Friday, October 12, 2012

Harmony with the Universe

Your body, dear Lightworker, is part of the physical Universe and responds to all orders you consciously or unconsciously dictate to it. Your Soul, however, is a part of the Spiritual Universe and connects you into the entire Universe’s vastness and synchronized systems to maintain Harmony throughout its form. In the same way Harmony performs its duty in your Life through your willingness to participate in all that the Spiritual Universe has to offer. It is a choice.

Your emotional state of mind is what demonstrates whether or not you are in line with the Spiritual Universe. If you are not feeling Happy and Joyful with your current state of mind, your emotions will trigger the feeling of need to remedy the condition. But it is up to you to decide what you are going to do about it. Again this is a choice. When you look to your physical Universe to bring you Joy and Happiness, simple remedies like looking for a new job, a new home and locale, and even new friends, will only function as a short term solutions. The long-term solutions are always within you!

The first week of November 2012 will offer everyone, dear Lightworker, the opportunity to bring long term Harmony with the Universe into his or her Life! This time will also serve to offer all Man of Destiny Souls his or her initial opportunity to become a Co-Creator with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Many will not be prepared much less have the comprehension to immediately begin yet! But Man of Destiny will remedy this Gift from God with Time and effort!

The Energy of the first week of November 2012 will in fact be releasing Creative Potency to bring into manifestation anything you desire in your role as a Co-Creator with God, especially from November 2nd through November 8, 2012. In the process of becoming a Co-Creator with God there will also come the Responsibility to Create with the Intention of Love, letting your Love guide you, in all that you do to bring your Project of Light forward. Some will be very successful in Creating with their Intention of Love while others will still have to work on prior conditioning and issues to expel myths and untruths about who they Truly are!

Fortunately for you, dear Lightworker, you have prior experience and foreknowledge about what is in your Heart and Soul and therefore, you have your Intention of Love to guide you! And as the initial activation of Creating responsibly begins there will be many in wonderment and bewilderment about how and what you are doing! But in Reality, dear Lightworker, you will simply be demonstrating the True meaning of the words “in God’s own image,” as a Co-Creator with God!

Our Sun and solar system are part of the Universe that brings all things into Creation. Everything in the Universe is a whole and a part of the Harmony that keeps it all in synchronicity, balance, and order. Once everyone will not only understand this concept but also become the part of understanding, everything and everyone upon Mother Earth will be living in Harmony with the Universe! Think about that, dear Lightworker, Joy and Happiness will be all around you as now we will be fully merged into the Fifth Dimension! How did that song go? “Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions. Mystical crystal revelation and the mind’s true liberation, Aquarius! Aquarius!” Welcome Home! Welcome to God’s Universe!