Friday, November 30, 2012

Activating with God Source

When the final week of December 2012 arrives, dear Lightworker, you will be seeing the final stages of the New Millennium’s infrastructure being completed. Everything for everyone’s Joy in Living will now be at his or her disposal in order to Create the Pathway they were meant to Create upon Mother Earth! Do not let it worry you that some will not get “it,” or even understand what you will be doing, for now, dear Lightworker, you will be role modeling how one works with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things through God Source upon Earth!

Every Soul’s connection to God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is through the Life Force of God Source. It is this very connection from which Life in the Universe is Created, set into motion, and allowed to grow, learn and prosper as an expression of God’s Love. All things in the Universe go through a similar growth process. In Mother Earth’s case, it is the process of becoming a Nurturer of the Universe to bring Enlightenment to the Souls of the many so that they may also become Co-Creators with God.

The Energy that will complete the New Millennium’s infrastructure will be available from December 29 through December 30, 2012. This particular Energy will serve a threefold purpose upon Mother Earth. The first will increase the Energy of Love and Harmony externally upon the Earth Plane so that everyone will increase his or her own internal Energy likewise. In the long run this will bring many to become filled with Lovingness to increase their endeavor as a Co-Creator with God!

The second purpose will be an enhancement to the Co-Creator with God status bestowed upon everyone who has chosen to activate his or her Soul’s task and purpose with God Source. With the increase of Love and Harmony available, this Energy will bring success to anyone who will seek to become his or her own unique Expression of God’s Love through their connection to God Source! This will also set into motion a Social Transformation ignited through the Change of everyone internally seeking to activate their Soul’s task and purpose rather than to seek their physical needs first!

The third and last infrastructural component to be completed during these two integral days will be the designation of the Legion of Light to lead Mother Earth’s Transformation. Though this component has already been in motion since October 24, 2012, it will now be time for the Legion of Light to actively lead Mother Earth into her new place in the Universe with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! This will bring a sequence of many rapid Changes upon Earth as the 20 year process to bring everything Energetically into the New Millennium completes on December 30, 2012!

Freewill will still be major issue, even in the times ahead. It will not be for lack of willingness to participate but more from the lack of experience, preparation, and knowledge. But once everyone understands that, “We are all Partners with God in Co-Creating Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony!” then everyone will begin with momentous strides in Creating his or her own Joy and Happiness! And now it all begins, dear Lightworker, as the Energy of January 2013 will bring the initial activation process of Unifying with God through the Energy that makes everything possible, God Source!