Sunday, March 18, 2018

Unity Consciousness

How we measure our “success” in the world today is all contingent upon how we define who we are within it. If we believe our “success” is derived from our ability to control and manage our interactions with the external world, we will always pay homage to our interactions so that we can maintain our “success” – no matter how much we “pay” for it. If, however, we understand our “success” derives from allowing our Heart and Soul’s ability to lead our interactions within our external world, we will always be led towards the manifestation of our Heart and Soul’s Joy and Contentment! Our Soul’s ability to lead is vitally important to manifesting our entire world, for our Soul’s leadership serves to connect and integrate all of our experiences within it. In the seemingly long days between the completion of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition on March 27, 2017 and the manifestation of our Soul’s Divine Plan to initiate our Society of Light from September 2019 through February 2020, our Soul’s leadership is of utmost importance, not only in manifesting direct correspondence with our Hearts and Souls but also in our emerging New Reality all around us! Right now things may not exactly correspond with the content of our Hearts and Souls and won’t for just a little bit longer. This is not due to our lack of effort or an inconsistency in our thinking, dear Ones, but Mother Earth’s efforts to allow each and every Soul upon her to CHOOSE to experience the fullness of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension with her!

Mother Earth’s Plan to initiate her physical body’s Fifth Dimension Changes will occur from April 29, 2020 through March 25, 2042. So what may now appear to be Chaos and Confusion is just that, a chaotic and confusing preparation period serving to allow the process of generating our Soul’s leadership to manifest. Most of humanity is not and will not be seeing this as a Time of choosing to fulfill his or her roles in our New Reality but as a time of redoing and replicating the past, much like trying to rebuild a floodwater ravaged home back upon the same flooded plain it was previously built on. Mother Earth (as well as our entire Solar System) is now initializing her own process to activate her physical transformation. Mother Earth’s current landmasses and bodies of water will all be transforming when she initiates her body’s Fifth Dimension Changes. Are we all ready for CHANGE? Are we ALL even open to CHANGE? In order for our transition of preparation to complete for Mother Earth’s physical transition, we must all transform our current states of mind from a conscious mindset of the physical world to one of our Soul’s Unity Consciousness. This will be a major shift for the majority of humanity, especially those who simply define “success” in terms of his or her ability to control and manage his or her interactions within the external world they live in. Simply stated, our future “success” is aligned in the Unity of our entire Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony that we are ALL a part and whole of!

Our Heart and Soul’s innate perception and awareness of Unity Consciousness easily translates and relates with the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony. Our conscious mindsets simply do not, and cannot, realize more than what we see, hear, and perceive through the body’s five sensory organs. From December 1, 2017 through December 14, 2018 each and every Soul on Earth is receiving the Signal to The Calling of our Society of Light. Many will not be readily responding or even be capable of receiving the Signal of the Calling due to their current state of mind – the mindset of maintaining the world’s present as an improved past. If we were to remain on the path of the present, we would not only continue to remain in a perpetual state of competition, comparison, judgment, and fear but also miss the entire reason we even shifted with Mother Earth into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension – to Live within an entire world Created by and for our Soul’s Unity Consciousness! There will be many reminders serving to demonstrate Mother Earth’s intent to initiate her physical body’s Fifth Dimension Changes until December 14, 2018, when the Signal’s Presence to the Calling wanes and Mother Earth moves to complete her “Great Melting” phase on December 27, 2018, Mother Earth’s process of eliminating our use of her body’s former Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency. Are we all ready for CHANGE? Are we ALL even open to CHANGE?

On March 27, 2018 it will be a year since Mother Earth completed the entirety of her own Fifth Dimension Transition, thus enabling her full capacity as a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet. We are now within our own transition to enable and acclimate our Heart and Soul’s abilities with her in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension through our innate Soul’s Unity Consciousness. Though we may, and will, still experience periods of hesitation, doubt, and uncertainty, the only remedy will come in the form of operating through our Heart and Soul! Without the guidance of our Heart and Soul in our days to come, we would all continue as relics of the past, promoting competition, comparison, judgment, and fear as if we were purely physical beings. But everything and everyone on Earth is in a process of CHANGE whether or not they recognize it! We all have access to our Soul’s Unity Consciousness and will need to transform our current states of mind from a conscious mindset of the physical world to one of our Soul’s Unity Consciousness. Our days will seemingly become even more difficult to see the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony until we realize they are within us all and remember, all we have to do now is release our Heart and Soul’s Light, Love, and Harmony to begin Mother Earth’s Re-Creation for humanity’s Fifth Dimension Experience! We all have a part to do but have to recognize we are the CHANGE! We are the Opening to ALL THE CHANGE through our Soul’s Unity Consciousness!