Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Fifth Dimension Choices

On December 10 and 11, 2016 the Universe will be manifesting a two day Energy event to stop any backflow from Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimensional Harmony Vibration Field from reentering into her evolving Fifth Dimension. Much like a relief valve functions in a pressurized system to stop backpressure from causing a buildup in a system, the Universe’s two day Energy event will act like a relief valve to divert any potential obstructions out of Earth’s processes. This will be the third “relief valve” event to occur so far in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition from April 30, 2016 through December 11, 2016. The first “relief valve” event occurred on April 30, 2016 when Mother Earth initiated the process to align each of her Seven Chakras into the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars. The second occurred on October 4, 2016 when she began to initiate her process for metamorphosing into a Light-Bodied Being to participate in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Needless to say, dear Ones, Mother Earth’s Primordial Clay Period from December 13, 2016 through February 23, 2017 will proceed as it was intended – unimpeded by anything so that Mother Earth will maintain her schedule with the Universe and to ensure every Life form advancing with her absorbs the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency! In the long run, the “relief valve” events in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition schedule will not only ensure our Fifth Dimension Choices will be available, but also, MANIFEST!

Our Soul’s gift of Freewill was placed within each of us when God Created each and every Soul into the Universe, as God was not Creating artificial intelligence to be like God, but Creating sentient intelligence to be at One with God through Unity with God! The principle behind God’s granting of our Freewill was to enable us to choose in Freewill to unify our Souls with God through Unity with God! Each and every Lightworker Soul already enjoys Unity with God status but in the experience of assisting the many Man of Destiny Souls on Earth evolve into Man of Light Souls from Third and Fourth Dimensions to the Fifth Dimension, many lost their way and became The Lost Souls of Light. “The Lost Souls of Light,” dear Ones, have all been called “Home” in the past few years to heal, recall, and remember Who they are with God. The Separation from God in the Third and Fourth Dimensions produced a difficult experience for every Lightworker Soul involved! Every Lightworker currently present for the duration of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition is now functioning as a member of the Legion of Light serving God to teach, guide, demonstrate, and role model every aspect of Unity with God in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! Our Fifth Dimension Choices will be much more different than the choices previously available in the Third and Fourth Dimensions, as all Fifth Dimension Choices will be solely provided to express our willingness to enact and to be in Unity with God!

In order to begin conceiving your new Fifth Dimension Choices, dear Ones, you must remove the conditioning you currently understand to manage yourself within Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimension (if you have not done so already), as all our Fifth Dimension Choices will be solely derived from the content of our Hearts and Souls! Now imagine yourself to be located at your favorite meditational spot in your Heart and Soul. From your favorite meditational location look around you and take notice of every direction you have available. Make sure you become aware of everything around you and begin to not only turn your head in your setting, but also turn your entire body to make a complete visual circle where you are located. Now look upward and notice the skies above you followed by a glance downward to see who supports your every motion – Mother Earth! Mother Earth supports you from the ground below and the Universe is that which surrounds you to support you from whichever direction you can possibly imagine in the Fifth Dimension! What you have just accomplished through the power of your imagination is to turn around in a complete circle and opened all the possible directions you will have available in your Fifth Dimension Choices – all 360 of them, all 360 degrees contained in a circle! Don’t worry if you can’t see all 360 possible possibilities manifesting just yet, as you are just opening the way of manifesting them for the Re-Creation of Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension!

There are Three Conditions of Love that must be adhered to in order for all 360 possibilities of our Fifth Dimension Choices to manifest – Love is ALL THINGS, Love never judges, and Love never obstructs Freewill! Many of the evolving Man of Light Souls entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension after March 27, 2017, when Mother Earth will have completed the entirety of her Fifth Dimension Transition, will not be immediate practitioners of the Universe’s Three Conditions of Love just yet. But the content of their Hearts and Souls will be demonstrating “a willingness to enact and to be in Unity with God!” The content of their Hearts and Souls will be the most important factor in the next few years, dear Ones, as this will make your task of serving God to teach, guide, demonstrate, and role modeling every aspect of Unity with God in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension so much easier! It will still take until July 2019 for the new social structure of our evolving Fifth Dimension to begin to take the shape and form for recognizing our new family structure for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension – the definition of “family” as kindred related through Unity with God rather than kindred related by blood! What may now seem to be a highly unlikely probability or a concept that has a long way to go to reach maturity does not take into consideration where we are in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition – Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition will be complete on March 27, 2017!

Whenever we consider our choices now available in any situation with the conditioning of our experiences originating from Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension, there is usually a sequence of considerations we must study to manifest what it is we want. Generally our final conclusions eventually fall back to our economic concerns before the content of our Hearts and Souls is even considered. The scenario of our economic concerns before the content of the Joy of Living originating within our Hearts and Souls will become a relic of the past, dear Ones, as our Fifth Dimension Choices have already begun the process of revealing themselves on December 4, 2016! Our Fifth Dimension Choices will become stronger in their presence and begin demanding more of our conscious attention from December 16, 2016 through January 13, 2017, as Mother Earth will be aligning with God’s Throne to begin in earnestness the Manifestation of the Fifth Dimension on Earth! Our Fifth Dimension Choices will not continue as a process of cultivating a series of yes, no, or maybe options but will become a process involving the full gamut of a circle of choices – all 360 options contained in a circle! This will be just one major adjustment we will all achieve in our adaptation into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. This is only a beginning, for a circle is but one segment of a sphere and a sphere contains a total of 41,253 squared degrees! Now if you consider that a single sphere contains 41,253 squared degrees available to consider towards manifesting a choice and multiply it times the number of the Universe’s Sun-Stars, you just discovered the source of the infinite possibilities available in the Universe!