Friday, November 2, 2012

Unlimited Beginning, Unlimited Change! Part 2

If you are still clinging to any past experiences that no longer serve you by the end of November 2012, let them go! For they will no longer serve you in the New Horizon that you will be experiencing on December 3, 2012! You, dear Lightworker, are now Unlimited in whatever you will Create from your Heart and Soul as all decisions to enter into the New Millennium will be complete on November 28, 2012. From that point forward we will all be in uncharted territory upon Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy!

To assist all those who will be entering into this uncharted territory, God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will begin Creating upon Mother Earth on November 25, 2012 to present a New Paradigm for Creating upon Mother Earth! No longer will Creating be based upon whims and desires brought to you by advertisers and others who feel your needs are based upon consumer consumption of products already in existence! “What’s in your Heart and Soul?” dear Lightworker, will be the new question to begin everyone’s evolution upon Earth to align with God’s Paradigm of Lovingness in the Fifth Dimension!

Based upon God’s Paradigm of Lovingness, all things not aligned with this New Model will cease to grow and provide little if any value to anyone! The reason will be simple as the final cleaving of dimensions will be upon us from November 30, 2012 to December 2, 2012! For those Souls who will choose to remain as Third and Fourth Dimensional Souls will be separated from the umbilical cord of the New Horizon where corresponding Fifth Dimensional attitudes and aptitudes will be required! It has been a twenty year process begun in May of 1992 and finally arrive on December 3, 2012!

This period of time will introduce an Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change! No longer will anyone willing to Live with Love and Create with Love be held captive in a world based upon Man’s values over God’s Values! Your time to be WHO YOU ARE, dear Lightworker, will finally arrive and with it, all that you truly are as a teacher, leader, healer, and role model in an unparalleled World of Light and Love! Those who are waiting to see what decisions they may postpone before that notorious date of December 21, 2012 arrives will be in for a great surprise that only their Heart and Soul could have told them!

When the Energy of November 27, 2012 arrives, all decisions to progress into the Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change will unleash an unprecedented time of Chaos and Confusion unlike any other recent period of time upon Mother Earth. Lay low, dear Lightworker, and stand back as those who have chosen to keep their world intact for creating with gain and unjust laws will be moaning that “Babylon has fallen” because the rule of Man’s laws have fallen and with it all that was never built upon Love for one another!

Dear Lightworker, now begins the timing that all have been waiting for! You are already a Co-Creator with God! You will witness the Fall of Babylon and all of Man’s laws and values for those who have taken advantage of others. And now you will be in the prime of your Life upon Mother Earth as she becomes the True Abode of Peace and Harmony with you and all others around you as her Caretakers! Let Life in the Fifth Dimension bring you to your Joy in Living forever, for Joy in Forever!