Friday, November 16, 2012

New Millennium is Here! Part 2

The atmosphere will be electric during the second week of December 2012 dear Lightworker, for the urgency to enact the Pathway you were meant to be doing will never have felt stronger! It will be time for subtle Change to become apparent to everyone WHO YOU TRULY ARE in your Service to God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! It will not take any effort on your part to enact and become WHO YOU TRULY ARE except through your Will to decide the Way of Expressing your Path of Love and Joy!

The New Millennium begins on December 3, 2012 and by December 10, 2012 you will feel the call and stirring of your Heart and Soul to engage yourself into Mother Earth’s Transformation. For on December 10, 2012 the Legion of Light, the aggregate whole of all Lightworkers upon Earth, will be in charge of bringing order into the Great Transition! The Energy will increase from December 13, 2012 through January 2, 2013 and apex from December 29, 2012 to January 2, 2013! The latter dates will also be when the Re-Creation of Earth will begin, not from mass destruction scenarios depicted in Armageddon types of movies and television shows, but to begin displaying God’s New Paradigm for Creating with Love upon Mother Earth that was introduced on November 25, 2012!

While everyone will not be moving in the same direction during the second week of December 2012 all of the Energy needed to Re-Create Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony will be in place. The biggest misconception many will have during this time period will be in understanding how to be “Unlimited” when limitation has always been their “norm.” But in proceeding to understand, they will find that the more they look inward for their answers, the more they will learn about their “Unlimited” Pathway in the New Millennium. And when they will do so, they will find that they will have more in common and more to share with others as “Unlimited” and Multifaceted Expressions of God, who is Everyone!

The New Millennium Awareness of commonality and cooperation will also function to bring down all walls of separation and competition as the “we against them” mindset of the Third Dimension becomes disengaged and severed in all thoughts and deeds in the New Millennium! What will be waiting for everyone will be as Unlimited as the Stars of the Universe, who in their own role in the Universe function to display and demonstrate a New Expression of God’s Love! Likewise each individual Soul upon Mother Earth, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will have the potential to do so and thus, become as unique as each Star in the Universe as an expression of Love but also shining and contributing their Light collectively! And it will be through this method of individualizing like a Star of Love that the Universe will be introduced upon Mother Earth!

Some will be in wonderment about what they “should do” but once that they understand what they will be doing individually and collectively to contribute into the Re-Creation, there will be little hesitation. The time to learn and experience as a Multifaceted Expression of God’s Love will begin with the arrival of the New Millennium on December 3, 2012! So while learning to experience what it will be like in the future, all Souls will begin considering how to grow and bring in more Light and Love into their own existence, for this is the sustenance of ALL Things in the Universe! So now you understand, dear Lightworker, your role, your contribution, and your place in the Future of Man and Light! The New Millennium is Here at last