Thursday, July 26, 2018

Relearning in Community Spirit

The Sun is the Source of our Life’s Energy.  

Every day of our Lives upon Mother Earth we can observe the true Source of our Life’s Energy.   Humanity often is not even conscious of it.  Whenever we take notice of the Source of our Life’s Energy we are glancing at our Solar System’s Sun. 

At nighttime we will not see our Energy Source – the Sun.  Nevertheless, we can discover the entire network of our Universal Source at work – the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars brightly shining its radiating Light! 

The Universal Grid of Sun-Stars functions as the energetic of Unity and Oneness – a cohesive Community of Sun-Stars.  While some are bigger, others are smaller than our own Sun.  Each has ONE common function – to serve as a Source of Energy for each unique Life form to enable them to perform their unique Service within the Universe. 

As above.  So below.  Everything in the Universe is organized as a Collective Community!

The entire Universal Grid of Sun-Stars serves as a Collective Community by having ONE primary intention … to serve as an enabling Source of Energy for each unique Life form to perform their unique Service within the Universe. 

Our own Solar System functions as a Universal Community at our local level and location within the Universe.  This collective Universal Community serves to disperse our Source of Energy for each unique Life form to do their own unique Service within our Solar System. 

Our Mother Earth has a very unique role within our Solar System.  Mother Earth is our Solar System’s Creator Planet.  She serves to support each unique Life form in fulfilling their own Service within their own local collective Community. 

As above.  So below. 

Humanity has mostly forgotten how to live as a Community.  The Source of Energy within our local Solar System - our Sun – makes no distinction between who, or what, is more worthy – or who should have more or less – or even who deserves more, or less, of Its abundant energy.   Our Sun is in Service to provide Its Life sustaining Energy to Mother Earth - and through Her – to each unique Life form in order to fulfill their own Service within the Universe. 

There is an immense difference between the terms community and society

A community results from an internal bond developing from a feeling of unity and solidarity towards an intended common goal. 

Societies can be initiated through the efforts of a group to attain a corresponding common goal.  Society places its emphasis upon the unique bond of the social group as a whole - rather than the individual – thus, creating a society that must sustain itself through the practice of laws and regulations in order to enforce the society’s common goal and to unify around that intention.   

A society is an artificial human artifice.  A collective unified community is an innate and natural endeavor of the Universe. 

As above.  So below. 

On August 3, 2018 there will begin an internal precedent rising within humanity for Relearning in Community Spirit.  Not everyone will immediately be drawn to participate, Dear Ones.  

The question – “Will I fulfill The Calling of my Soul’s Spiritual Purpose within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension?” –  requires an answer soon.  Every Life form upon Mother Earth remains within a Choice process – until December 14, 2018.

As above.  So below. 

The Calling to fulfill our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose will emerge through the One Pathway of the Universe – the Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony.  Our Hearts and Souls serve to lead our every endeavor through harmonizing our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world. 

On August 22, 2018 there will finally be enough awakened humans on Earth to utilize Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency in order to overcome humanity’s use of Her former Fourth Dimensional Frequency. 

The purpose of humanity’s utilization of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Frequency will not be to conquer and destroy the Fourth Dimensional habitat. Humanity’s major emphasis will be upon Relearning in Community Spirit.  Humanity’s presence must be integrated – through Mother Earth - within our Solar System into the Universal Community at large! 

It will still take another year of futile and ineffective efforts by the majority of humanity to learn and realize that Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimensional world will not be returning.  

In the meantime every Soul Relearning in Community Spirit will be achieving the greatest amount of growth and acclimation within Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world – simply by allowing his, or her, Heart and Soul to lead their every endeavor on Earth! 

As humanity reclaims and acknowledges its sense of Collective Community upon Mother Earth, it Re-members who and what we are, thus, achieving movement towards our Society of Light emerging from September 2019 through February 2020. 

Humanity’s Society of Light will be a first-time achievement as a collective endeavor.  Emerging largely through the initial formation of many small Communities upon Mother Earth.  These small Communities will expand as interspersed endeavors upon all of Mother Earth’s continents.  The small collective Communities will merge into the Greater Community of humanity.  

We will achieve the common goal of our Society of Light – that of Re-Creating Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension! 

As above, so below. 

The one guiding reminder for humanity’s phase of Relearning in Community Spirit will come in observing the Three Conditions of Unconditional Love; namely …

Love is ALL THINGS.  
Love never judges. 
Love never obstructs Free Will.

A society is an artificial human artifice.  A community is essentially an innate and natural endeavor of the Universe.  There will be a major need to redefine the term “society” as an “expanded community” to achieve our collective endeavor of Re-Creating Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension by the collective whole of humanity. This will evolve through our Reorganization phase of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension.  

In Relearning our Community Spirit, Dear Ones, humanity also realizes our Fifth Dimensional Earth! 

As above.  So below!

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation 
- Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.