Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Awakened Ones

In understanding Mother Earth’s evolution into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension (as well as our own) we first need to understand a basic principle in quantum physics, the “observer’s effect.” The “observer’s effect” serves to explain how the outcome of a phenomenon strongly changes by simply being “observed” in process, even when a non-human “observer” serves to perform the “observation.” Our current phenomenon is Mother Earth’s presence within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension along with her entire population of inhabitants ranging from the tiniest to the greatest Life forms. If we continue focusing our attention upon the world we left behind on March 27, 2017, when Mother Earth completed the entirety of her Fifth Dimension Transition, we would all be “observing” an outcome from the past, as if we were trying to change a past that no longer serves or needs us! In essence, dear Ones, we Create the Purpose of the Matter we are observing! We are not just “waiting,” being tested for our “patience,” or serving to “observe” the past, we are here now to participate, contribute, and co-facilitate the arrival of Mother Earth’s “Balancing Point,” an instant of Time, Space, and Motion where there will finally be enough of Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency eliminated from our use on Earth and enough of humanity using her Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency to overcome the waning effects of her Fourth Dimension! Mother Earth’s “Balancing Point” apexes on August 22, 2018!

Mother Earth is a Spiritual Being participating within a Universal Event: Mother Earth and her Solar System’s integration into the Universal Community of Fifth Dimension Life forms! Mother Earth is not just participating in the phenomenon of our common event, she is serving to fulfill the entire content of her purpose and intention sealed within her Heart and Soul just as we are! Mother Earth’s “Balancing Point” will occur from July 10 through September 1, 2018 and will reach its apex on August 22, 2018. In order to fulfill our roles in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension we will need to achieve our own Spiritual Growth to develop our ability to trust, ascertain Truth with certainty, and gain confidence with our Heart and Soul’s timely guidance. Without our Spiritual Growth there would be no understanding, no awareness of change, and no insight into new possibilities with our Fifth Dimension Experience!! The only way of becoming open to understanding, developing our awareness to change, and gaining insight into new possibilities will be to “observe” our evolving world through a New Perception, a New Perception conceived through our “observing,” – Creating the Purpose of the Matter in our evolving Fifth Dimensional world! Many will continue to place their hopes, wishes, and dreams upon the multilayered levels of Chaos and Confusion now deconstructing and dissolving within Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional world. Everyone that is, except the “Awakened Ones!”

The “Awakened Ones,” dear Ones, will be doing the majority of the “observing,” – Creating the Purpose of the Matter in our evolving Fifth Dimensional world – through their internal states of Mindfulness and a New Perception succinctly formulated for revealing our New Reality – our Fifth Dimension Experience! By being attentive in “observing” the phenomenon of Mother Earth’s presence within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension rather than “observing” the past, things that largely appeared hidden from our sight will begin their revealing, much like directing our attention towards the seeds of our spring planting until they finally begin to reveal their sprouts of growth in our new garden! The key to becoming an “Awakened One” is achieved through the releasing one’s major indicators of his or her prior Fourth Dimensional experience – comparison, competition, judgment, and fear! By not contributing further into humanity’s experience of comparison, competition, judgment, and fear, dear Ones, there only exists a New Reality with the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony to experience – our Fifth Dimension Experience! Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency will still be present within our evolving Fifth Dimension world until December 27, 2018, when Mother Earth completes her “Great Melting” phase to eliminate our use of her body’s former Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency. This will be a great enhancement for the work of the “Awakened Ones”!

The “Awakened Ones” are keenly aware they are “observing” in the manifestation of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension New Reality – Creating the Purpose of the Matter in our evolving Fifth Dimensional world! They are also aligning into their roles as the teachers, guides, and role models in the Re-Organization of humanity’s societies for the Fifth Dimension occurring from December 27, 2018 through August 12, 2020 in order to usher in the emergence of our Society of Light from September 2019 through February 2020! Though the movement of our evolving Fifth Dimensional world will still appear slow and staggered in many places around the world, it is not dependent upon every Soul’s involvement! It is more dependent upon the sharing of the Spiritual Knowledge within the “Awakened Ones,” the Ones on Earth keenly aware they are “observing” the manifestation of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension New Reality! We are all now emerging on a pathway designed to rediscover and reclaim the entire content of our individual Soul’s Spiritual Knowledge. Not to simply rediscover and reclaim our Soul’s Spiritual Knowledge, but to Align, Apply, and Activate our Soul’s innate gifts and talents to Create a Fifth Dimension New Reality upon Mother Earth! Depending upon what we are now “observing”, we are either contributing to the Creation of the Purpose of Matter in our evolving Fifth Dimension world or wishing for a return to the past in the deconstruction of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional world. It’s all a clear Choice, dear Ones, just as it is a Choice to be an “Awakened One”!