Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Energy of Harmony

Since December 1, 2013 there has been a very subtle and understated Energy entering into Mother Earth’s Energy Matrix just for you, dear Ones. This kind of Energy is, up until now, rare within our Solar System but very shortly, will become as constant as the sunshine, the air we breathe, and the symmetric cycle of the moon’s dance in the sky from New Moon to Full Moon, and back again as a New Moon. This Energy is the Harmony of the Universe. The Energy of Harmony is what forms, maintains, and brings growth and expansion to ALL Things in the Universe. Without the Energy of Harmony there would not be any sense of stability, reliability, or even the quality of Eternalness in the Universe, but would produce an anomaly of irregularity and inconsistency in daily Life. For the Harmony of the Universe is the connective Dynamic Force used to Create Light from Love

When May 27, 2014 arrives so will the physical arrival of your Empowered status of Co-Creator in Unity and in Harmony with God! No longer will you be in any kind of waiting period, dear Ones, for the impossible will be possible with just your Love! The Harmony of the Universe will become your greatest ally, for with it, you will be Co-Creating with God to begin the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth with the Universal Energies. The only impediment on your way will be your own beliefs and attitudes that you may still carry from the past, but as Time progresses through February 7, 2015, you will realize that you are a True Beacon of Light with God! And in doing so, you will discover the Unlimitedness you possess with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universal Energies!

The process of growing and expanding with the Harmony of the Universe may seem like you are “watching” your hair grow if you become impatient. But this will only be a gentle reminder that you are not being given a “magic wand” to proceed to fix the problems and issues of others, but given the Responsibility to teach and demonstrate to others about the possibilities of Creating with the Universe in his or her own way! Man of Destiny Souls will eventually be in utter shock and astonishment at the way Mother Earth will be Creating her own identity during the Time Period from May 27, 2014 through February 7, 2015 while the Legion of Light will be preparing to lead Mother Earth as God’s physical representatives! This will be especially True after August 6, 2014 when all Souls upon Earth will have completed his or her decision process to progress as a True Lightworker, or in the case of Man of Destiny Souls, in the process of learning to become a Lightworker with the capacity to Create with the Harmony of the Universe, or not.

To understand the Time Period starting from May 27, 2014 is to understand that Light, Love, and Harmony are the Dynamic building blocks of the entire Universe. Light is the end result of Love and Harmony. Love is the Creation Dynamic of the Universe while the Energy of Harmony is the Dynamic Force that produces form to matter and serves as the connectivity for the Universal Energy Matrix to Create the end result of ALL Creation, Light – the Expression of God! Dear Ones, you will begin to Create Light upon Mother Earth with the Harmony of the Universe! The Harmony of the Universe is innate within you so you will have no problems or issues in this acclimation period! Man of Destiny Souls however, are not in concordance with the resonating vibration of the Harmony of the Universe for their Souls were Created upon Mother Earth, and this is what they will be learning.

In the Truth of where Man of Destiny Souls were Created, dear Ones, you will see the source of where the disharmony with the Universe upon Earth will come from in the future days to come. This may seem like an awkward statement in accordance with what you know – “God is Love and Loves ALL things.” But simply recall that God gives and allows Freewill Choice to choose to go in the direction of God’s Universe or not. To go in the Direction of God’s Universe is to seek the growth and expansion that is being offered in the Ascension of Dimensions from Fourth to the Fifth Dimension. If it were not a choice to enter God’s Domain of the Universe in the Fifth Dimension that would mean that Man of Destiny Souls, and for that matter, Lightworker Souls could go ahead and Create his or her own Universe without God! But this is not the case for there is only one Universe with God!

Man of Destiny is a Soul destined to continue with God in the Fifth Dimension by his or her own choosing. The past is the past but the Time to learn with the Energy of Harmony with the Universe is in the present moment NOW. If you were to look at the state of the world as it currently exists, you will see that Man of Destiny’s dominance in world affairs leads to inequality, disparity, and inconsistencies – disharmony with the Universe! No longer will this be True, for you, dear Ones, will be in charge with the Energy of February 7, 2015. It won’t be long for the entire human population to meet God the Father and Mother of ALL Things but for you, you are the ones chosen to Lead in His/Her name with the Energy of Harmony to move Mother Earth into the Energy of Harmony with the Universe!