Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ordaining

When the month of October 2012 begins there will be a noticeable difference in the Energy, dear Lightworker, for Love will finally begin to overcome the negative Energy of the Earth Plane! This will make a big difference, dear Lightworker, in your ability to Co-Create with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! October 8, 2012 will mark the midway point to the day when ALL NEGATIVE ENERGY upon Mother Earth will collapse upon itself on December 3, 2012 so that all things may begin again!

As improbable as this may sound today, the Energy of the first week of October 2012 will begin the Process of Ordaining all Souls who will stand ready to fulfill their requirements of becoming Co-Creators with God through Unity with Him/Her. The Ordaining Process will begin on October 1, 2012 and will complete on October 21, 2012. Upon the advent of the October 21st Energy, dear Lightworker, you will be moving forward to assist Man of Destiny Souls enter into the domain of Co-Creator status on November 3, 2012. The likelihood that all Man of Destiny Souls will be ready by November 3rd is not highly likely at this time but God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be giving them all the opportunity to do so!

Man of Destiny Souls will not be allowed to interfere, hinder, or impede upon God’s Promise to bring everyone Joy in Living! In the short run Man of Destiny will see this time period as a “trial upon him or her” instead of seeing this as an opportunity to develop his or her entrepreneur skills to Create his or her Soul’s task! Rather Man of Destiny Souls will long for a process similar to looking for a job to take care of his or her needs without responsibility or ownership for what he or she is Creating. So while Man of Destiny decides his or her destiny, dear Lightworker, you among others will be leading, teaching, and uplifting them with encouragement to become responsible caretakers of his or her own destiny through the proper use and application of God’s Currency of Love in his or her Soul’s task!

There will be several decisions for all to consider during the first week in the Process of Ordaining. The first and foremost will be whether or not one will be a part of the future as a Co-Creator with God while the second will be to Activate with Love to acknowledge the Spiritual Nature of All Things in the Universe as well as one’s self. Once these two critical choices are made, the audience that will bring you into the prime of your Project of Light and Love, dear Lightworker, will be wide open for learning, absorbing, and taking to Heart, the lessons of using and applying God’s Currency of Love! During this Time of Decision there will not be much for you to do on your part, dear Lightworker, for God will be available to everyone during this time of choice!

At this point of time there are still many decisions to be made by Man of Destiny and even some members of the Legion of Light who have taken the ways of man as their own values of survival. While you, dear Lightworker, will have the capability to be a Co-Creator with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things on September 23, 2012, Man of Destiny and the “unaware ones” will have the opportunity to become Co-Creators with God on November 3, 2012. This gap of Time is crucial in establishing the foundation by those like you, dear Lightworker, an Ordained Co-Creator with God moving forward with your Project of Light and Love! The end of your wait for the fullest extent of what you have come to do, dear Lightworker, is right around the corner! So enjoy the quiet moments while you can!