth will prevail and the movement towards the New Millennium will expand into its pathway of Joy and Happiness.

In the mean time the process to move into our Destiny within the Brotherhood of Man will be the most prominent event to keep in mind but there is also a subtle process of Energy designed to bring our Destiny into place. It begins on April 19th and lasts until May 11, 2010 and will have us not only thinking about our Destined pathway but will also have us see it manifest into place as it brings a message to “think with the knowledge of these days and it shall activate the partnership to begin the Brotherhood of Man and create the pathway to change Man’s purpose on Earth and progress will come with Expanded Joy!”

May 2010 will continue with an abundance of High Energy much like April 2010. It will not be as concentrated but just as intensive so that the manifestation of the New Millennium will stay on course until this stage is completed by July 3, 2010. The forecast for May 2010 will once again be segmented so that an in depth reading may bring to light the best way to take advantage of the High Energy to Create your own pathway in the New Millennium.