Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Phoenix Awakens

The title of this month’s theme for May 2010 is in reference to Mary Summer Rain’s 1987 book entitled Phoenix Rising. Mary Summer Rain’s account of her days with an elderly Native American seer named No-Eyes provides the greatest background for the progress Man must make towards revitalizing our spiritual ways. Read Mary Summer Rain’s book once more or for the first time and you will find many parallels between No-Eyes’s visions about the resurrection of the Earth and today’s world.

May 2010 will continue the high Energy of April but will slow down by May’s end to make us focus upon the Way of Truth on Earth once more, as the forecast for May 2010 will be segmented to assist in processing this vital information. Not mentioned in last month’s post was that April 29th would be offering a dimensional gateway to transport our higher aspirations towards their manifestation while April 30th would serve to remind us of how far we have come on the journey to recreate our world. May 1st will then begin to advance our pathways with the use of the available Love Energy to begin the Way of Brotherhood as the Energies will once more begin to surge from May 2nd to May 21st.

The first of the three parts for May 2010 will consist of a forecast from May 1st until May 11, 2010 when all the Energies will be readying our Creation processes for the Phoenix’s awakening during the period of May 16th to May 21st. They will then decelerate their flow from May 22nd until the beginning of early June 2010 when the foundation of Truth and Love becomes intertwined within the hearts of Man and Light.

May 2nd will emphasize our need to begin the Brotherhood of Man while we gain an increase in our use of the Love Energy to contribute to our own and All Man’s progress. May 3rd will continue this emphasis and will reveal that the pendulum of Change has finally swung from the stronghold of Man’s negative ways to the Way of Security and Destiny with God. This will not be an easy task but it calls for us to let go of what is already slipping and trust that this is a sign that the Energy of Love will bring out the better for all involved.

May 4th will take us on a Leap of Faith towards our pathways in the New Millennium. For here we will need to be making our heart’s and soul’s adjustments to link with the Change for our future as the Earth Creates a bridge to lead us across the dimensional divide towards our pathway within the Brotherhood of Man. The Opportunity to choose this Responsibility is provided for in two days, May 5th and 6th, as the pending manifestation of the Brotherhood of Man comes one step closer to becoming a Reality on Earth!

May 7th and 8th will bring an increase in the Universal Energies’ intensity, as we will find that the Earth will continue to create her own Pathway to ensure that Man’s participation in the Brotherhood of Man is secured. On May 9th, 18 years to the date since the Love Beacon became available, the Phoenix calls upon the Legion of Light to order to herald in the manifestation of the Brotherhood of Man! Now is the time to identify the status of Man from man to see who has stepped up to his calling and activated his participation in the New Millennium for there are many tasks in need of resurrecting our World!

May 9th through 13th will have us in need of attending to the matter at hand: focusing upon the Ideal of Family to process our Destiny within the realm of Brotherhood and moves us into a growing Partnership with our fellow Man, Earth and God. There is no greater strength than to move in unison towards our Destiny, the marking of our soul’s progress towards our spiritual growth and goals! May 10th will bring forth the Path of the Lightworker to begin in earnestness as they will lead the way through the darkness and Man of Destiny will begin in his spiritual calling. May 11th will then finalize the Energy designed to manifest our Destiny into place. It is the message to “think with the knowledge of these days and it shall activate the Partnership to begin the Brotherhood of Man and create the pathway to change Man’s purpose on Earth and progress with Expanded Joy!”

The New Millennium was begun on March 21, 2010 and now it is the Responsibility of every man, woman, and child to proceed with the task at hand and step forward into the Brotherhood of Man. There will not be a second chance to move away from this Responsibility as now is the time that the Phoenix Awakens to call us all to participate! The next posting of Alexandrian Kosmos will take us through the timing of the Phoenix Rising and what will follow.