Friday, January 11, 2013

Doorway of Creation Part 2

Adapting into the Post-Unity with God period will have you back into your “natural” state of Heart and Mind, dear Lightworker, as Mother Earth begins to resonate with the Vibration of the Universe on February 2, 2013! She will be assisting you in Creating your Joy in Living and all you will have to ask yourself is, “What do I want?” Many in this initial phase will be testing out their new found skills and begin with simple desires. That’s OK! This will allow you to build confidence and trust and allow you to practice with your new Spiritual Powers!

It will not be long before all who have become empowered as Co-Creators in Unity with God will feel the urgency to Share and Collaborate their Spiritual Power towards the bigger causes that impede the progress of Man and Light in the New Millennium! This feeling of “urgency” will begin with the Energy of February 8, 2013 and not even slow down for a millisecond until April 17, 2013! No stone will be too big to overturn! No bridge will be too long to cross for the Hand of God, through the Empowerment of all Co-Creators in Unity with God, will directly bring about a Great Social Transformation upon Earth!

The Energy of February 8, 2013 will directly influence the direction of your Pathway, dear Lightworker. On the following day, the New Moon phase will serve to influence the Pathways of all Man of Destiny Souls who have chosen to also become Co-Creators in Unity with God. These two days will greatly influence the future of the Great Social Transformation that will result in a society in which the Enlightenment of Man and Light in the Ways of God becomes the number one priority of Life, rather than a secondary or even a non-existent cause! Though some will ignore the call to progress with this movement, do not let this stop your own progress, dear Lightworker, for they will merely be demonstrating that they will not be ready to Create with Mother Earth’s New Vibration!

In the days to come pay attention to what you will be feeling in your Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker, as God Source will be leading you to where you will need to be and what you are to do. And you need not be afraid for whatever you will need and want will be provided, for the Doorway of Creation will be open to you and all others who will be Ordained as Co-Creators in Unity with God! Your Spiritual Powers of Creating will no longer be limited to what others think you should have but instead, bring you exactly what you would want! “What do you want, dear Lightworker?”

On February 14, 2013 Mother Earth will begin her first year fully aligned within the Energy of the entire Universe. This alignment will directly influence all of your future endeavors of the Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker. It will not only increase your Spiritual Powers but also lead you to Share and Collaborate with your fellow Empowered Lightworkers to introduce a New Paradigm for Living on Earth as Co-Creators in Unity with God! What a great difference this will make in what you will be Creating with Love! Let Light and Love lead your way towards the Great Social Transformation that will result through the collaboration of all Co-Creators in Unity with God like you, dear Lightworker!