Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Galactic Change of Seasons

Almost three years have passed since December 21, 2012, the foretold Mayan Calendar’s “End of Times” date. Some people had high expectations that “something” resembling a cataclysmic world event would occur while others expressed little expectation and remained undisturbed in their daily routines. If anything actually occurred due to the December 21, 2012 phenomena, it was a raised level of conscious awareness that “something” similar to an “End of Times” type of scenario has a probability of occurring, or if not, there is at least a possibility of a localized type of event capable of interrupting anyone’s life. In the recent years, world governments have also chimed into the “chatter” of “End of Times” type of scenarios with the intent of acknowledging possible alterations to “life as we know it.” Governmental “End of Times” scenarios include the subjects of economic downfalls, Climate Change, and even more lately, concerns about terrorist issues. The more frequently we hear these “End of Times” type of scenarios, the more credibility the subject gains amongst the masses. As you already understand, dear Ones, it’s just the rhetoric of fear they are spreading, and the more public announcements they make to publicize the “End of Times” scenarios, the more their own fears perpetuate and promote mass hysteria. The end result is not an elimination of the “End of Times” scenario, but a heightened level of fear and vigilance amongst the masses, and thus, fear rules the land!

Most Souls upon Mother Earth are in the habit of practicing “homeostasis,” literally meaning in Greek, the act of “standing in one place.” We are all guilty to some degree of pursing the comfort of homeostasis in one way or another, as we all tend to like the comfort and security of a steady routine, a steady income, and having all of our daily needs easily met. However, Mother Earth and our Universe are not models of homeostasis, “standing in one place.” Our Earth rotates around the Sun, which in turn rotates around the galactic center of our Milky Way, which in turn, rotates around the Universal Axis. The rotation of Mother Earth around our Sun creates the effect of the seasons upon her body, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Depending upon which of Earth’s hemispheres and the latitude of your physical location, each season has its own time of the year and purpose. The yearly seasons we witness upon Earth lead to the formation of our societal and cultural adaptation of Life around the seasonal cycle – our holidays, cultural celebrations, and life milestones. The culturally defined seasonal cycles also serve to shape the societal “norms” of our culturally defined personal levels of comfort and security – homeostasis to maintain the preferential level of stability in our Lives. Whenever an “End of Times” scenario appears to destabilize our personal level of stability, at first, it is thought to be an anomaly, but when persistent threats to stability are encountered, countermeasures are devised and executed.

Our Milky Way Galaxy and Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is not an anomaly or even a threat to “Life as we know it.” What is occurring, dear Ones, is our Milky Way Galaxy is in the midst of experiencing a change in Galactic Seasons, much like we experience the change of seasons on Earth. The Galactic Seasons are produced through the movement a Star Galaxy’s rotation around its galactic center in alignment with the Universal Axis. But instead of producing the effect of extended or shortened increments of daylight and nighttime like Earth’s winter and summer seasonal effect, a Galactic Season produces a Galaxy’s transition from one Universal Dimension to the next Dimension, the effect of Dimensional Ascension with the Universe! We do not experience Galactic Seasons every three months like on Earth, but rather, Galactic Seasons occur through an extended period of Time. Our Milky Way and Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Fourth Dimension happened around 3000 BCE, after the time of Noah’s Flood. Our Milky Way and Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Sixth Dimension will occur around 7000 CE, still some 5000 years from now. In our present state, our Milky Way Galaxy is in the process of changing its Galactic Season from the Fourth to the Fifth Dimension! The change of Galactic Seasons is similar to the effect a change of Earth’s seasons has but on a much larger scale, the galactic scale of reference!

When we experience a change of seasons on Earth, a change from winter to spring for example, we begin putting away our winter gear like snow boots and thermal jackets in anticipation for warmer weather. The days become longer through the increase of the Sun’s rays on Earth while the nights become shorter. We change from predominately indoor activities to include more outdoor activities, such as planning and planting our summer gardens and give more attention springtime sporting events. The Galactic Seasons do not occur within a generational or lifetime point of reference – the Galactic Seasons occur from a galactic scale of reference! To plan accordingly you would need to plan where you would be every 5000 years. So when such events as “End of Times” scenarios become so frequent, as they are today, dear Ones, you know it is not just the cyclic nature of the world economy depressing again, or Climate Change demonstrating a verifiable measurable difference for more than a hundred years, or even terrorism becoming so rampant without cause! It is the Galactic Change of Seasons we are experiencing through our Milky Way and Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! Unlike the change of seasons on Earth, the experience of the Galactic Change of Seasons does not come with an authoritative manual of instruction. The closest resemblance to an authoritative manual of instruction will come not in the form of the latest findings in scientific or psychology journals, but in the ancient texts of religion!

The ancient texts of religion are the closest resemblance to an authoritative manual of instruction for the Galactic Change of Seasons! The ancient texts of religion will not regain authoritative status for our current Galactic Change of Seasons, dear Ones, due to the fact that the original transcribers are not physically present to clarify the intricate details of the texts and the multiple translations of translations of the original texts. While the world waits for a Messianic or Mahdi figure to bring an end the world’s “End of Times” crisis, the Milky Way and Mother Earth will continue evolving from the Fourth Universal Dimension to the Fifth Universal Dimension with the momentum of the Galactic Change of Seasons! The sequential process will continue until May 22, 2016 when our Milky Way and Mother Earth will be successfully merged into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension through the assistance of the Universal Energies! Many will attempt to alleviate the numerous acts of the worldwide “End of Times” crisis through religious, political and economic maneuverings, only to witness even more crisis situations appear. It is not that religious, political, and economic maneuvers would not work, it is that no one will be referencing an authoritative manual of instruction for the Galactic Change of Seasons! For the only hands-on approach that will serve during the Galactic Change of Seasons will be the Language of the Soul – Love!

In order to understand the Galactic Change of Seasons, dear Ones, you will have to apply your knowledge base of previous experience. A change of seasons on Earth requires a change of strategy to successfully deal with conditions such as winter driving in the transition from fall to winter, for example. So you put snow tires on your vehicle for the winter months ahead and pack an emergency safety kit with your snow chains. Now think deeper from your Soul’s level and you will find all the answers will come to you in your preparation for the Galactic Change of Seasons through the Language of the Soul – Love! The prevalence of the “End of Times” crisis on Earth is simply a sign that Mother Earth’s place in the Universe’s Fourth Dimension is completing, much like the prevailing winds of a geographical region begin to change climatic conditions to signal the end of one season and usher in the next one. All conditions upon Mother Earth are simply replications of the Universe, “As above, so below.” On December 4, 2015, the Universal Energies will be completing God’s Sanctification of the Milky Way and our Mother Earth’s Transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. God’s Sanctification will largely go unnoticed by anybody except you, for things on Earth will begin to transition as Jesus summarized in Matthew 17:20, tell a mountain “Move from here to there, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you!” Mother Earth’s Transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is a Universal Event, the Galactic Change of Seasons and is closer to initiating a New Season and New Reality!