Friday, December 23, 2011

The Universal Dance

Many upon Earth continue to hold Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs even as the world we live in Changed on December 2, 2011. Emotions are at the core of Fourth Dimensional attitudes and largely function to enhance survival skills at best. Today the world is different! We are now in the Fifth Dimension and it is time to Live in the present moment of NOW! Now is the time to begin utilizing the calm vibration of Love from your Heart and Soul without fear or worry so that Love may lead you into the world of Joy in Living!

There are currently three categories of attitudes present upon Earth. The vast majority is in the category of willing to learn how to seek their Joy in Living. The other two categories are those who are ready and those who could care less. The category of the ready is largely composed of the Legion of Light, who will lead this Project of Light forward so that those willing to learn and seek their Joy in Living will be able to understand and proceed. The category of those who could care less will have the most to lose as what they cherish as their own property will be lost when the Universal Dance of the Heavens prevails over everything and everyone upon Mother Earth!

On December 24, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to activate the Legion of Light for their roles as teachers, healers, and leaders around the world. Many have been awakening to the New Energy but await guidance to emerge from their Hearts. The Truth to the matter is that everyone will be his or her own leader as we will all unify with Brotherhood Consciousness to ensure that an egalitarian state will emerge and that everyone will come to learn that Love and Joy will produce Freedom for everyone!

The Energy of December 25, 2011 will have some feeling anxiety and restlessness. It will not be from familial celebrations but rather from what many will perceive as insecurity. These days will not be happy for some, but when they recognize that True Security comes from the Heart and Soul’s state of Contentment, the Joy in Living, they will realize that the Opportunity to grow and expand with their Soul’s task will produce a major leap into the Reality of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! So let your Heart and Soul be your guide into the New Reality!

Our Life’s roles have been largely defined by our capacity to think, act, and do something to earn a living. Though the Fifth Dimension will not immediately change any of this, it will ask us to act less from our emotional conditioning which lessens our capacity to contact our Inner Self, and learn to listen and understand with our Heart and Soul – our Inner Self! On December 26, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to have us learn to trust our Inner Self and move away from our emotional conditioning. In doing so we will become less dependent upon what others think whom we are and shift into our own process of Self Actualization to define our True Self!

The most important thing to remember in these days will be to keep learning, growing, and understanding the New Rules of the Fifth Dimension. There will be continuous Change and Transformation all around the world as everything and everyone will be in position to begin the New Universal Year with a new state of Heart and Mind! The Energy of December 27, 2011 will bring emphasis to understanding others through the lenses of Brotherhood Consciousness as these lenses will become our greatest ally and support in the next several years. Security built upon the foundation of Brotherhood Consciousness will introduce us to greater growth and expansion than we ever could alone!

New solutions and new methods for resolving old issues will be needed to repair constraining world relationships. Traditional methods will only lead to short term resolutions. The Unlimited Source of Love will open and become available to administer long term solutions on December 28, 2011. It will not be easy to develop trust for many just yet, but conditions around the world will call for True Security – the application of Love within everyone’s Heart and Soul – to become available! Allow the Healing Energy of Light and Love to bring immediate solutions to all your issues!

On December 29, 2011 the New Energy to bring forward all of God’s Creatures into unison will begin! The Music of the Universal Dance will send the Legion of Light and all who will be ready into their Pathways of Joy while those on the sidelines will watch and wait for understanding. The Party will begin and everyone will be invited! Seek your Joy in Living and bring it to the forefront of all of your thoughts and actions while the world recovers from Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs! This will bring you ease and the comfort of knowing that all that your Heart and Soul knows will come True!

The Universal Dance to unify everything will continue its “Music” through February 5, 2012! By that time everything that will not align into the Love Energy of the Fifth Dimension will be disbanded, extinguished, and segregated from influencing the New Horizon. The Energy of December 30, 2011 will remain with residue from the Fourth Dimensional attitudes brought over from Humanity’s lack of experience with this new and intensive Energy, but the process of learning and experiencing only what was formerly imagined and dreamed about will now begin! Let your Heart and Soul speak for you and allow the “Music” of the Universal Dance lead you to your Joy in Living!

On the last day of the year 2011, December 31st, everyone will be looking forward to ushering in the year 2012 but not all for the same reasons. Most will look forward to the ending the year of Change and Transformation without knowing the reason why everything happened so adversely and against all known things. Those who will be aware, however, will know and understand that Mother Earth and all Humanity have entered into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! Continue in learning and applying the New Knowledge you will be given from your Heart and Soul for from there, you will know all things – Truth, Love, and Joy to engage everyone in the Brotherhood of Man!