Thursday, July 15, 2010

Manifestation of the Pathway of Truth, Part 3

The Manifestation of the New Millennium was begun with the release of Pathway of Truth’s Energy on July 3, 2010. Its purpose is to guide us towards Change in not only our way of thinking but in Creating our lives. This Truth will become more and more apparent as we progress through the month of July 2010 and on into November 2010 when the Movement will finally be revealed. Your eyes may not see the New Millennium being revealed but the eyes of your Soul will feel the Truth. Look about you and what do you see? Chaos and Confusion! Is this a sign that the world is ending? Or are these the signs of the New Beginning?!  Take credence and show courage for the New Endeavor has begun!

July 2010 will be over halfway completed but you, Man of Destiny, now have many new options available for your use. These will include your Partnership in the Brotherhood of Man to share and grow with others of like-mindedness and there is also the availability of the Realm of Unlimited Thought to expand your mind and concepts for solutions to all of your problems. Push forward and continue your course, Man of Destiny, Child of God, as you will soon be within your Destiny based upon Truth and Love!

July 22, 2010 will allow the Realm of the Unlimited to become fully accessible to the Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, who will now ready themselves for the next battle with the Realm of Darkness. This date will also be one in which the Foundation of Coming Change establishes itself for Man of Destiny’s Spiritual Prosperity. Mark this time and know that the Realm of Darkness will not easily give up their long established control and will continue to seek to regain their momentum towards their goal of financial control over All Man.

On July 23, 2010 the Sun is now in the sign of Leo and will shift the messages of the Universal Energies to emphasize the emerging Pathway of Destiny. This shall signify that Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light shall be ones to fully participate in the Dimension of Love with access to Unlimited Love to guide their Souls to achieve their new endeavors. Take time to relax and meditate, as the Realm of Darkness will attempt to develop a plan to ensure that their fear-based world will not extinguish.

The Rhetoric of Negation will work to appease and seduce All Man into thinking that they too have the opportunity to prosper with Man of Negativity and his self-proclaimed truth. Do not be fooled for the Universal Energies will bring the movement to a temporary halt on July 24th and will bring the Legion of Light into carrying out their tasks to increase the call for Brotherhood and the Pathway of Destiny leading to the New Millennium’s way with Truth and Love. Man of Destiny will begin his course towards releasing himself from the Illusion of Negative Man’s sense of Security.

July 25th brings the Universal Energies into a unified plan to pave the Way of Light that will emerge through the forces of the New Millennium Coming and the Legion of Light’s duty of Progress and Joy for All Man, though Negative Man will reject and ridicule the thought that someone would carry altruistic thoughts without the need of self embellishment. How can that be? These ones are not of the Spirit of Man but are from the Legion of Light and will do the work of God to ensure that All Man will eventually become A CO-CREATOR WITH HIM!

Fear not for Man of Destiny will draw from the Strength of God, whose pathway in the New Millennium will be created and merged into the emerging Way of Light on July 26th. Look about you Man of Destiny, Child of God, where is the Chaos and Confusion in your life? Only within the realm of mass media should you choose to watch or listen and become emotionally attached will you enter into the domain of Negativity. All Man will be given the choice to remove himself from the Chaos and Confusion but will he ever learn to experience the Joy of Living if he ignores it being offered? Only time will tell, as there will soon be a window of time offered in which All Man will be forced to MAKE HIS CHOICE!

Listen, All Man, to the sorrow and pain all around you. Does it not make you feel that there is a different way to live without them? Learn to live all over again as you will still be able to merge into the Universal Energies offering of the Way of Light on July 27th and 28th. Do not be afraid of Love for Love is more powerful than fear and will teach you to trust your fellow man once more. Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, pay attention to your efforts and know that your efforts will pay due when All Man comes to understand that you are not trying to undermine him but rather, benefit all Humanity of the Future!

Release what binds you to the world on July 29, 2010 and your Spiritual Foundation will continue to grow. Your Spiritual Foundation is the benefiting Power bestowed from Above and will serve to lead you past the states of Chaos and Confusion. Let this be to you a gift of your pathway, Man of Destiny, and let this Power from Above provide you with the strength and the protection you will need while those of the Rhetoric of Negation continue to pester you with doubt and ridicule to try to rekindle your fear. Stay Above and let Love and Truth always be your guides.

Man of Destiny, you will have the opportunity to Become at One with the Way of Light on July 30th. The Way of Light will be like a Beacon that will show the way for All Man to become empowered with the Spiritual Gifts of their being as if they are Light, because YOU ARE! No longer do you, All Man, need to aspire to be like the way of tradition, a slave to the realms of security and limitation. Drop these hindrances and Aspire yourself into the Flow of the New Millennium and become a CO-CREATOR WITH GOD once more!

On July 31st the Universal Energies will bring Man of Destiny his way of discovery to Flow with the Universal Energies. The adjustment he will make is as a tool of the Unlimited to allow the rapid elimination of what shall not be needed through decisiveness and shall lead him towards his Destiny. Watch how those of the Darkness will work to confuse and belittle those who have attained the Gift of Light and continue to spew the Rhetoric of Negation for they are incessantly immersed in their own fear of the future!

July 2010 has brought the New Millennium closer to Reality while August 2010 will emphasize a shift away from the security of man towards the Life of the Spiritual. This shift will bring us closer to living with a new sense of Time! And all we have to do is listen to our hearts and follow our dreams to know that we are Creating the pathway that leads towards the Reality of Living in Joy!