Thursday, August 30, 2012

Co-Creators with God

There will be 144,000 Activated Souls of Light upon Mother Earth on September 15, 2012 to assist God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in bringing Mother Earth and Man of Destiny Souls into the Unity Process with Him/Her. For this reason, dear Lightworker, you will be designated as Co-Creator with God status on September 23, 2012! Think of all the things that you would have thought impossible upon the Earth Plane but here we are – the timing of your return to what you have known in your Heart and Soul that you can truly do!

It will be as if you were “home” once more as you return to working as a direct extension of God’s Hand in Enlightening and demonstrating your gifts and talents of Light and Love. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not understand what will be occurring at this time. But this will work out for his or her benefit through vicarious and hands on learning that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is upon the Earth Plane and not in heaven above!

This separation of place and dimension has been overcome since October 28, 2011 when the Milky Way Galaxy and our solar system ascended into the Fifth Dimension, the Dimension of Love. This is what has allowed God the Father and Mother of ALL Things to directly enter on August 13, 2012 and become a part of all affairs upon Mother Earth, who at this time is on her way to becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony on September 12, 2012.

The transition we will be witnessing in mid-September will be exciting and spectacular for everyone involved! Your process, dear Lightworker, of remembering, accepting, and activating yourself through a demanding Internalization Process to realize Self Awareness will be placing you in a place of Trust and Responsibility within the Legion of Light! Some Lightworkers who have ignored their call to duty will become amazed at how rapidly they have grown in the past month as they realize that their Service to God is his or her fastest route to becoming Joyful once more!

There will also be some advanced Man of Destiny Souls realizing Self Awareness in recognizing that they too, are capable of being Servants of God through the Way of Love, Light, and Joy! The vast majority of Man of Destiny Souls, however, will have difficulty perceiving much less conceiving that the separation of place and dimension has been remedied and will continue to see themselves outside of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. This also will be remedied with Time as your work and service to God, dear Lightworker, will influence and mediate the Collective Conscious with understanding, belief, and conviction that all things come by connecting one’s Internal Self within the Eternal Source of ALL Things, God the Father and Mother!

Your Co-Creator with God Status, dear Lightworker, will not feel any different than breathing the air upon Mother Earth. Rather it will serve to enhance and improve your capacity to Create with Love as well as increase Man of Destiny’s awareness that everything is different! Look to September 23, 2012 to also be a date in which the Universal Energies will bring those who will be ready to not only become Co-Creators with God but to also begin his or her Joy in Living! For everything, from September 23rd forward, will be compiled as accomplished possibilities in the Collective Conscious instead of improbable whims! Look forward with Light and Love!