Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sequence of Awakening

The sequence to becoming the Light, Love and Harmony of Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension is Initiation, Activation, Growth and Development and, finally, Expansion. 

In this Now of Awakening, a majority of humanity easily enters the Initiation phase.  There is a clear awareness within the collective that the ways of the past are no longer working for us.  We begin to hear the whisper of “There must be more to Life.”  

The daily grind of unfulfilling work – and the unresponsive relationships that we settle for – and our all but forgotten fragmented hopes and dreams get louder until we make some small decision towards change.  All of these personal issues will continue to prevail in humanity’s consciousness – and move us towards a collective Awakening and a New Reality!

The Activation phase in becoming the Light, Love and Harmony of Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension enters into our Life’s experience when we courageously and consciously choose to resolve our most pressing issues.  We begin to explore. Most often we begin to project our unhappiness and dissatisfaction on to the world outside of us.  For eons and lifetimes in the physical reality, humanity has sought answers and solutions ‘out there’.  

Now we begin to truly comprehend that we are more powerful than we have been led to believe and that power resides within.  We take responsibility for our own joy and satisfaction.  We give ourselves the love and attention that we need.  We come to know that – first and foremost – we must Love our Self before we can express the Light, Love and Harmony of Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension. 

Thus, we enter into the Growth and Development phase.  Our Self Love radiates and expands Light, Love and Harmony to all around us.  Our Self Love attracts and magnetizes the Universe’s Creative Life Forces to us.  We grow and develop.  We align and harmonize with the Universe through Mother Earth’s own Fifth Dimensional Frequency. 

Many Souls struggle within the Growth and Development stage.  They will be challenged and resistant to allowing Self Love to release the past and heal their Hearts and Souls’ expression – thus hampering their own Expansion phase within Mother Earth’s Universal Fifth Dimension. 

The past has served us well.  The past is but a figment of our memory and imagination – as is our yesterday, Through Love of Self we release our past to become the Love that we are - Here and Now - Dear Ones!  Our Self Love aligns us with the Universe through Mother Earth’s own Universal alignment within the Fifth Dimension of Light and Love and Harmony.

As we become the Light, Love and Harmony of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, we create everything in Oneness WITH Her.  Everything!   No one will just proceed to create with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional frequency by expanding his or her Third or Fourth Dimensional repertoire.  It won’t work! The past is gone and will no longer assist us.

The Expansion phase of becoming the Light, Love and Harmony of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension is produced through the manifestation of our Self Love’s Expression.  We must trust our Heart and Soul’s direct communications.  

If we pay too much attention to our sensory physical world, we will continue expressing the competition, comparison, judgment and fear of the world we left behind on March 27, 2017.  

If we pay attention to the stirrings of our Heart and Soul, we will begin to experience the emanation of our Expressions of Love flowing through us.

What will we do to express our Self Love?  Will we think, say and do what our sensory physical world needs in order to make itself feel good?  Or, will we choose to express the full content of our Heart and Soul’s Expansive Expression?

Peace and blessings in Oneness.  Namaste. 

Image: Mandy Rosen

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.