Monday, September 15, 2014

October 2014

Time in its Truest sense and purpose is defined as “the movement of the Soul.” Apart from the Soul, time becomes debased in purpose but provides useful properties in the physical world for measuring the lapse of time between two or more events. This can be demonstrated with such everyday events as measuring the productivity of the body in a workplace setting, using time in a sequence of anniversary dates from birth to the age a child can legally start school, or even to recall calendar based events such as holidays and memorial tributes. The Universe does not mark Time apart from the growth and progress of the Soul. Rather it provides the impetus for the movement of the Soul with the Energy Generators of the Universe, the planets in a particular solar system moving within the system of the Stars and constellations, to generate a pathway of Spirit for the Soul.

You will find, dear Ones, from October 10 to October 30, 2014 the “separated from the physical world” feeling during this Time actually providing all Souls a preparatory stage for events to come in springtime 2015. This will mean that the more you internally align yourself with the “Spiritual Nature of your Soul” the more you will be prepared for the future. This will be a short hiatus for you to reflect, monitor, and adjust your motivations for the Fifth Dimension and to maintain your Unity with God factors! For Man of Destiny Souls, on the other hand, this Time period will seem as if everything were status quo – the same as yesterday, the same as the year before and even the same for tomorrow. However, it will be advantageous for some Man of Destiny Souls as this will result in a dramatic Change on November 2, 2014 when a new scenario in the evolution of Mother Earth will arise through Man of Destiny’s progress in attaining Spiritual Enlightenment.

On November 2, 2014 there will be an elevation in status for some Man of Destiny Souls – some Man of Destiny Souls will attain the status of Man of Light Soul! This is the highest attainment level that a non-Lightworker Soul can accomplish and begins the Spiritual alignment for the Soul to become in Unity with God as a Co-Creator with God! This accomplishment will be of great importance to you, dear Ones, and will give great cause to celebrate for there will not be a mere group of 144,000 Souls with God among seven billion Souls producing the necessary Changes needed to align Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension but an assembly of Man and Light Souls! Though the number of Man of Light Souls will not be great yet this will be the beginning point for Man of Destiny Souls to be ready for springtime 2015 when the Legion of Light will take charge of all matters great and small upon Mother Earth!

Man of Light Souls will become more influential after December 2014 when the impetus for all Man of Destiny Souls to begin aligning to his or her Spiritual Purpose with God. This will begin on December 4, 2014 and endure through July 31, 2016. Many Man of Destiny Souls will progress to becoming Man of Light Souls during this Time period. By March 27, 2017 when the Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension transition period will complete, the vast majority of Man of Destiny Souls will be Man of Light Souls, and what a difference there will be in terms of Light, Love, and Harmony upon Mother Earth!

There will be two more things to observe for yourself during the Time period of October 10 until October 30, 2014 and this is for your Creative abilities. From October 6 through October 17, 2014 you will be examining and adjusting your Spiritual Purpose to align your Creative abilities with your Spiritual Purpose – the reason you came upon Earth for the Timing of Mother Earth’s Great Transformation! Trying to Create for any other reason or purpose will not work for your Love is not responsible for other people, the things you needed to fulfill a teenage dream, or even events that were out of sync for what you came to do in Mother Earth’s Great Transformation. As you will see, the more you adapt yourself into what you were designed to do, the more your world will become Loving, Joyful, and Prosperous with God.

The second thing is that once your Spiritual Purpose is better defined for the Fifth Dimension, the more useful the Time period from October 18 through November 6, 2014 will be. During this secondary period all Souls in Unity with God status will become Creators of the Heart, and all you will simply have to ask is “What is it that I need to fulfill my work with God?” In the simplicity of this question you will find your Love leading you back to Time as the movement of your Heart and Soul – as a Co-Creator in Unity with God! For you have finally arrived in a New Horizon, dear Ones, so be in Joy!