Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Long Awaited Change, Part 2

This is the second of three forecasts for the month of April 2010. The first part of April 2010 would begin by assisting us in completing our Plan to create and grow into our share of the New Millennium and would then place the foundation needed to build the Brotherhood of Man. This second forecast will cover April 11 to April 17, 2010 a short but powerful period of time to help us all reorganize our thought processes for the New Millennium.

After allowing us to contemplate where we will proceed, the Universal Energies will propel us towards our main Purpose of becoming Co-Creators with God, as April 11th will have us defining how we will use the force of Unlimited Love to create a pathway that leads us into our journey. The only condition for using the Unlimited Love Energy is to let go of fear to promote the growth of our souls. This is the essential key to utilizing the power available during this time period.

April 12th brings us a day closer towards creating our Destiny in the New Millennium, as does April 13th, but the momentum begins to shift when we enter April 14, 2010. It is here that we will be promoting our Purpose and examining where to begin the pathway of our Purpose as we are given the Opportunity to Choose it. We will also move closer to our Destiny by finding the inspiration and Joy that comes from the mere thought of achieving the task of our chosen pathway.

The Universal Energies of April 15th will now function to elevate our choice of April 14th and will serve to inspire us towards our chosen direction of becoming Co-Creators with God and the Universe. What we may have thought to be the impossible will now become the possible as we will have moved into a new dimension of thought and perspective with the soon to be released Love Beacon of May 9, 1992.

April 16, 2010 is the Manifestation Day of the New Millennium. The inward attitude adjustments we have already made will help us make the process of absorbing the Love Energy an easy task. This will assist us in becoming Co-Creators and will advance our souls’ work by working with Love rather than fear to seek our goals. Think about this thought and move with it into your heart and bring to manifestation the works of Light and Love this day!

On April 17th we will be called upon to Create the New Millennium with three processes which will take the efforts of all of our hearts and souls to complete. The first process asks us to accept the force of Unlimited Love and remove our fears in order to Create our pathways within the Partnership of Man, Earth, and God. The second process will have us conjoin our mind and spirit to activate the Foundation of Brotherhood by accepting the inward guidance of Truth which is permeating the Earth at this time. The third process will remind us why we must make these strident efforts, as this process will examine how to gain in the Joy we are lacking in our lives by making us aware of the world around us.

A quick view in any form of media, be it a newspaper, a television broadcast, or Internet news content, will easily remind us of the fear and suffering of Man on Earth. This too shall eventually change, as we will no longer need to continue in this manner because the Energy of April 17, 2010 will function to promote the attitude of Expanded Joy. First, however, we must be willing to look at one another and declare Love for our fellow man in the most altruistic way possible. In this way we will be activating a new beginning in the history of man and move with the Earth, who is creating her own pathway to sustain the conditions needed to uphold the standards of the New Millennium. And this is the ultimate goal for Man and Light, to be in Joy while moving towards the goal of becoming Co-Creators of the New Millennium on Earth.

All this is possible and inevitable as the next series of the Universal Energies will be at their maximum strength for the level of Creation needed to overturn the current state of Man. The third forecast of April will provide the best way to maximize the use of these Energies as April 18, 2010 will be the gateway for creating and sustaining the world beyond description and belief.