Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Seventh Universal Emanation

On April 9, 2016 Mother Earth will receive the Seventh and final Universal Emanation of Light, Love, and Harmony designed to increase and stimulate her growth and expansion into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Once the release of the Seventh Universal Emanation has finalized, our Universe will begin “withdrawing” into the background to allow Mother Earth to fulfill her own Fifth Dimension Transition. Mother Earth’s final steps into the Fifth Dimension will be complete on May 22, 2016, but in the perception of the Universe, Mother Earth will be merged within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on April 9, 2016, as Mother Earth’s self generated Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field will be directly corresponding and equivalent to that of the Universe’s own Light, Love, and Harmony! The last remaining steps Mother Earth will require to achieve full immersion into the Fifth Dimension will be to align herself with all the Sun-Stars of the Universe through our Sun and to receive God’s Sanctification as a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension. Once Mother Earth is immersed within the Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016, there will just be one more transition for her to achieve – Mother Earth’s alignment of her Seven Chakra Centers for the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is truly so close, dear Ones, you can actually feel it and will need little of your imagination to begin to see it, for on April 9, 2016 you will also be introduced to Mother Earth’s formulating green skies at night!

Mother Earth will no longer be predominantly drawing the vast majority of her Energy from our Solar System’s Sun, Moon, and the other Solar System’s planetary bodies beginning on April 30, 2016, as Mother Earth will be aligning within the Universal Grid of the Fifth Dimension with all the Sun-Stars of the Universe through our Sun! With Mother Earth’s new Universal arrangement, not only will she be increasing her vitality and potency as a Creator Planet with the Energetic Presence of the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars, she will also be increasing the potency of all your Creative endeavors! You are already involved in the Fifth Dimension’s potentiality, dear Ones, whenever you unify yourself with our Universe in Spiraled Time, the experience of choosing to be in the Present Moment of NOW! Thereby leading you to realize the manifested results of your requests with God’s Sanctification for Mother Earth as a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension from May 9 through May 21, 2016! These will be the last two remaining phases in Mother Earth’s evolution towards becoming fully immersed within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! The last and final transition in her evolving Fifth Dimension Field will be the alignment of her Seven Chakra Centers with the Energetic Presence of the Universe’s Grid of the Sun-Stars. Mother Earth’s process to align her Chakra Centers will begin on April 30, 2016 through the alignment of her Root Chakra within the Universe’s Grid of Sun-Stars.

The sequence of Mother Earth’s alignment of her Chakras with the Grid of the Universe’s Sun-Stars will begin with the Fifth Dimension Activation of her Root Chakra on April 30, 2016 followed by her Throat Chakra’s Activation on June 21, 2016. Shortly after her Throat Chakra is activated, it will be on to her Sacral Chakra’s Activation on August 12, 2016. Then will come her Third Eye Chakra on October 3, 2016 with her Solar Plexus Chakra occurring afterwards on November 24, 2016. This will complete the Activation Series of her first five Chakras in the year of 2016. Then will follow her Crown Chakra’s activation on January 15, 2017 and finally will be the Activation of Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra on March 8, 2016. With the activation of each of Mother Earth’s Chakras for the Fifth Dimension, so will the increase of Mother Earth’s Heart’s Expression begin to awaken! As each Chakra is activated Mother Earth will begin expressing her intentions as an evolving Creator Planet of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, for she will no longer standby and tolerate people treating her like a bought and sold commodity at the market rather than an Ensouled Spiritual Being of God! Mother Earth would do no harm or ill intent to anyone but the increase in “acts of God” or natural disasters will have people thinking, maybe, we are being disrespectful to Mother Earth! Then again, maybe not, as even with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition completed on May 22, 2016, the majority of people on Earth will still be thinking, “Nothing has changed!” 

Mother Earth’s entire process of aligning her Seven Chakras will occur from April 30, 2016 to March 8, 2017. This portion of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition will not be like the “stealthily silent” experience of the Seven Universal Emanations of Light, Love, and Harmony, where the entire Universal Emanation series were designed expressly for Mother Earth’s internal Self. The transition of Mother Earth aligning her Seven Chakras within the Grid of the Sun-Stars, however, will lead to many external Expressions of Change throughout her body. Mother Earth’s external Expressions of Change will not manifest as catastrophic Earth Changes just yet, for Mother Earth’s geophysical adjustments to her Fifth Dimension body will be largely manifesting between the years of 2020 and 2042 when Mother Earth’s entire Fifth Dimension Transition will be completely over! The majority of Mother Earth’s external Expressions of Change will be manifesting as civil unrest and discontent amongst the masses due to widespread anxiety about the world’s conditions as a whole! No one will have an answer to “instantly fix” the arising problems or issues in these days to come, for all the world’s governmental leaders will still be seeking solutions in the non-existing Fourth Dimensional world for every issue and problem they will encounter! Even the few Lightworker Souls currently in world leadership will not be heard or heeded, for the majority in power will not yet be willing to work together as a unified team to compromise and address all the world’s problems!

On April 9, 2016 our Universe will be releasing the final empowering Emanation of Light, Love, and Harmony to assist Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension. Through the accumulation of the Energy enhancements of the Universal Emanations and Mother Earth’s generation of her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Field, Mother Earth will have the capacity to reproduce the qualities and attributes of the Universe through the replication of internal “Sun Bursts.” From April 9 to April 11, 2016 Mother Earth will be producing a “Sun Burst” to initiate her “Sun-like” qualities and begin generating the essence of our new green skies at night! On April 30, 2016 Mother Earth will then follow with a 40 day period in which she will produce another internal “Sun Burst” that will allow her formulating green skies at night to transpire towards permanency for all to see and ponder the world we Live in! However, Mother Earth will still need to align her Seven Chakras into the Universe’s Grid of Sun-Stars in Fifth Dimension! These steps are required, dear Ones, for we will all need to work together in Creating the foundation for every Soul to Create in Freedom, as every Soul entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension has brought over their experiences and memories of the Fourth Dimension! After May 22, 2016 Fourth Dimensional thinking will be like hollow truth and will no longer work! Your power to Create for the Fifth Dimension has already manifested on March 24, 2016. Use it and let your Power in Unity with God usher in the Presence of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe, for you are in the Present Moment of NOW!