Saturday, February 7, 2015

Becoming Light, Love, and Harmony

On October 28, 2011 Mother Earth entered into the Fifth Dimension. Since that date, Mother Earth has been accumulating, immersing, and diversifying herself with the core building block of the Fifth Dimension, the Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration. The Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, dear Ones, will serve to Transform her into a fully functional and capable Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension. You have also been in a similar process. Since October 28, 2011 you have been immersing, acclimating, and reacquainting yourself with the Universe’s New Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, albeit in Higher Self. Mother Earth will be Activating her New Harmony Vibration from February 27, 2015 through April 1, 2015. In Activation Mode, Mother Earth will begin the process of Transforming herself from a Fourth Dimension Creator Planet into a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet. And nothing will ever be the same again!

Mother Earth’s Activation of her Fifth Dimension Harmony will begin to make your own Fifth Dimension Harmony activate for Creating your Life in the Fifth Dimension. With the Activation of her New Harmony Vibration, Mother Earth will be allowing you to open the doorway of New Possibilities only imagined in the past. Mother Earth’s Activation Mode will also be removing the majority of her Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration, for it will no longer serve anyone for learning in the Ways of Love, as it will be Time to implement the lessons of Lovingness in all ways! After April 1, 2015 Man of Destiny Souls will be responsible for adapting and becoming “like” the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe required for experiencing Life in the Fifth Dimension! For it will not be possible to be in the Fifth Dimension with the Fourth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration!

During the Time Period of February 17, 2015 through March 19, 2015, all Lightworker Souls will be in an internal process to align with Mother’s Earth’s Activated Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration. The process may become demanding for you, dear Ones, as you will also be aligning with God Source to lead your Heart and Soul into the New Horizon! The demand of your Time will not come from understanding and comprehending the specific details of your personalized role with Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension, that part will come as both a Joy and a relief to finally know! The demanding part will come with the decisions you, and actually all Souls, will need to make in order to align with Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension of the Universe. The internal process will concern a shift in priorities – shifting one’s priorities from man’s world of limitation into God’s Infinite Universe!

The difficulty of shifting from man’s world of limitations into God’s Infinite Universe will be an internal and psychologically derived adjustment rather than external. Though you may already conceptually understand the shift from a Fourth Dimension Reality to a Fifth Dimension Reality, the reality of changing your daily routine and experiences may produce hesitation and uncertainty.  To move from the conceptualization of an idea to the implementation of an idea is a big step in adapting into any change. There is no “safe zone” in adapting to change, only the trust and belief that what you are doing is following the Truth within your “gut.”  But knowing that your personal guidance comes from God through God Source, your adaptation into the New Horizon will be relatively simple once you acknowledge the TRUTH that you are the Light Love, and Harmony of the Universe! As for Man of Destiny Souls it will not be a “simple” process for you have a great advantage over Man of Destiny Souls, dear Ones, you have experienced the Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension before! 

Man of Destiny Souls will become like leaves in the wind, blowing wherever the wind may take them. They will try to settle down whenever and wherever they land but the “wind” of the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration will not allow him or her to do so, not as long as they are neglecting the Time to become “like” the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! There will be no other way! The “wind” as the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration will not instantaneously “blow” things away but will make Mother Earth’s New Harmony Vibration feel stronger and more vibrant than the Fourth Dimension Harmony ever was beginning on March 23, 2015. By July 6, 2015 Mother Earth’s New Harmony Vibration will be at “full sail” towards her course in becoming a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension!

On May 16, 2016 every Living Soul upon Mother Earth will be on the way to claiming, “We are at One with the Earth, the Universe, and the Father and Mother of ALL!” But until then there will be a sequential process for becoming in Unity with God. For every Lightworker Soul it will simply be a process of remembering who you are! For Man of Destiny Souls the achievement of being in Unity with God will only be realized through the process of learning and becoming “like” the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe as a Man of Light Soul! Once the Energy of February 14, 2015 is here, dear Ones, so will the course of Mother Earth’s new direction with God and the Universe!