Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Universal Dance Part 3

The time to begin the physical experience of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will be on January 15, 2012! All internal and external adjustments will be complete as THE ENTIRE ASSEMBLY OF THE LEGION OF LIGHT will be on station and ready to begin their Pathways of Light! The week of January 8 to 14, 2012 will see all last minute preparations take place around the world as ALL PROJECTS OF LIGHT begin to blossom and bloom!

All Lightworkers, you know who you are, internally you will be ready! Fear will permeate the world of Man of Destiny but it will not be the time to hesitate. Let loose of your words and actions that will be driven from your Heart and Soul in order to usher in the Brotherhood of Man! The Music of Universal Dance will be heard loud and clear by all Lightworkers who have been in waiting for eons but know the Truth now, this is just the beginning of Creating the Abode of Peace and Harmony in the New Millennium!

The Energy of January 8, 2012 will produce the Path of Joy that has long been promised. Keep your thoughts to yourself and allow your vision of your future lead and inspire you. By the timing of early April 2012 you will begin to see your vision transform from thought to manifestation! The Joy in your Heart and Soul will work to transform our world more readily now in the Fifth Dimension than ever possible in the Fourth Dimension. And by aligning the Joy from your own Heart and Soul you will begin the process of role modeling the Way of Light and Love to a world in need of consistent Love!

Brotherhood Consciousness will be the way of functioning in the New Millennium and will be the foundation in all that we will think and do. For this reason it will be of utmost importance that Man of Destiny learn this now. On January 9, 2012 the Universal Energies will be testing him on his understanding about Sharing and Cooperating. Watch in Middle East as the “kings” posture for war and destruction and allow their egos to lead them into great catastrophe before the month will be done! This will make for terrible times but know that the Hand of God will prevail in bringing Light and Love upon Mother Earth!

On January 10, 2012 the time and need to express words of Cooperation and Brotherhood will be upon us. The Legion of Light will be representing the Hand of God in backroom tables sharing words of Peace and Harmony that will fall upon deaf ears. The foundation of the future of Man and Light will begin to form with or without those of ego! Let the Way of Light and Love bring you to understand that the physical experience of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will be upon us on January 15, 2012!

Understanding now that God’s Promise of Joy in Living will be upon everyone except for those who will choose not to operate with Love in their Heart. On January 11, 2012 the Opportunity to function as a Spiritual Being with Love and Brotherhood will lead everyone else to their full share of Spiritual Prosperity! It will not be long as our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy continue to adjust themselves within the Universe! During these next three years many more physical adjustments will be made upon Mother Earth but before we get there, the Legion of Light will increase the conscious level of awareness to the fact that we are all Spiritual Beings in material bodies! Unify now into the Brotherhood of Man!

January 12, 2012 will be the last day in which Fourth Dimensional attitudes and beliefs will be tolerated and will need to be released. The Fifth Dimension will not work in its fullest degree with fear or lack of belief instilled within anyone! Therefore declare on this day that you will concentrate your thoughts upon your Heart and Soul’s Joy in Living and bring in Light and Love to a world immersed with darkness and illusion! Bearer’s of Light and Love we bring in more Light and Love to bring Progress and Balance to All Things upon Earth!

The Music of the Universal Dance will become louder and louder until everyone upon Mother Earth will begin to Harmonize with its tune of Truth, Love, Peace, and Brotherhood! On January 13, 2012 our Joy in Living will be one step closer as the Legion of Light will function to expand with the Energy of Love. We are already attuned to the Energy of Love but in expanding it outwardly, we will assist Man of Destiny in learning to begin his own foundation for the future – the Energy of Love as the basis of ALL SECURITY!

Every member of the Legion of Light will be in place for the decisions to be made on January 14, 2012. Be strong and elevate yourself with your Heart and Soul that bears the plan you were designed to undertake and accomplish! The time has come to begin the physical experience of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium and in a short time those who hinder its entrance will be out of the way! Send Light and Love to all for our strength and source comes from the Power of All, God!

The physical experience of the New Millennium will begin on January 15, 2012. There will only be the need to stand aside while everyone and everything that hinders its beginning will be removed from the sphere of influence! This will only be a short time so that by the middle of February 2012 everyone will begin the New Universal Year in the cadence and rhythm of the Music of the Universal Dance that began on December 29, 2011! Bear good tidings to all who will know and understand that we are all united in Brotherhood through the Source of All, God!