Monday, August 15, 2016

In Synchronicity

When two or more seemingly unrelated factors intertwine into a simultaneous event of space and time, the event is commonly referred to as a coincidence. Sometimes we judge our coincidental events to be good such as when we experience a windfall with a lottery ticket or casino’s jackpot. Other times we judge our events as bad, such as when we happen to be at the wrong place and time and experience an automobile accident. Because most people want to avoid “bad karma” in their lives, most people attempt to plan every event in their daily lives. However, there are some coincidental events we just cannot make contingency or backup plans and need to learn to “go with the flow.” Mother Nature has many ways of teaching us to “go with the flow” such as when a sudden snowstorm produces so much snow in a matter of hours, we need to plan an alternative way to work or just stay home. We can plan all we want, dear Ones, but what we sacrifice with our rigidity is our Synchronicity with the Universe! Our experiences with the Universe’s Synchronicity are produced whenever we choose to depart from the preliminary planning of micromanaging our daily routine and choosing to enter into Spiraled Time, the experience of choosing to be in the Present Moment of NOW! Spiraled Time with the Universe directly involves us into the Synchronicity of everything around us! We could easily choose to remain rigid with our daily routines but Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension is not designed for preparing to become, but designed for Being in Synchronicity with the Universe!

From August 18 through September 16, 2016 Mother Earth will be aligning with the Universe to produce many seemingly unrelated factors and intertwine them all into a simultaneous series of events of common space, time, and place through the congealing effect of her Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! The effect of Mother Earth’s congealing, or the solidifying, of her Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field will do more than just induce a random series of coincidental events. In actuality she will begin reproducing the Synchronicity of the Universe upon her body for every Soul in alignment with her Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! The Synchronicity of the Universe we will begin experiencing at this onset stage of Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension will largely be enacted through our internal sensory organs, where every perception and awareness of Reality begins! Our internal Perception and Awareness Centers, our Seven Chakras and our five physical sensory organs, serve to perceive, comprehend, and elicit a meaningful understanding of our entire world wherever we may be. This is nothing out of the ordinary from the prospective of enhancing our innate abilities to perceive our New Reality, dear Ones. What will be different is our ability to draw upon our awareness of “the Kingdom of God is within us” through experiencing our proximity of Mother Earth’s full Fifth Dimension, especially after August 22, 2016!

On August 22, 2016 our Solar System’s local activator planet, Mars, will be returning to assume the original position where its apparent retrograde motion began, its “return point.” All of our Solar System’s planetary bodies except our Sun and Moon experience the occurrence of apparent retrograde motion from time to time, the apparent appearance of moving backwards from our perspective on Earth. The effect of the retrograde motion of our Solar System’s planets serves to assist us in reexamining, redoing, or rebuilding our perspective of our world. In the case of Mars, its retrograde motion causes a delay of activities so that we may reexamine, redo, or rebuild the intentions of our endeavors. This is exactly what occurred from May 26 to August 2, 2016 when all potential Man of Light Souls experienced a “testing process” to examine his or her intentions in the endeavors of Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension. The apparent retrograde motion of Mars from April 17 to June 30, 2016 may have seemingly delayed our introduction to Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, but Mars’ activator role within our Solar System was not diminished in any way, shape, or form! Mars’ delaying tactic functioned to ensure every Soul would be prepared for the full impact of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Mother Earth’s delayed Fifth Dimension response will resume into activation mode on August 22, 2016 when Mars reassumes the beginning point of its retrograde motion, its “return point!”

The Universal Energies of August 22, 2016 will be providing Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional starting point for Synchronizing with the Universe! Our own Synchronicity with the Universe will be initiated whenever we choose to experience our daily endeavors through Spiraled Time with the Universe! The more we become consciously aware of our internal impulse to plan and control rather than “going with the flow” of the Universe’s Synchronicity, the more progress we will attain for releasing our past and gaining the needed momentum for “going with the flow” of the Universe’s Synchronicity, when two or more seemingly unrelated factors intertwine into a simultaneous event of common space, time and place! We are HERE now, dear Ones! Our Solar Systems’ activator planet, Mars, will be realigning into its “return point” on August 22, 2016 and initializing Mother Earth’s, as well as our Solar System’s Synchronicity with the Universe! What may have seemed like an enduringly long period of Silence from the Universe since May 22, 2016, when Mother Earth began as a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension, will now proceed into full motion through Mars’ realignment to its “return point!” As the process of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition gains in momentum once again, we will all also be learning that Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension is not designed for preparing to become, but designed for Being in Synchronicity with the Universe!

Achieving the status of Being in Synchronicity with the Universe once more will be both a trial and terror for most Souls on Earth, for the mindsets of Becoming and Being originate from two entirely different attitudes of Life! When one is in a process of Becoming, one’s Life is based upon an attitude of ambition and aspiration for seeking the Freedom to Become one’s True Self through the attainment of permission to be “who you are” in the Universe. On the other hand, the attainment of Being one’s True Self is only found when one has granted him or herself the freedom to be “who you are” in the Universe in every endeavor he or she would assume through the self-granted permission he or she had all along! Thus, Being in Synchronicity with the Universe involves Being True to your Self at all times! When every Soul on Earth has attained the mindset of Being in Synchronicity with the Universe, dear Ones, you will know that every Soul on Earth will also be in Unity with God! For the Universe only offers a Plan to Be in Synchronicity with it and consequently, finding Unity with God in the process! Our Universe does not use control to keep everything and everyone in line! Our Universe only offers the Freewill choice to Synchronize in Oneness with itself and finding Unity with God on the way! What will be a difficult proposition at first for everyone involved, dear Ones, will soon become everyone’s second nature, especially after August 22, 2016 when Mars assumes its “return point” and resumes the process of transporting every Soul in Synchronicity with the Universe!