Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Time of the Catalyst

For the next three years the Absolute Plan of the Universe will be taking great strides towards merging everything and every Soul upon Mother Earth into the New Age of Light, Love, and Harmony. The Absolute Plan will complete on March 27, 2017. The next phase of the current movement will begin with the Energy from April 14 through April 22, 2014. This particular Energy will be setting into motion the Foundation of Love for ALL Things on Earth. For every Soul on Earth, it will be a Freewill Choice whether to proceed or not. In this way ALL Things and all Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will be willingly ready to proceed with the Growth and Expansion the Universe is now producing through March 27, 2017.

The Foundation of Love is the basis for Creating with Love throughout the Universe in order to maintain a perpetual flow of Love in, through, and with EVERYTHING that exists. There is a difference between the lower Dimensions and the Upper Dimensions of the Universe. The lower Dimensions, from the First through the Third, are primarily for Man of Destiny Souls to learn and to practice the application of the Foundation of Love in all deeds and endeavors. The Fourth Dimension is a transitional Dimension that allows a continuance of learning but also demands a development of readiness for using the Foundation of Love in the upper Dimensions of the Fifth through Eighth, where it is required. We are at the entry point of reference for the Fifth Dimension that is now here, dear Ones, The Time of the Catalyst.

On April 14 – 15, 2014, depending upon your local time zone, a Lunar Eclipse can be observed in the nighttime skies to introduce the Energy of the Catalyst on April 16, 2014 when every Soul aware of the prevailing Energy will feel the Voice of God saying, “It is Time!” This sighting will produce the alignment that Mother Earth has been waiting for – the Time to begin Creating all things brand new! This will be the Time all Lightworker Souls have been waiting for! This Time will Empower you with Super Creative Powers that may even leave you astounded, dear Ones! The reason that this particular Time Period will become so productive for you is for two reasons. The first is that Love from the Universe is increasing its presence upon Mother Earth from April 9 – April 22, 2014 in accordance to the reciprocation of God’s Love from all Souls. The second is that through the Reciprocation Process it will be as if Love were being formatted as a Power Function with an exponential factor raised to the fourth power for three days, from April 18 – April 20, 2014 and it is so!

The Power Function of Love will be so empowering for you during this Time, dear Ones, that you will know God’s Presence is in you, through you and with you Eternally once more! This will initiate you in becoming a Super Creator and all you will have to do is imagine it with your Third Chakra, visualize its properties with Love, and align it with the Harmony of the Universe! It will be that simple! In our current days there is still a seven week Time lag period between the initiating process of imagining your Creation until the end result of your desire to Create with Love. The Creation Process with Love will not be a chore or burden for you will be aligned with the Power Function of Love Eternally! For Man of Destiny Souls, however, it will be just that – a chore and a burden!

Man of Destiny Souls are made with the same Light and Love you are, dear Ones, but only lack the Harmony of the Universe. During the three year adjustment Period, Man of Destiny will need to learn to become at One with the Harmony of the Universe, for the Harmony of the Universe IS the connectivity of ALL Things and ALL Souls in Unity with God and the Universe! For some Man of Destiny Souls it will be the greatest experience of many Lifetimes, and for others it will be a Time of great learning and responsibility, while for some others, it will be so difficult of an adjustment that it will be easier to simply transition and start over! But for you, dear Ones, it will be your Time to shine through the expressions of the True Light and Love in your Heart and Soul! The Time of the Catalyst is here for you to Create your Eternal expressions of Love and Joy!