Thursday, February 23, 2012

Progress Begins in the Heart Part 2

As the month of February 2012 comes to a close you will notice that the Universal Energies are intensifying in magnitude. The reason being is that this is the Time of Renewal for our Universe! There will be much to celebrate but not at this time, dear Lightworker! Just know and understand that when we do celebrate, everyone will be celebrating in unison! For now, allow God and His Mighty Universal Forces do their work and within the next three years everyone will be celebrating their Joy in Living in unison!

The Time of Renewal will be the critical time period for implementing God’s Universal Plan to bring everyone into a state of Joy in Living! It will not be easy for many to move beyond what they know and understand, but you, dear Lightworker, will be here to lead, teach, and educate Humanity that they are all part of the whole Universe, and not an isolated fraction in a vacuum! The Plan of Renewal is actually a plan to integrate our Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy into the Universe of the Fifth Dimension!

The Fifth Dimension is the Dimension of Love while the preceding dimension, the Fourth Dimension, was a place for Learning and Experiencing conditions of Love! Many Lightworkers were Spiritually depleted, lost and incongruent within the Earth Plane’s Fourth Dimensional Energy, and longed to come Home after their attempts to enlighten Man of Destiny beyond his capacity! This will no longer be the case for Mother Earth is in the Fifth Dimension with everyone! The key to succeeding in the Fifth Dimension is to Live the Life of Joy with Love!

The place to Live the Life of Joy with Love begins in the Heart and by empowering your Heart and teaching others to do so, dear Lightworker, you will be initiating the process to Begin Progress upon Mother Earth! Man of Destiny will eventually begin searching for Truth to begin Living with Love in the Fifth Dimension but does not yet understand. You, dear Lightworker, are endowed with Eternal Truth, Love, and Knowledge to assist Man of Destiny in his or her quest to understand. There will still be those attempting to block your work but do not allow this to tell you to yield or turn around! Persist in spreading your Eternal Truth and Knowledge from God as those who will block will only remain in power until May 15, 2012, when everything and everyone will be cleaved from Fourth Dimensional thoughts and move into the presence of the Domain of Love, the Fifth Dimension!

In this final week of February 2012, there will be a Transformational Energy made available to intensify the Power to Create all you will need and want by simply applying the Law of Love! Did you, dear Lightworker, say you missed your ability to truly Create? This is the Truth, dear Lightworker, you and everyone else are being readied to Activate the True Power of Creating with Love within YOU! You will be role modeling to Man of Destiny that anything is possible when you apply the Law of Love into everything that you think and do! Look to the day of February 27, 2012 to know that the Opportunity to begin is here!

When everything will seem depressing and hopeless around the world at the end of March 2012, you, dear Lightworker, will begin to feel the call to action as the Legion of Light will begin to form together. First in small pods, then as Networks of Light, so that by April 18, 2012 every Lightworker who has chosen to reclaim Light and Love as their calling will begin emerging from their places around the world and lead the Process of the Universe’s Renewal into place! Do not let fear overcome you, instead, seek the Love into your Heart for where there is Love God is also there! Let Light and Love lead your way and know we are almost there!