Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Season of God

The Season of God will begin on August 18, 2011 and will be an enduring experience for many until November 17, 2011! It will also mark the beginning of the fourth phase of our entry into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium – Progress of the Heart. During this extended time period those who have invested time into their Heart and Soul’s future will harvest their bounty in Spiritual Prosperity while those who remain compulsive about issues dealing outside of their Soul’s future will struggle until they will look within and find the essence of their Spiritual Self!

It will not be easy transition for those still in need of finding their Spiritual Self as the Season of God will be marked with unprecedented trials and events for Man of Destiny and especially, Man of Negativity! Man of Negativity will continue to attempt to control the world but will only create more Chaos and Confusion for his place of power in the world is over! The world now belongs to God and His Legion of Light who will spread Truth and Love into a darkened world in need of Hope!

On August 18, 2011 the Universal Energies will proclaim to everyone that the preparation stage will be over and that now you will be called to exhibit and act upon all that you have learned about Truth and Love! Many will feel lost and without direction for there will be false prophets who will mesmerize them by spreading fear and misleading them without the merit of Truth from God. Learn to discern the Truth from falsehoods that these and many so called “experts” will proclaim now by learning to listen within your Heart and Soul!

Brotherhood Consciousness will be the way of the New Security upon Earth. For this action to occur all will need to become aware of what brings them to the Joy of Living. Let the Joy in your Heart and Soul lead you on August 19, 2011 to the place where you may play and leave all stress and worries behind! Playful wishing would even be beneficial for you will be leaving your problems and issues behind and enter the Realm of Conscious Creating for your Soul rather than the needs of the body. Relax and learn to Flow!

Choices will be made on August 20, 2011 for choosing the way of your Joy in Living. Though this choice has always been available many have neglected their Heart and Soul to choose for bodily needs and adornments, but now that the preparation stage is over, it will be time to implement the way that Love will lead you to Joy! Act now by choosing with your Heart and Soul in mind and you will find great prosperity and success during the Great Transformation into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Choice of August 20th will still be available on August 21, 2011. Many will simply ignore this critical choice of their Heart and Soul for they will immerse themselves with a “wait and see” attitude that will become a detriment for their Heart and Soul’s growth. Man of Negativity will now be faced with his own choice to Choose with his own Heart and Soul but will he let loose of his reins of imagined control to become a member of the Brotherhood of Man with his brethren, Man of Destiny, and the Legion of Light? Transform and become what you have only imagined yourself to be – A Co-Creator with God!

The internal process of becoming a Co-Creator with God will continue all the way into the entry of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium on October 28, 2011. On August 22, 2011 the Universal Energies will be calling upon us to internalize and learn to Flow for it will be in such moments that we will consider what it will be that we will become in our future. Chaos and Confusion will still prevail in these days and will become even worse rather than better unless you will understand that the Mandate of the Universal Energies will have everyone becoming a Co-Creator with God in the New Millennium!

The Universal Energies will be intensifying with their action and purpose as the Season of God progresses. Ultimately we will become more aware of this Truth consciously or unconsciously as we Create our lives for our future learning, needs, and progress. Look upon the Energy of August 23, 2011 to begin the active Creating of the Path of the Brotherhood of Man. Watch and listen to media reports of effortless progress in Man of Destiny’s relationship with his world. These reports will rapidly fade as Man of Negativity will bemoan and complain that his comforts and wellbeing are not being looked after by his cohorts and will pressure them to “Get me results!” Man of Negativity will not ever be comfortable in his ways again!

“As ye sow so shall ye reap” it is stated in the scriptures. And it shall be so in the enduring Season of God for everyone shall be given the opportunity to openly harvest their seeds of Joy and good tidings on August 24, 2011. Seek the rewards of your Heart and Soul and prosper! Though most will still be in a state of Confusion because their minds will not understand, they will now begin to question their traditions and beliefs for they will make no sense any longer! Listen within and learn to Relax and Flow!

This forecast has covered a brief period of time in the opening of the Season of God. This will be a very critical period of time as it will set many precedents in everyone’s learning and processing to become active participants in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! Open your Heart and Soul and witness the Great Transformation with open eyes. Many soon will blame rather than take Responsibility for their own Great Transformation. Let Light and Love be your guides with Truth!