Sunday, November 29, 2015


In Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension with the Universe, the basic premise for success in the Fifth Dimension is that everyone’s essential needs will be met through the efforts and abilities of one’s capacity to Love, to give and receive Love, and to essentially Create his or her world with Love. As you may deduce, dear Ones, this may be a tall order for all Souls to fulfill. Not because there are so few Souls perceptibly ready to implement a new consciousness for the paradigm shift from the present world to the “world to come,” but because so many Souls seem to be unaware of a need to implement a new consciousness for the “world to come.” There will be a successive series of unprecedented worldwide events to suddenly present the need for these new concepts firsthand. The fulfillment of this collective need will begin its manifestation from December 15, 2015 through February 24, 2016, when an internal arousal from the Spirit of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe will begin its manifestation! The successive series of events in these next few months will be causing unprecedented worldwide havoc. These events will be generating individual internal manifestations resulting from the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration aligning with God’s Harmony Vibration on Mother Earth. In the end, it will produce a firsthand introduction to the new level of conscious awareness required for Earth’s Ascension into the Fifth Dimension to all work as One!

God’s Harmony Vibration is the manifestation of God’s Auric Field of His/Her Individuality within the spectrum of Energy encompassing the entire Universe. God’s Harmony Vibration will initially be reminding all Souls on Earth, “You are a Spiritual Soul within a physical body,” but as momentum from Mother Earth’s evolution into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension increases, so will the internal collective awareness that Change and Transformation are not such bizarre ideas, but a need! The collective need to implement a new level of conscious awareness will also be induced by the egotistic acts of Souls in world leadership ignoring God’s Harmony Vibration and persisting in self-centered acts. The next few months will be very confusing and baffling for all Souls. Lightworker Souls from the need to develop and redefine his or her world from the real of the physical sensory world to the Real of God’s Universe, and Man of Destiny Souls from the need to redefine his or her perspective for realizing he or she is not in charge of the world – God is in charge! Throughout this time, dear Ones, God Source will be available to assist each and every individual Soul for his or her own unique transition into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension with the Universe! No one will be alone, for the arrangement of God’s entire Universe is “be together, work together, BE AS ONE!”

According to Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” there are five stages of human growth and development. Maslow’s five stages of human growth and development include the stages of “physiological,” “safety,” “love/belonging,” “esteem,” and “self actualization.” The stages of “physiological” and “safety” are stages representative of human survival and security issues. The stage of “love/belonging” is representative of inclusiveness through and within a social structure. The stage of “esteem” is built upon the concepts of self respect and self esteem to enable one to seek mutual acceptance and respect from others. The epitome of human growth and development is the stage of self actualization, when one understands his or her potential as a human being and has achieved the realization of his or her potential in their place and standing within his or her society. By removing the stages of “physiological” and “safety” in Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” a conceptual model of Life for all Souls transitioning into Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension with God can be perceived and conceived in your mind, dear Ones! Once the Chaos and Confusion of our current days begins to settle, which will not actually occur until March 27, 2017, the quality standards for a new Life in Unity with God upon Mother Earth will begin to manifest for every Soul! Though this date may seem far away, it is actually even closer than you may think, as the activation process to initiate a new Life in Unity with God will begin from December 15, 2015 to December 19, 2015!

The days from December 15 through December 19, 2015 will serve to initiate the New Consciousness in Unity with God upon Mother Earth! The Energy of December 15, 2015 will initiate the internal catalyst for realizing the need for the New Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension through the alignment of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Harmony with God’s Harmony Vibration. The second catalyst of the Universe’s Energy will occur on December 17, 2015. The Energy of December 17, 2015 will form a progress point for the movement of the Future of Man and Light through the initiation of God’s Logos, God’s directives, to lead all Souls, Man and Light, into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! The third catalyst of the Universe’s Energy will align on Earth on December 19, 2015 and will serve to instill the need for serving one’s Spiritual Purpose with God for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. Though many Souls will be in a state of confusion and bewilderment in these next few months, no one will be lost by seeking his or her Soul’s station of advancement, for everything in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will lead to the discovery of Unity with God! None of the three individual catalysts of the Universe’s Energy will produce an isolated result, for they are designed to work in unison like the arrangement of God’s Universe – “be together, work together, BE AS ONE!” And it is so, dear Ones, for the physical aspects to begin within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will all emerge from the internal dimensions of choice from each Soul, and not by the disorder caused by unprecedented worldwide events!

We are all Spiritual Soul’s within physical bodies. Many people however seem to focus more of their attention on the physical body’s needs over the advancement of their own Soul’s progress. Paying attention to the needs of physical body before one’s Spiritual needs is easy to do these days, as most people will seek to fulfill their needs for food, clothing, and shelter before their safety and security issues, and their safety and security issues long before the need for Love. All things in the Universe occur through a sequential process of Time – a sequence of Freewill Choices made through the process of Time as the movement of the Soul. The coming together of the elemental foundation for the practicality of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension upon Mother Earth are all beginning to Create Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. Everything that may have sounded as “good” to know, “good” to put into practice, or even just a “good” reminder on how to get along better with other people, are all merging to place you into the position of leadership for demonstrating, role modeling, and guiding Souls into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World. Many Souls are unaware of the activating paradigm shift, but as their need and desire to know more progresses, dear Ones, you will be on station, ready to lead Soul’s on Mother Earth to act upon understanding the Universe’s arrangement – “be together, work together, BE AS ONE!”