Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Millennium’s Presence, Part 2

As the month of January 2012 comes to a close, there will be the need to allow your powers of Light and Love to lead you through the continued darkness upon our Earth. This will not be the time for you, dear Lightworker, to fall out of faith in things that will not turn around, instead, just know that the time of the New Millennium’s Presence is here! Rumors of war will continue around the world as well as rumors instilling the fear that the world’s economy will collapse! Though these intertwined issues continue to be at the core of everyone’s fear, take these issues as a sign that Man of Destiny is hedging his bet upon conditions to continue because he is powerless!

Man of Destiny waits for signs of his Joy in Living to be served upon a platter rather than realizing that he or she can and will be able to Create it and much more if only he or she will apply Love into all that he or she will do! And now that the Legion of Light is on station in places of leadership around the world, it will be up to these ones to encourage, demonstrate, and lead the way into the New Millennium so that it will manifest into the lives of everyone upon Earth! What hinders everyone’s progress comes from those who resist in letting loose of control and debt enslavement without understanding that the world belongs to GOD!

During this last week of January 2012 the Universal Energies will be building buffers to block any attempts of increasing Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs. This will come by increasing Love Awareness while also increasing the awareness for a need in Brotherhood Consciousness. The long term goal will be to establish the Foundation of the New Millennium into the Hearts of everyone! It will not be easy for many but that is why, dear Lightworker, you have chosen and been chosen to help usher in the New Consciousness of the New Millennium!

The experiences of many Lightworkers upon the Earth Plane have left many tired and tried. This will no longer be the case as the Project of Light and Love upon Mother Earth is no longer in the charge of Lightworkers, but is now the Project of Light and Love directed  by GOD! Do not carry faint hearts, dear Lightworkers, all you will have to do is seek direct encouragement from the FATHER AND MOTHER OF ALL THINGS, GOD, and you will know that you are the LIGHT AND LOVE OF GOD!

The process of Creation is not an instantaneous thing upon the Earth Plane as you know, rather, it is a sequence of Time and Energy blending a possibility into manifestation. The possibility of the New Millennium is not a possibility at all it is an ABSOLUTE! There will still be residue from the Fourth Dimension until May 11, 2012 when that Energy will begin to expire! All paths of the Legion of Light – the entire assembly of Lightworkers – will be into the manifestation stage on April 18, 2012, three whole weeks before the expiring Energy of the Fourth Dimension will begin vanishing! This is why, dear Lightworker, it is critical that you remain faithful and confident in God’s Promise to bring everyone upon Earth into the Joy in Living!

The hindrances from Man of Destiny are many but not of his own fault, they have simply forgotten that they too are Light and Love! This will be the time in which everyone must unify and fortify themselves into the Brotherhood of Man – Sharing and Cooperating with one another to Create a communal world of Joy in Living – for this is the direction that the New Millennium will be going in order to Create Spiritual Prosperity for everyone involved! Do not let your task of Light and Love, which has become your charge, overwhelm you for you are endowed with the Unlimited Power of the SOURCE OF ALL THINGS, and that ONE IS GOD!

Man of Destiny will continue to waver between his or her Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs and learning to understand in the Fifth Dimension for as you now know, Creation from the Fourth Dimension continues until May 11, 2012 when everyone will begin Creating in the Fifth Dimension – the place where everyone will be INTEGRATING all of their accumulated knowledge and experience about Love, Joy, and Freedom with Truth from God! Let these days of Light and Love remain in your Heart to lead you!

In the mean time remain patient and know that Fourth Dimensional thoughts and actions will need to be played out and dissipated through the process of Creation! After May 15, 2012 there will no longer be Fourth Dimensional manifestations except by those who will carry memories from there. It will then be time for Man of Destiny to learn, understand, and process with all of his or her capacity to Live and Become Love, for that is who he or she truly is, an extension of God’s Light and Love!