Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives

On January 15, 2017 Mother Earth aligned her Crown Chakra into the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars signaling her Integration with the Universe’s Fifth Dimension has been achieved! Few upon her will recognize, much less realize, the significance of her achievement with their attention focused upon the mundane world of their daily affairs. To enable the full expression of our Heart and Soul’s Essence for an extensive period of Time has always been a difficult task in our previous Third and Fourth Dimensional experiences. Nonetheless, in these days of transition there will be no deviation available from the initiation of our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives beginning on January 27, 2017! Our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives will not be realized through the external world’s many avenues, but through the internal world revealed within our Heart and Soul! Many will think they lack the innate ability to communicate directly with God but they are wrong, dear Ones! To deny oneself permission and authority to directly communicate with God is a continuance of living isolated and separated from God and allots one an inability to manifest Unity with God and the Universe! The initiation period of our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives will begin on January 27, 2017 and be completed on November 9, 2017. Mother Earth has essentially completed her Spiritual Pathway’s alignment as a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet but it will be up to each one of us to align ourselves with her!  

Our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives may seem like an arduous and difficult task to accomplish without “special training” or direction for anyone who may not know or understand his or her individual Self – his or her Eternal Self seated in the Soul! Are we our body? Are we the name, title, or social position we commonly refer to our Self through our interactions with others? Philosophers have debated these philosophical questions for millennia but have never effectively resolved the question beyond his or her lifetime, if that. In the manifestation of our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives for the Fifth Dimension, our task at hand will be an individual journey of self-discovery for our Eternal Self! If one does not believe he or she has an Eternal Self or a Soul, that is a Freewill choice always available. However, Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension is premised upon the willingness of each and every participant to assist in the process of Re-Creating her for the Fifth Dimension! Serving willingly to assist in Mother Earth’s Re-Creation for the Fifth Dimension will not be an issue for any Lightworker Soul, but will present an immediate dilemma for every evolving Man of Light Soul who will only have his or her Three Primary Chakras of the Root, Throat, and Sacral Chakras aligned for participating in the Fifth Dimension. The immediate dilemma they will encounter will be an inundation of incessant prompts reminding him or her, “It’s Time to Work Together, Work Together dear One!”

The Universe’s Fifth Dimension Presence upon Mother Earth from March 27, 2017 onward, when Mother Earth will complete the entirety of her Fifth Dimension Transition, will be producing three noticeable differences compared to our experiences in her Third and Fourth Dimensions! The first noticeable difference will be an increased concentration of the Presence of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony upon Mother Earth, producing an enhancement in our innate ability to Create much easier and efficiently! The second difference will be produced through the effect of how “things” will appear to be moving faster, dear Ones! But in effect, it will not be that the “things” themselves are moving faster – it will be that everything will actually be vibrating faster through the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibratory Frequency! The third difference will involve our innate abilities to perceive the world around us! If one is primarily perceiving his or her world through the body’s five physical senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touch, every Fifth Dimension experience will be no different than his or her previous experiences of the Third and Fourth Dimensions – as all enhancements for our Fifth Dimension experience will be achieved through the alignment of all Seven of our Chakras within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, not our physical senses! This will just be one more dilemma encountered by the evolving Man of Light Soul entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension on March 27, 2017!

Through the implementation of all Seven of our Chakras for Mother Earth’s participation in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, we will come to experience a new perception of our world similar to an ability to listen to the color of your dreams! Not because we will be immersed within a dreamlike trance everyday in the Fifth Dimension, but rather, our need to internally process two or more concepts at the same time! What may seem confusing or perplexing at first, dear Ones, will not be for long, especially once we become more involved and absorbed within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension experience and become the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! Our Universe is constantly moving and vibrating! It is not a stationary, motionless, and static Being of Light, Love, and Harmony shining intermittent Light to remind us that another night and day befell upon us! The Universe and our local Micro-Universal representatives, our Mother Earth and her Solar System, are constant generators of Light, Love, and Harmony! Our Eternal Self seated within our Soul is likewise a generator of Light, Love, and Harmony but also has one additional feature – the capacity to Create and manifest Joy! Our Heart and Soul is designed to Create and manifest the Joy it deems to radiate as its own! When we have little understanding of our Heart and Soul’s Joy, we express less than our Soul’s true joy. But when we are aligned with God’s Directives in our Heart and Soul, our Spiritual Pathway with God’s Directives comes to Life! 

Our internal direction is only revealed through our Heart and Soul’s alignment with God Source – God’s Spiritual Presence in manifestation serving as the Inspiration of our Spiritual Pathway with God’s Directives! Inspiration, dear Ones, originates within our Heart and Soul! At times we find an external avenue of expression in the world leading us towards the message of our Heart and Soul’s expression, but this is an acknowledgement, not Inspiration! Inspiration is the key to manifesting God’s Directives for leading our Heart and Soul towards our Spiritual Pathway in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Every Lightworker Soul is destined in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension to teach, guide, demonstrate, and role model every facet of Life in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension while every evolving Man of Light Soul will be seeking the experience to initiate his or her Spiritual Pathway with God’s Directives! Initiating one’s Spiritual Pathway with God’s Directives will not be an easy task for everyone upon Mother Earth from January 27 through November 9, 2017, as chaos and confusion become the new norm upon Mother Earth until she finally removes the Fourth Dimensional façade from her body! The removal of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional façade will predominantly be accomplished through Mother Earth herself. But the acknowledgement, acknowledging what things no longer work on Earth, will be an individual process much like the initiation of our Spiritual Pathways with God’s Directives – through the Inspiration of our Heart and Soul’s Joy gained with our direct communications with God!