Monday, January 25, 2016

Our True Self-Identity

Our self-identity is constructed through our evolving responses to the age old question, “Who am I?” and primarily originates within our childhood stages of development. As a child, we relied upon our parental figures for nurturing, guiding, and educating us towards our adult stage of Life. Through the expression of our Freewill, we learned early on what foods we like and dislike, the style and manner of dress we like and dislike, and the qualities we prefer in other people we would select as our friends. By the choices we make in constructing our self-identity, we also learned about acceptable and unacceptable social behaviors through the encouragement or discouragement of certain behaviors with the behavioral modification techniques of our parental figures. Once we enter adulthood, we tend to define our self-identity with four internal modifiers, our self concept (what I think I am), our self knowledge (what I know about myself), our self esteem (what I am confident about), and our social self (what others think I am). Our self-identity is not a permanent status but tends to be a “work in progress” until we reach a stage of self acceptance for our positive traits as well as our faults. Beginning on February 11, 2016, dear Ones, all Souls upon Mother Earth will be presented with a progressive opportunity for self-growth to better define “Who am I?” Some will be thoroughly exasperated by the challenge while others will blossom into his or her True Self of the Universe!  

For the most part, children in our modern societies emerging as young adults are raised, guided, and nurtured for survival in an economic role in Life. Our educational institutions enhance our parental guidance towards survival in an economic role by emphasizing the “hard skills” needed for success as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or other occupation over the “soft skills.” The “hard skills” are the essential skills required to perform a job, such as knowing the body’s anatomical structure and its essential systems to gain the knowledge for becoming a doctor, or knowing how to apply the Hagen-Poiseuille equation for determining the flow rate of a pipeline system constructed with various lengths and diameters for an engineer. The “soft skills” pertain to one’s adaptability within an organization, such as, effective interpersonal communication skills, being a “team player,” and social etiquette. The job world predominantly seeks one’s “hard skills” over his or her “soft skills.” You already realize this, dear Ones, either from the experience of visiting a doctor’s office when he or she was too busy to answer more pertinent questions or having been declined for a job because you did not have any “direct” experience in your job field. In Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension, one’s “soft skills” will be just as valuable if not more valuable than one’s “hard skills,” for the emphasis of the business world’s motivation for profit over the value of the “soft skills” will also be evolving to conform into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

There will be a worldwide economic downfall in the months to come that will result in each and every Soul being compelled to revaluate his or her self concept in order to assess his or her self-identity for Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension! All answers will not be as straightforward as most Souls would like, but the activation point will be produced by realizing that one’s True Self is a Soul designed to become a Co-Creator and Co-Facilitator of the Universe in Unity with God! Although most people on Earth will be more concerned about the economic downfall than the uniqueness of his or her Soul, the shift into Fifth Dimension Consciousness on Mother Earth will be an event for every Soul! You were primed and prepared early, dear Ones, to expand your own consciousness in order to demonstrate, role model, and guide all Souls into the Fifth Dimension! Most Man of Destiny Souls evolving to become Man of Light Souls in the Fifth Dimension will be too shocked to promote his or her own self growth, acting as if he or she were trying to survive on a sinking ship rather than a Soul preparing to enter the Domain of God! The shock will eventually yield when they will realize some people are being “successful in a New Way!” This will be the Legion of Light, dear Ones, serving to guide every Soul into the Fifth Dimension! The economic downfall will endure for more than a year, as the period from February 11, 2016 to March 27, 2017 will serve as the gateway for all Souls to make their internal adjustments for the Fifth Dimension. Some Man of Light Souls will acclimate easily while others will expire at the enduring work caused by responding to the age old question of “Who am I?”

Our True Self-Identity is a Soul naturally attuned with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! All Souls express their attunement with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe through their own unique and individual expression of Joy of Living. Our Joy of Living, dear Ones, is the expression of our uniqueness and individuality for which we were Created for by God! By expressing our own unique and individual Joy of Living in the days to come, we will be assisting God in the process of increasing and expanding all Mother Earth with the Light, Love, and Harmony the Universe for the Fifth Dimension! The Re-Creation of Mother Earth will primarily involve Lightworker Souls but as Man of Light recovers from his or her initial “state of shock,” they too will be activating into his or her True Self-Identity as a Soul! But that will more likely occur after March 27, 2017, when the Triad of Unity, composed of God, the Legion of Light, and Man of Light, will finally begin working in unison! For the many Man of Destiny/Man of Light Souls on Earth, the issue will not be the realization that he or she is a Soul, for religious services remind him or her of that, but the incorporation of his or her status as a Living Soul into the everyday experience! Right now, there are many conceptual and linguistic boundaries limiting his or her ability to conceive equality for all genders, nations, cultures, and religions, much less the concept that he or she is a Spiritual Being on the days not designated for religious service!

Our preparation for survival in an economic role in Life was well meant by our parental figures and educational institutions, as an economic role in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will not be completely eliminated! Instead, our preparation for an economic role will be expanded to include the parameters of our Soul’s Joy of Living! The “hard skills” of some occupations will still be required for the New Way of Life, but it will be the long discounted “soft skills” that will come into prominence during the gateway of internal adjustments for all Souls from February 11, 2016 to March 27, 2017! The “soft skills” of “effective interpersonal communication skills, being a ‘team player,’ and social etiquette,” represent the manifested traits of a Soul well versed in the protocol of Brotherhood Spirit! Brotherhood Spirit, dear Ones, is the Spirit of Sharing and Cooperating through every person realizing his or her True Self-Identity as a Soul becoming a Co-Creator and Co-Facilitator of the Universe in Unity with God! Man of Light Souls will eventually recognize him or herself as a Soul while practicing in Brotherhood Spirit and seeking his or her self-identity for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Once he or she has recognized him or herself as a Soul, there will be more learning and that will come in learning to follow the Mantra of the Universe - “Align, Apply, and Activate,” align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will! Then and only then, will every Soul be synchronized in the same Harmony Vibration – to Re-Create Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension!