Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Path of the Leading Heart Part 4

March 2011 will be completed with an entirely New Spiritual Vibration available to intertwine with our lives and deeds upon Earth and all will have access to this new Vibration. The problem will come with those who will not be aware of it unless they make effort to understand and process why solutions for their lives do not work as they have in the past. Let yourself become immersed within this New Spiritual Vibration as in the days to come there will be a strong need and requirement to live in the world of Light and Love!

On March 26, 2011 the Universal Energies will boost the Energy to allow us to make internal adjustments while the New Spiritual Vibration expands through our Souls. Some will adjust rapidly and move quickly into their Path of the Heart while others will still struggle and disbelieve the Great Transformation for entry into the New Millennium has occurred. Do not worry for them for they will soon learn that the Four Corners of the New Millennium are Truth, Love, Joy and Brotherhood!

The easiest way to work with all four corners of the New Millennium at once will be to withdraw from the way of ego. On March 27th the Opportunity for removing the roadblocks in your life will be available. If you can withdraw your life’s choices from ego and allow your Heart and Soul to administer your life processes you will walk into the Way of Light without fear. Though this will not be easy it is a must to advance with the New Spiritual Vibration for the way of ego will bring fear and discontent into the New Millennium, which will not be allowed. Separate your True Self from your ego self and learn the difference!

Pay heed to your Soul’s cry for progress Man of Destiny and Legion of Light! In the days to come your Heart and Soul’s content will be taken care of in an instant but for now the Energies of March 28, 2011 will bring in the way to examine your life thoroughly! Make the time to examine what your Soul considers Joy and what your ego considers Joy. Are the two points of view in balance? If they are then you will progress greatly in the New Millennium but for those who remain outside of themselves, they will further experience what they consider their egos task for Joy until they learn that the way of Illusion has thwarted their lives once again!

Can you imagine the Way of Light and Love upon your doorstep yet? If you can the Universal Energies will be blessing you with the Path of Truth as your base of security on March 29th. God’s Forces of Creation will continue to bring forth the Four Corners of the New Millennium while we process and implement each corner into our lives with care to bring rapid progress into our lives. Let these signs of the Days to Come progress your Path of the Leading Heart forward and toward the Way of Light and Love!

On March 30, 2011 the Universal Energies will assist you in expanding your concepts for the New Millennium. Our minds at this time will be processing incrementally and dimensionally in everyway possible. For this reason we will change our minds rapidly and even forget what we stated our goal for the day was! Stay in the moment and follow your Heart and Soul for they will be our guides over all the Chaos and Confusion all over the Earth at this time. Hold steady for the days to come will have us all in the Dimension of Love!

March 2011 will end with one more Opportunity in Growth for our Path of the Leading Heart as on March 31, 2011 the Universal Energies will call upon us to seek the Way of Brotherhood with our fellow man who have endured much in balancing his ego with his True Self. Material things will not be as important as your Soul, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light! Let the things of the past go and you will be finding a new way to exist upon Earth, where Truth, Love, Joy and Brotherhood will be the ONLY WAY to EXIST upon Earth! For now the beginning is already here and only waiting for a Change of Heart by EVERYONE!

Soon there will come the days when our values will Change and Transform all that we will think and do! Time will no longer be a detriment to the Soul’s progress. The economic advantage that few experience will make Earth commodities and their paper worthless as a new value system based upon a growing and expanding Soul will lead Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light to the place where everyone will experience Light and Love everyday. This will be the thousand years of the New Millennium!