Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bearers of Light and Love

We will soon be entering the Fifth Dimension and are already Creating the New Millennium! There will still be many more Changes to come as we bear witness of our need to become Expressions of Love and the need to recognize each other as partners in the Brotherhood of Man. Without these key traits of the New Millennium, we would remain in place like a buoy in a harbor, wobbling without direction and anchored with illusionary creeds and beliefs about who and what we are!

The main theme of June 2011 will be to initiate ourselves into becoming Bearers of Light and Love. The most significant day in this transit will be June 15, 2011 when there will be three significant Transformations for our progress into the New Millennium. The first will shift our concept of Time from concentrated efforts of serving the body and its needs to concentrated efforts upon our Soul’s task. This will not mean that everyone will become a monk or hermit! Rather it will become an impetus to live our everyday lives as a Spiritual Experience rather than as a bodily function.

The second Transformation will Change the core values that serve our current system of thought – the Values of the Spirit will prevail over our current societal and cultural norms and traditions and will promote a new Way of Living for and with each other in a borderless land called Earth! This Transformation will also Change the way we will interact with each other in the world of commerce and communication. The third Transformation will require us to seek Truth in all our thoughts and actions for here will be the way to trust and value each other once more in the Brotherhood of Man!

On June 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will have us begin to seek and implement the Powers of Eternal Love and Eternal Truth.  These are the Powers that preserve and maintain our Universe’s purity and expansion and have always been Eternally available to us. Now will be the time to return them as the standards we bear instead of relative truth and conditional love that have dissolved our expectations of each other! Look up to the Heavens at night and see and feel the Eternal Powers that provide our Path for the New Millennium!

Man of Destiny, observe and watch as your world will Transform for your future on June 2, 2011! Stay open minded to all possibilities and you will become aware and sense your Unlimited Powers to Create with Eternal Truth and Eternal Love! The Universal Energies will form a Star of the Absolute this day and the next, to grant you the Power to BECOME UNLIMITED in all you will do! Let your choice be the best one for you and you will come to know that you ARE TRUTH AND LOVE!

Man of Negativity will attempt to do all he can to frustrate the Plan of God and the Universal Energies on June 3, 2011. “Shackle them and hold them as hostages for ransom!” Man of Negativity will bellow! “We need them alive to fill our coffers for future purchases!” God knows Man of Negativity is the anomaly that ravishes upon whatever profit he can gain through the enslavement of Mankind! God’s Plan to topple Man of Negativity from his throne will soon come to the forefront as he and his followers will find that the Joy of Living is the right of everyone upon Earth, not a limited few!

The Universal Energies will begin to demonstrate their Power over Man of Negativity on June 4, 2011, as the Universal Energies unite to assist Man of Destiny become an Unlimited Creator! Look now, Man of Destiny, and walk in your Path of Eternal Truth with detachment from societies’ relative truth that focuses upon what you don’t have rather than recognizing What and Who YOU truly are – A CO-CREATOR with GOD!

The choice to Create your future will begin on June 5, 2011 and will offer everyone, Man of Negativity, Man of Destiny, and the Legion of Light, a future in the New Millennium or to begin learning through negative repercussions about the Joy of Living! The Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium will be a place of Peace and Prosperity while those remaining in the fourth dimension will wage war upon each other for the sake of their egos. When their attention will finally divert them away from living in constant battle, they will seek to find a blade of grass in the ground and ponder and wish for peace but will find none available! Not until they will learn that Joy is the Energy of everyone entering the Fifth Dimension!

The Way of Joy for the New Millennium begins by applying the Energy of Eternal Truth and Eternal Love! On June 6, 2011 the Universal Energies will send Eternal Truth and Love for everyone to seek and understand, comprehend and apply in their own lives. For this is the Way of God and His first-born, the Universal Energies, who will offer the Energy and Power for everyone to emulate and become! Seek the Way of Light and Love and you will never lose your Joy!

June 7, 2011 will begin the lessons of Man of Negativity and his cohorts. Do not let the fear of Man of Negativity’s collapsing empire instill you with his fear, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light! The Earth and our Solar System are in a process of Transformation and this day will begin the process for entering into the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium. Fear is not a place where God’s Presence will be felt or known! Continue to look now for the Hand of God to lead you, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light! Let His Hand guide you with confidence for what will begin to fail will be Man of Negativity’s role as the enslaver of Mankind!

Man of Negativity’s empire will collapse for lack of Love for his fellow man and love for his own self-assumed role of demigod. On June 8, 2011 the Universal Energies will send Man of Destiny into his course of action for the New Millennium. This will secure the severance of his relationship with Man of Negativity for God Loves and all He asks for is Love in return. This day shall set apart those who will want to experience God’s Ever Present Love from those who will choose to live in ego!

The Way of the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium will be full of Possibilities with Love to explore and experience the Joy of Living. The Universal Energies of June 9, 2011 will open this Path for everyone if they shall follow their Heart and Soul’s delight for being immersed in Eternal Love. Chaos and Confusion will soon come to dominate the world ever more so but in these days secure your future by focusing upon what and who you want to BECOME in the Place of Eternal Truth and Love!

The days of disbelief and panic will soon be upon the Earth as the empire of Man of Negativity will begin its collapse. The empire of Man of Negativity will fall and bring them to fear for all they have known will begin to end on June 10, 2011. While the Legion of Light begins to confront Man of Negativity for his illicit gains, Man of Destiny, will be given his right to join the Brotherhood of Man and move forward to take back what was rightfully everyone’s to Share. The Beginning of the New Beginning will be here and the End of all Endings for Man of Negativity will ensue to lead us all into a New World, the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium!

The next phase of God’s Plan for our entry into the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium will begin on June 11, 2011. The Plan will reveal to us what shall come to be the precedents for the Joy of Living. June 12th will begin the Plan of Sharing and Cooperating between everyone who will choose to live in God’s Presence. Let all who have ears listen and those who feel fear open their Hearts and Souls to UNDERSTAND AND BEGIN TO KNOW GOD!