Saturday, December 12, 2015

God Source for God’s Plan

In Judaism and Christianity, there is a tradition aligned with a proclaimer heralding in a “New Age” for mankind. The proclaimer in both cases makes an announcement of a “New Age” with the coming of God as redeemer for mankind’s “New Age.”  In Judaism the role of the proclaimer is fulfilled by Elijah (Malachi 4.5) while in Christianity the role is completed by John the Baptist (Mat 17:11-14). Both religious traditions regard the proclaimers as prophets. The role of a prophet is one who is inspired through divine contact to proclaim the Will of God. Prophecy has existed throughout the history of mankind and in virtually all of the world’s major religious traditions and cultures. A prophet in the world’s religious traditions and cultures had a distinct role to fulfill, to maintain the population’s alignment to the culture’s religious traditions and to prepare the masses for an imminent change according to the Will of God. The greatest difference between the role of a prophet in the past and, if there were one to emerge today, are the modern issues he or she would face through the geopolitical and cultural linguistic barriers he or she could expect to encounter. Unlike the past, most nations today are not homogenized as one culture in affinity to one geographical region with one common language aligned to a single religious faith. The prophet of the past was addressing the social conditions of a particular people in a unique space of time in the history of Earth. 

Most nations today are conglomerations of mixed cultural ethnic identities and nationalities transitioning under the influence of a nation’s political leadership. Who the nation’s leadership seeks for counsel and advice depends upon the immediate goals of a nation. For the most part, today’s nations turn to the modern day version of the prophet of the past, an economist. The role the economist provides counsel and advice for maintaining a balance between a nation’s economic expenses and the income derived from its resources of goods and services. The end goal of a nation state, however, is not to merely seek a “balance” between expenses and income, but to obtain a positive flow of income to exceed a nation’s expenses. Since the worldwide economic system depends upon “winners” and “losers” to maintain its stability, cycles of economic booms and busts are a natural part of macroeconomics. The modern day version of today’s prophet, the economist, functions to forecast the state of economic conditions with recommendations to meet, exceed, or to prepare for imminent changes in the world’s economy. The economist as today’s version of a modern day prophet is not divinely inspired to proclaim the Will of God, but the will of his or her nation’s leaders, as the world’s economy provides a mere reflection of the competition, comparison, judgment, and fear used to drive all nations to promote a culture for “survival of the fittest.”

In Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World, dear Ones, there will not be one unique vernacular or one single religion to bind the world’s population into one homogenous state of unity, instead the world’s unification factor will be produced through Unity with God! Because of the many barriers produced by linguistic, religious, and geographical factors to unite all Souls as One in Unity with God, there will also not be one single prophet heralding in the Will of God, but many – the role of prophecy in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World will initially be produced through the aggregate whole of all Lightworker Souls on Earth, the Legion of Light! At first, it will seem as if there will be multiple voices conveying bits and pieces of the wisdom of God’s Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. But as Mother Earth progresses closer to completion of her transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016, the multiple voices will become more coherent and unified as a singleton of God’s Will through God Source revealing God’s Plan for all mankind! The majority of Souls on Earth will not be listening to you yet, dear Ones, but to the modern day prophet, the economist and the will of his or her nation’s leaders! In due time, the alignment of the Legion of Light will become more cohesive and better organized in God Source, as all Lightworker Souls will begin to reveal God’s Plan to all Souls upon Mother Earth in the same vernacular of the local population, at the same time and space worldwide!

In the current transition to elevate the entire whole of the Legion of Light into proper alignment, all Lightworker Souls are internalizing as well as making external adjustments to assume his or her part of responsibility from November 17, 2015 through February 16, 2016. On February 17, 2016 it will be Time to align as a singleton of God’s Will through God Source to reveal God’s Plan for all mankind! There will be two major stages of preparation for all Lightworker Souls to complete and activate his or her part of responsibility. The first stage will arrive from December 30, 2015 through January 29, 2016. This particular stage will align you, dear Ones, with the Truth required to understand, know, and implement for becoming fully functional in the New Horizon dawning before us all! The second stage for activating your responsibilities will place you into motion to provide God’s Prophecy and will occur from February 14 until February 22, 2016 and from March 15, 2016 through April 13, 2016. There are two segments of Time involved in the second stage due to fact that God, Mother Earth, the Legion of Light, and the evolving Man of Light Souls as a collective whole will be choosing in Freewill to begin within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension sooner rather than later from February 24 through February 26, 2016. Do not hold your breath on Man of Light’s choice, dear Ones, for they will still be heeding the words of the modern day prophet, the economist, and do not comprehend what they want yet!

The beginning of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World is almost completely here, dear Ones, and will begin through you and with you in Unity with God and God Source to reveal God’s Plan! Once the common thread of God’s language of Love is fully comprehended by all Souls upon Mother Earth as the Way of Life in the Universe, everything will begin to congeal upon Mother Earth into Unity and Oneness! Do not fear or feel overwhelmed about the events about to unfold for you already fluently speak and understand God’s own vernacular – the Language of Love through your Heart and Soul! The common bond of Unity with God shared by all Lightworker Souls is already manifesting in their pathways as Initiators of the Light. All you have to do is look into your immediate circle of close friends who share similar points of view on the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! Elsewhere you will see your friends and followers in social media performing similar alliances of engagement! You will find, dear Ones, it will be within these budding alliances of Light, Love, and Harmony that your sharing of God Source for God’s Plan will begin to percolate new ideas, concepts, and eventually, the manifestation of your own pathway for expressing your Joy of Living with your Heart and Soul aligned in Unity with God! It will not be too long, for imminent change according to the Will of God is right around the corner with the arrival of the year 2016!