Monday, January 31, 2011

The Time of God

In the past few months December 2010 provided an Anointing and Ordaining for our lives in the New Horizon to come while the Universal Energies of January 2011 supplied the Energy of Transformation to see to it that we shall all live in the Dimension of Love. February 2011 will complete the Transformation process by February 5, 2011 and will set into motion the beginning of the New Universal Year on February 17, 2011.

The time frame of this forecast will be from February 1st until February 9, 2011 when all the incoming Energy from the Universal Energies will be dictating to one and all, “Establish your Foundation of Lovingness for the Brotherhood of Man in the New Millennium.”  This shall become the creed and motto for entry into the New Millennium, as our egos begin to take a back seat to our True Self, the Soul of God, where we will do the work of God for ourselves!

On February 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will have us seek to find Love within ourselves. This will mean that in order to find the “Foundation of Lovingness,” we will need to begin with Self Love for this is where the Kingdom of God has always been, “within you!” Self Love will serve to guide you to where your heart’s Love will lead you into your Pathway for the New Horizon. Let the quest begin to seek the Foundation of Lovingness for your True Destiny in the New Millennium!

The Universal Energies of February 2nd will provide the need to seek once more for Self Love in order to be able to expand our Love Consciousness outward to our fellow souls upon the Earth. In seeking this need you will become an active participant in the Brotherhood of Man that is already ready for the Soul Conscious level. The Soul Conscious level is where we are nearer to our True Self and still remain on the Earth Plane to manifest at the core of emulating God as a Co-Creator with Him!

The Energies of February 3, 2011 will be strong for everyone with his heart in the Brotherhood of Man for the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny will have this day to activate their partnership together for a promising future in the New Millennium. Drop your walls to hear and know the plan for your life of Abundance and get to know one another once more. Prior to the start of the Universal New Year there will still be time to gather as soon will come the Universal New Year on February 17, 2011 when the new Creation process will begin once more!

Your highest Destiny will be available your choosing on February 4th and will be open until February 18, 2011. All the planets will be in concert to sing the songs of praise for God and the Earth Plane. Listen within to hear the song with your heart and take time to allow your Soul to grow and become encouraged with all that will be in Transformation for by mid-March 2011 YOU WILL BE IN THE KNOW Of YOUR DESTINY!

On February 5, 2011 the Universal Energies will continue their songs of praise for God and the Earth Plane. It will also be the time for unifying the people of the Earth into the Brotherhood of Man. These songs will lead you into your Destiny for which you have come upon Earth and all you will do in the future. Let these days of Transformation do the work for and with you as you become a Co-Creator with God!
Ponder on February 6, 2011 about the upcoming New Universal Year appearing on the horizon on February 17, 2011, a year in which thoughts and deeds of Spirituality will bring to you all the Spiritual Prosperity you can handle. Look now for these days to fill you with Love for yourself, Love for your fellow man, and LOVE FOR GOD for this will allow you with all your heart to fulfill your life’s journey in the New Millennium!

The Universal Energies of February 7th will take note of your inner heart’s call to your Destiny and correspond it to your level of Love for your task in the New Millennium. Leave what you see as the old reality elsewhere so that you may concentrate with all of your heart to feel the New Reality! In this way you will function with Truth and Love as your guides for only by feeling will you become aware that you moving in the right direction!

Man of Destiny, expand your heart and mind on February 8, 2011! The Universal Energies will allow you to unite your Pathway with all the Love you will bring through youself! Feel your thoughts of Love and let them guide you where you will need to go. Nurture them and do not let them fade for we will all need to make Changes to Transform ourselves into Beings of Love and Light! When all will be said and done by December 2011, you will look back and glow with Love and Light with all the progress you have made!

Until February 17th the Creative Energy of the Universal Energies will function to link the three keys of life, our Spiritual Self, our Soul, and our physical bodies, for the New Millennium so that we will be ready for the New Horizon. On February 9th the stage will begin to link all three of these Vibrations of Life into a New Self for the New Millennium. The process may be easy for some while others will continue to struggle with the concepts being introduced to them. Worry not for these ones, as they will have members of the Legion of Light to assist them!

The beginning of February 2011 will begin to congeal the physical and the Spiritual sides of ourselves into new beings for the New Millennium. The Great Transformation has begun and will not stop until everyone is in the Dimension of Love where all will be intertwined in the Brotherhood of Man and involved in Progress for not only their own Soul, but also everyone’s! Soon the Days of Love and Light will be in place but for now WE MUST DO OUR PART to bring them in!