Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mother Earth’s 13 Suns

By all appearances from our Earth, the Sun appears to move around the Earth from east to west in our daytime skies. But, as any well informed person would know today, it is our Earth rotating around the Sun and not the other way around. The pathway of the Sun’s apparent motion around the Earth is called the ecliptic plane. All of our Solar System’s Planets as well as the Moon also transit along the ecliptic plane against the star filled background of our nighttime skies. The Star Constellations located near the ecliptic plane form the more commonly known Star Sign names and Constellations of the Zodiac, better known as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and the rest of the remaining Zodiac’s Signs. The attributes and influences the Zodiac’s Star Constellations exert upon Mother Earth in our daily affairs have always been a contentious and debatable question, but after April 30, 2016 many will begin seeing, hearing, and feeling how Mother Earth and our Solar System do not exist in an isolated void or vacuum of space! On April 30, 2016 Mother Earth will begin aligning within the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars through our Sun’s already engaged electromagnetic alignment with all the Sun-Stars of the Universe. By aligning within the Universal Grid, Mother Earth will initiate two related processes. The first process will be to align her Seven Chakras within it, starting with her Root Chakra on April 30, 2016, while the second will produce an internal “Star Burst” to activate all of Mother Earth’s 13 Suns within her Soul!

Mother Earth’s 13 Suns will be comprised of our own Sun plus a more direct influential presence of the Stars within the12 Zodiac Star Constellations. The Zodiac’s Star Constellations will not replace our Sun’s sunlight upon Mother Earth but will serve Earth as if the Stars comprising each of the 12 Zodiac Constellations were condensed into One unique Sun-Star saturated with all the Energetic Potential representative of each of the 12 Zodiac Star Constellations! Essentially, dear Ones, Mother Earth’s 12 additional “Suns” will become super concentrated versions of each of the Zodiac Sign’s Energetic Potential to enhance the possibilities of your Creations with the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Mother Earth’s 13 Suns will become internalized within her through the process of aligning her Seven Chakras into the Universal Gird of Sun-Stars, as Mother Earth will be setting the pace for every Soul’s entire Fifth Dimension’s experience. There will not be any major changes in the conduct, appearance, or operational protocol on Earth while Mother Earth will be aligning her first Three Chakras. She will begin with her Root Chakra on April 30, 2016, followed by her Throat Chakra on June 21, 2016, and then proceed to her Sacral Chakra on August 12, 2016. The Three Chakras of the Root, Throat, and Sacral Chakras form the Primary Chakras and serve to arrange the Existential Expression of Experience of any Soul endowed with the capacity to Create with Love in the Universe!

Until Mother Earth completes the alignment of her Primary Chakras into the Universal Grid of the Sun-Stars, there will not be any major Fifth Dimensional changes upon her body, even though Mother Earth will be completely immersed into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016. The major conduct, appearance, and operational protocol changes for Earth’s Fifth Dimension will begin after Mother Earth has aligned her Third Eye Chakra into the Universal Grid on October 3, 2016! By aligning her Third Eye Chakra into the Universal Grid, dear Ones, Mother Earth’s pacesetting will be accelerating the need of every Soul to have made the internal alignments for his or her Fifth Dimension’s experience upon her. Lightworker Souls will already be aligned for the fullness of the Fifth Dimension’s experience with the enhancement of all 12 Perception and Awareness Centers of his or her body, the five physical senses along with the Seven Chakras. Mother Earth’s alignment of her Third Eye Chakra will become an issue for both Man of Destiny and Man of Light Souls. Man of Light Souls are the evolving Man of Destiny Souls who have internally chosen to experience the Fifth Dimension and Unity with God! Though they will endure some evolving issues while Mother Earth aligns her remaining Chakras, it will be the remaining Man of Destiny Souls who will lack in further development, as they will acquire acute cases of “high density perception,” the inability to perceive immaterial objects and matter in his or her world – all the immaterial values and ethics derived in the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

Mother Earth will be aligning her Solar Plexus Chakra on November 24, 2016, then her Crown Chakra on January 15, 2017, and finally her Heart’s Expression Chakra on March 8, 2017. As she proceeds in the process of aligning each of her Chakras, every 16 days following a Chakra’s alignment with the Universal Grid, there will be an “echo response” produced upon her body to demonstrate to every Soul she will be finalizing her Fifth Dimension Transition! The “echo responses” from Mother Earth will be similar to “radiated secretions” of her internal body’s Fifth Dimension Light, Love, and Harmony sent to the many places on her body in need of healing! The first “echo response” will appear on the face of the Earth on May 16, 2016, the day in which she will assume her new role as an emergent Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension, as the New Earth! The second “echo response” will occur on July 7, 2016 while the third will follow her Sacral Chakra’s alignment on August 28, 2016! Then Mother Earth will be ready to begin her physical manifestations of change for her Fifth Dimension’s new body resulting in all the major changes in the conduct, appearance, or operational protocol of every Soul living upon Mother Earth! Every Soul will experience Mother Earth’s 13 Suns in one form or another. Lightworker Souls will have more ease in seeing, hearing, and feeling all of Mother Earth’s 13 Suns while Man of Light will still be learning to activate all of his or her Seven Chakras. In either case, all Souls on Earth will soon understand – Mother Earth is an Ensouled Being of God, just like them!

On April 30, 2016 Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension World will be fully emerging! When Mother Earth will have completed the full alignment of her Seven Chakras on March 8, 2017, Mother Earth will be fully capable of manifesting the entire effect of 13 Suns radiating through her and upon her! She will be manifesting the effect of her 13 Suns through the internal “Star Bursts” that will begin from April 30, 2016 through June 8, 2016! The internal “Star Bursts” she will be experiencing will result in the enhancement of every Soul’s ability to not only arrange a minimal “Existential Expression of Experience” to match his or her Soul’s expectations, but to exceed and surpass every current boundary, restraint, or limitation of thought for becoming a Super Creator Soul – a Soul capable of Creating the entire content of whatever will be within his or her Heart’s Expression in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Reality through Mother Earth’s 13 Suns! The Energy upon Mother Earth will remain in an elevated status from April 30, 2016 to November 26, 2016, when every Soul merging into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be increasing and expanding his or her conscious perception and awareness that his or her Spiritual Purpose with God will be the most important quest in his or her Life! Mother Earth’s 13 Suns will be serving to make it all possible, for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension World will be fully emerging for everyone to see, hear, and feel how Mother Earth and our Solar System do not exist in an isolated void or vacuum of space!