Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Face of God

Right now, if you were to imagine a visual image best portraying Mother Earth’s imminent mergence with the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, it would be a large river system with three major tributaries joining into it. The first tributary would be representative of Mother Earth making her many transitional turns and bends to form the river itself which every Soul upon her body will enter into the “sea” of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. The second major tributary would be representative of all Lightworker Souls while the third tributary would represent all Man of Destiny Souls. Each of the three major tributaries has its own independent pathway and decisions to acknowledge before they will collectively enter together into the Fifth Dimension. The three “tributaries” are not completely independent, but are subject to the decisions each one makes. If Mother Earth and only the Lightworker Souls were to be the sole beneficiaries of the Fifth Dimension’s experience, dear Ones, one would have to question God’s Purpose, “Why were we sent here if we were already Living in Joy elsewhere?” Or what if Mother Earth and only Man of Destiny Souls were making the journey into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension without any Lightworker Souls? If this were so, Mother Earth’s Pathway into the Fifth Dimension would have concluded much sooner – for she would have self imploded due to the accumulation of such negativity upon her body!

The interdependent roles of Mother Earth, all Lightworker Souls, and every Man of Destiny Soul will be concluding as “tributaries” on May 22, 2016, when Mother Earth completely merges into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Like the role of Mother Earth as a “tributary” into the Fifth Dimension, the “tributary” of all Lightworker Souls will seemingly become “automatic” with no major obstructions and no major decisions to endure. The “tributary” of every Man of Destiny Soul, however, will experience an upcoming “fork in the road” – the decision to evolve as a Man of Light Soul and merge with the “tributaries” of Mother Earth and all Lightworker Souls into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! On February 6, 2016, the Universal Energies will be presenting the evolutionary conclusion of every Man of Destiny’s Spiritual Purpose – to become like the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe in order to evolve into a Man of Light Soul! This will not mean that “in the blink of an eye” every single Man of Destiny Soul will instantaneously comprehend and understand the “meaning of Life” or that his or her Heart will be filled with Love and become “Jesus-like” in all of his or her affairs with every Soul on Earth. Man of Light Souls will be accepting his or her responsibility to assume his or her part in God’s Plan - to become the Caretakers of Mother Earth for the maintenance and sustenance of increasing and expanding the parameters of their world with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

The “fork in the road” decision for all Man of Destiny Souls will serve to either accept his or her role in God’s Plan for Mother Earth’s transition into Fifth Dimension or to maneuver with his or her own power in Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional world. Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration, dear Ones will cease to exist upon her body on May 21, 2016 so that Mother Earth may assume her own responsibility in God’s Plan – to become a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension! The “fork in the road” decision for Man of Destiny will not be available for just one day, but will actually be available for him or her to ponder from February 6 through March 15, 2016. Just like the flow of a river moves it towards the path of least resistance, the current of Mother Earth’s “tributary” will be flowing into the direction of the “sea” of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, unobstructed, unimpeded, and unhindered! The Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field upon Mother Earth’s body was provided to teach all Man of Destiny Souls the value of involving Love in all of his or her endeavors and interactions with every Soul. All lessons of Love incurred throughout the many lifetimes of his or her sojourns on Earth will come into significant use in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension. For there, they will be learning to flow with the Mantra of the Universe,  “Align, Apply, and Activate,” align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will, where it will be in full force!

While the “tributary” of Man of Destiny Souls will encounter a “fork in the road” decision to accept his or her role in God’s Plan or not, the “tributary” of all Lightworker Souls will be shifting its attention to meet and gather together in Unity with God on February 17, 2016 and emerge as the Legion of Light, the aggregate whole of all Lightworker Souls upon Mother Earth! Through Unity with God, the Legion of Light will serve to guide all Man of Light Souls into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. It will not truly matter where you may be physically located on February 17, 2016 dear Ones, for Mother Earth has already made her adjustments to make this event possible! On June 29, 2013, Mother Earth aligned herself to her New Pole Star of Vega in the constellation of Lyra. By shifting her northern magnetic pole’s alignment from the faint star of Polaris in the constellation of Ursa Major to the more powerful star of Vega, she Created a new communication grid on her body to replicate the communication network of every Creator Planet in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. In this way, direct communication with every Soul on Earth through God Source is not only possible, but practical for the enactment of God’s Will as the Universal protocol of internal communication through one’s bodily Chakras. Man of Light will eventually learn to utilize Earth’s communication grid, but for now, he or she would be better served by learning to seize the momentum of the flow of a river advancing into the “sea” of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension!

The “tributary” of the Lightworker stream will have one more engagement on the way towards its eventual mergence with the ‘tributary” of Mother Earth. Besides enhancing your own internal communication abilities, dear Ones, you will also be led to become the Words of God’s Will for your own unique geographical area as God’s spokesperson through God Source to reveal God’s Will! The role of Revealer of Truth will be transmitted to you in two segments. From February 14 until February 22, 2016 and again from March 15 through April 13, 2016. Truth, dear Ones, is at the heart of Mother Earth’s entire transition into the Fifth Dimension for all Souls to unify together as One! Truth before Mother Earth will have completed her sequence to immerse herself into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will be a difficult concept to ascertain and gage against what has been learned and acknowledged in the Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension as “truth.” For this reason, you will find it difficult to persuade and convince any Man of Destiny Soul about what is occurring in the Universal spectrum. But as Mother Earth begins to demonstrate and display her intent to merge into the Fifth Dimension, all will become clearer not only for you, but for every Soul on Earth! The “tributaries” of Mother Earth, the Legion of Light, and every Man of Light Soul will all merge as One on May 22, 2016! And the world will finally be synchronized as One cohesive unit for the first time ever in the long contentious history of Earth!

While the “tributary” of Man of Destiny makes his or her decision to become a part of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension experience and the Legion of Light assume their True Identity in the Universe, Mother Earth’s “tributary” will still exhibit several more alignments before she will finalize her entry into the Fifth Dimension. The first alignment will occur on April 30, 2016 when she will align her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field within the Universal Grid of the Fifth Dimension. This alignment will serve to greatly enhance the electromagnetic conductivity of all your Fifth Dimensional Creations! The second of three alignments will designate Mother Earth as a New Earth by Sanctifying her status as a Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension on May 16, 2016. The final alignment of Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Fifth Dimension will occur on May 22, 2016 – when Mother Earth will have completed every single alignment for becoming a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet! There will still continue to be some fragmentation occurring on Mother Earth after she is in the Fifth Dimension, but it will not be the fragmentation of people by race, creed, color, religion, or national origin, but the incongruent thoughts, beliefs, and ideas they all carried into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. Once all three “tributaries” of the river flowing with Mother Earth have merged and deposited their contents into the “sea” of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, everyone you will see, dear Ones will be blending to represent the Face of God!