Sunday, August 25, 2013

One of Spiritual Nature

Growth, progress, and expansion are the promises for those who recognize their own Spiritual Nature. Beginning on September 17, 2013 there will be a shift in the focus of the New Horizon’s Energy, dear Ones. You are presently in a state of reacquiring and becoming familiar with your Co-Creator in Unity with God status. Some days, you will be making great strides while in others it will be as if distractions and interferences come to divide your attention between what you Love to be doing and what would seem meaningless. This is OK! For as you will see, dear Ones, you are much further along in the Creator World than you may think, for you are in the place of simply remembering and validating the Truth of who you are! And by remembering who you are all you will have to do is allow the momentum of the New Horizon to bring you into the place of your own Peace, Joy, and Harmony!

When the Energy of September 17, 2013 arrives there will also be a noticeable shift in the world we all live in. While you will be revitalizing your Co-Creator in Unity with God status, Man of Destiny Souls will be on an experimental starting point to turn his or her attention to becoming Co-Creators in Unity with God! From September 17, 2013 through February 7, 2014 all Man of Destiny Souls will be developing validation for becoming Co-Creators in Unity with God. It will not be easy as you already know, for everyone that becomes empowered with the ability to Create is one who is in Unity with God, and understands that Creation is about extending one’s Emanations of Love into his or her physical reality. The situation that this scenario will establish is two worlds going in the same direction. One that will be active, vibrant, and in Harmony with the Universe while the other will be chaotic and disorganized, for the New Rules of the Universe are in effect!

The world that will be active, vibrant, and Harmonizing with the Universe, dear Ones, will be the world that your Emanations of Love will be Creating and manifesting as Co-Creators in Unity with God. The other world will be Man of Destiny Souls trying to learn to Live in Harmony with the Universe. Harmony, the concept that ALL Things in the Universe are in Oneness with God and the Universe will be a difficult one to initially place into practice by Man of Destiny Souls. It will not be for lack of understanding but from the lack of a practical Universal prototype from the Third Dimensional world. Examples have existed for eons but the practice is almost non-existent except from you, dear Ones! For your leadership in the Ways of Light, Love, and Brotherhood in the New Horizon will become the role model for Man of Destiny Souls to learn how to Live for “success in the Fifth Dimension!”

These two worlds, one of Man and one of Light, will initially be segregated from September 17, 2013 through February 7, 2014 in order for Man of Destiny Soul’s to develop his or her Creator skills. It will not be a difficult Time period for you, dear Ones, for this is the design of the Universe to allow you to step forward without any hindrance whatsoever as you naturally become Man of Destiny’s role model! The segregation will also serve to bring Man of Destiny Souls in becoming aware of God Source to lead him or her into the New Horizon. But the lack of understanding and fear will lead many to attempt acts of desperation to return the world to what they all understood to be “normal,” superiority over inferiority, survival of the fittest, and domination by subjugation! Little realizing that the concept of Harmony and the prerequisite of Love in all thoughts, deeds and actions are the new standards of the Fifth Dimension!

Growth, progress, and expansion are the promises for those who recognize their own Spiritual Nature. Recognizing one’s Spiritual Nature is the Way of the Fifth Dimension and serves as the gateway for becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God. You are already there, dear Ones, for by validating your Light and Love as the expression of the Universe, you become a part and a whole of the Universe and the way of its growth, progress and expansion. In little Time, Man of Destiny Souls will begin his or her journey with you, but not yet, for you have a new world to Re-Create and replenish with Light, Love and Brotherhood, for this is who you are – One of Spiritual Nature!