Saturday, February 13, 2010

Election Day 2010

Massachusetts held a Special Election on January 19, 2010 in which President Barak Obama and the Democratic Party lost the supermajority they had enjoyed in the US Senate when Republican Scott Brown was elected to take the place of long time Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. That same day Karl Rove stated that the message for the Democrats was to “change their ways and try to govern from the center.” From the sense of Alexandrian Astrology the comment was without merit except for as political propaganda.

The Universal Energies on January 19, 2010 were pointing in one main direction and this was to siphon the negative energy from Earth so that the new season of Creation in February 2010 may effectively begin. This date also brought to the forefront man’s need to think for himself to gain his placement in the New Millennium. Looking forward to the next national election date, November 2, 2010, it may be wise for both political parties to move together rather than apart.

The Universal Energies on Election Day 2010 show that the Earth will continue creating her pathway to emancipate her spirit from negativity so that she may set into motion her own reverence for God by reshaping her foundation for man and light. Man and light’s role in this spectrum of change will also require the need to restructure their way of thinking in order to follow Earth’s lead as the Earth’s changes will produce new pathways intended for the spiritual ways of man and light.

Some will find newness in the way that they come to express themselves on the Earth Plane and will find that their spiritual maturation has benefited not only themselves but others in the new Sharing Economy. Others will be inspired as their long held beliefs no longer sustain in a world that is passing away. For the time is now to honor the spiritual roles of man and light that have previously only been known through the holy books of the old religions.

The renewal of Man coincides with the renewal of the Earth and as for the national elections they will not be about the power one party gains over the other but rather will serve to remind every man to cooperate and move forward with the Plan to create the New Millennium.