Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Reality Split

On Mother Earth the material properties of water closely replicate the electromagnetic properties of the Universal Energies throughout the Universe. Pure Water is nearly invisible and lacks a distinctive taste or smell. Water has a quality that lets you momentarily capture and hold it but does not allow you to fully embrace its formless body. The formless body of water is best described through the attributes of its qualities such as wet, damp, and moist, rather than what its uncontained body appears to be. Water in nature is seemingly in constant motion towards an intended destination. Water itself does not produce a sound while in movement towards its purpose but you can hear the force of water in nature whenever something impedes its flowing momentum in movement. The Universal Energies likewise nearly exhibit the properties and tendencies of water on Mother Earth but through its electromagnetic properties. The Universal Energies are invisible, tasteless, and have no odor. They do not even have a distinctive form to hold or contain and do not produce a sound. Like water in nature, the Universal Energies are in constant motion towards an intended purpose throughout the Universe.

On April 1, 2015 the Universal Energies on Earth will be rushing as if being released through the debris and obstructions of dammed up water, for Mother Earth will be completing the Activation of the Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration upon her body! Some of the impediments obstructing Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration will move out of the way rapidly. The rest of the remaining obstructions will linger just a little while longer in order to produce the karmic effect of learning for those Souls who do not understand the Fifth Dimension’s prerequisite requirement of thinking and doing all things with Love. Learning from the karmic effect will not affect you, dear Ones, for you will be more focused upon what will be revealed behind the Universal Energies undamming effect of “the debris and obstructions” upon Mother Earth! In essence, Mother Earth’s Activation of her Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration will be producing a Reality Split – where the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions co-exist at once but are separated by the Energy of Love through one’s thoughts, deeds, and being!

The Reality Split has existed on Mother Earth since May 9, 1992, but at a much lower scale of access and influence. The lower scale of access was primarily made available to allow you, dear Ones, to prepare with the Vibration of the Fifth Dimension ahead of Time for our current days. The Reality Split will continue in co-existence with the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions until March 21, 2017. What will happen from April 1, 2015 through March 21, 2017 can best be described with the material properties of water through the five senses – almost invisible and formless, lacking taste, smell, and sound to all perception. You will still see every Soul around you and they will see you, but they will only be able to access you when they enter the Fifth Dimension in the Presence of Love! Those who will still be in the Fourth Dimension will be Man of Destiny Souls. The Souls allowed to enter into the Fifth Dimension with you will be the highest evolved level Man of Destiny Souls, the Man of Light Souls and all those who will come thereafter!

Love is the key to successfully aligning into the Vibration of the Fifth Dimension. The awareness that the Fourth Dimension will cease to exist will be much like the realization that a drought is occurring. Nobody realizes exactly when the drought began but as the water levels of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs begin to drop and plunge, and the land becomes noticeably dry and barren from the lack of rain, the awareness that a major crisis is on hand is finally realized. In the same way that the lack of rainfall produces a drought, the effect of the Universal Energies no longer replenishing the Fourth Dimension’s Energy Field will produce an awareness much like the effect of a drought occurring! But as a “drought” beyond the level of the physical senses! Mother Earth is already directing all of her Resources and Energy into her evolving Fifth Dimension and will no longer replenish her body with an Energy Vibration of the past, and so, she will move on! As the Fourth Dimension Vibration ceases to exist, so will all of Man of Destiny’s activities that were taking the Universal Energies for granted. Without the Universal Energies to stimulate and induce the vitality of all activities in Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension, it will be to each and every single Man of Destiny Soul to propel and exert every ounce of energy and will that he or she will be able to maintain in order to keep everything going! That is until he or she realizes that Love is the key to successfully aligning into the Vibration of the Fifth Dimension and out of the Reality Split!

You will be making great strides into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, dear Ones! When the Energy of May 15, 2015 arrives, there will be a great assisting Energy Force to assist in whatever task or achievement you will wish to accomplish – the Harmony Vibration of God will arrive to boost you and your Projects of Light and Love into motion! God’s Harmony Vibration will be available to initiate growth and expansion from May 15, 2015 through October 8, 2015. Then on March 7, 2016 it will be permanently available for you! God’s Harmony is not a subtle power but The One used to Create the entire Universe and keep it in a stage of constant growth and expansion! You are a Co-Creator in Unity with God and are here to assist Mother Earth in her Transition into the Fifth Dimension! You are also God’s physical representative, so why would you expect less than what you are, dear Ones! The Reality Split will not impede your growth and expansion for the Fifth Dimension but will be like the severing of the umbilical cord to a New Life for you and all Man of Destiny Souls to follow!