Saturday, May 23, 2015

God’s Lens of Perception

The terms average, normal, and common all denote terminology indicative of the middle position between a subject’s range of maximum and minimum parameters. In terms of daily weather, for example, your local weather forecaster will provide the day’s weather and temperature forecast followed by the day’s normal temperature range – “Today’s temperature is going to reach a high of 50 degrees with a nighttime low of 33 degrees. The average temperatures for today are a high of 45 and a low of 30.” In this way, dear Ones, you may reasonably contextualize the meaning of the current day’s temperatures within a range that your local weather history has demonstrated in the past as a “normal” daily occurrence. Just like the experience of the “normal” average temperature provides a sense of living in a “regular” regional climate of our liking, all Life in Mother Earth’s waning Fourth Dimensional phase is based upon some statistical norms for maintaining the “status quo” of commonality among the masses.

The “status quo” of commonality with the measurement of statistical norms seeps into all phases of our everyday Life. Most people have some perception of these statistical norms, especially in man’s economic structures. Governments in man’s economic structures, for instance, typically operate through the enactment of taxes, duties, and fees to provide a social sense of economic security and guarantee for everyone involved within its domain. Since economic “statistical norms” are based upon the economic averages of the population, there will always be some who will do better and others who will do worst than the “average, normal, and common” person of the population. In the Future of Man and Light, every Soul within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be aligned into his or her own standards of Joy and Happiness manifested through the Love in his or her Heart’s Expression, and not by the measurement of economics! You will Truly begin to feel the standards of your Joy and Happiness emerging to the forefront of your own Life, dear Ones, as the Energy of the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony begins to permeate throughout Mother Earth for you on June 8, 2015! For it will be the abundance of the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony signaling to you and the entire Legion of Light that the Time is here to provide the leadership needed for Mother Earth’s Transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension with God!

If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or inundated by the injustice of man’s economic structures, dear Ones, you are not focusing upon Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, but rather, you are focusing on Mother Earth’s waning Fourth Dimension! You are not here to lead Mother Earth’s Transition by replicating the uninformed intent and actions of Man of Destiny Souls! Instead, you are here to demonstrate and role model the thoughts, deeds, and actions, of Love in motion! Creating with Love in the Fifth Dimension is much more different than Creating with Love in the Fourth Dimension, as you will witness once Mother Earth begins generating her own Fifth Dimensional Harmony Vibration Field on June 24, 2015! Your leadership through the demonstration and role modeling of Creating with Love in the Fifth Dimension will not instantly affect or even influence every single Man of Destiny Soul at once. Your thoughts, deeds, and actions will be directly influencing the Man of Destiny Souls meant to understand what is Truly happening upon Mother Earth, the evolving Man of Destiny Soul – the Man of Light Soul!

Whereas man’s economic structures emphasize the individualistic approach to Life through phrases like “rugged individualism” and the imperialistic implication of “manifest destiny,” the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe emphasize a team approach though the proficient use of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe in Unity with God! ALL Change will happen through God’s Lens of Perception rather than through perceptions of man’s economic systems. Expending Love is not like spending money, dear Ones, expending your Love is UNLIMITED and can easily and readily replenish itself with one simple thought – “I am at One with God and the Lovingness of ALL Things in God’s Universe!” The structure of Man’s economic systems are limited under God’s Lens of Perception, materially as well as Spiritually! Your own activities of Joy and Happiness will serve to increase the awareness of all Souls that, despite the fact that there will be enduring stages of grief, sorrow, and sadness throughout the world in the next several years, there will also be a minority segment of advanced Souls prospering as if nothing adverse were even occurring around them! And in doing so, dear Ones, you will be introducing the Fifth Dimension to all Man of Destiny Souls!

The Lens of Perception of each and every single Soul, Man of Destiny and the Lightworker Soul, will begin to increase and expand once Mother Earth begins generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibrational Field on June 24, 2015. For you, dear Ones, your own Lens of Perception and Awareness will expand and increase to directly align you at the level of understanding of God’s Lens of Perception! For Man of Destiny Souls, the lens of his or her own perceptions will expand and increase according to his or her level of internal Unconditional Love or fear, all dependent upon his or her condition of readiness, to either enhance his or her awareness level of Unconditional Love to produce a state of super awareness for the arrival of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension as a Man of Light Soul, or to produce a super heightened level of fear like never experienced before! It will all depend upon whether Man of Destiny will be examining his or her Life through God’s Lens of Perception or his or her own lens of perception!

Understanding through God’s Lens of Perception will be critical for understanding in the Days to Come, dear Ones! For once the Future of Man and Light begins on June 15, 2015 there will be a new level of Unity with God achieved! No longer will the terms “average, normal, and common” merely suggest a description of one’s economic status, but will offer a new level of commonality for all Souls aligned within the Triad of Unity – the Man of Light Soul, the Lightworker Soul, and God – unified in all ways of equal power shared through the Light, Love, and Harmony of God’s Universe! The only way of moving in this direction, dear Ones, is to produce the expansion, growth, and understanding provided though God’s Lens of Perception! It will no longer be a prolonged wait of millennia, centuries, or even decades, dear Ones, but a few years for GOD IS ALREADY HERE!