Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Present Moment of NOW

In today’s society, the quintessential symbol of Time is the clock. For better or for worse, the clock serves to remind us what we will be doing in our daily routine. 6 AM, we wake up and get ready for work or classes. 11 AM, we prepare for lunch. At 5 PM, we are ready to call it a day and head on home. Once at home, we do the things that remind us why we are working or taking classes, eat, and then prepare for bed after a few TV shows, reading, and maybe some evening news.  The clock is a mechanism, dear Ones, devised to emulate and coordinate a synthetic time system on Earth with the Sun. As long as we take Time for our Spiritual Self, we become aware of the fact that the synthetic time of the clock diminishes the True meaning of Time in the Universe, “the movement of the Soul.” The process of Mother Earth’s shift from the Fourth to the Fifth Dimension will reinstate the True meaning and design of Time as the “movement of the Soul” upon her body. It will not be because sunrise or sunset will suddenly and dramatically appear at a much earlier or later time than usual, but because Mother Earth’s transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will be initiating the concept of Universal Awareness into the lives and consciousness of all Souls!

Universal Awareness is the conscious perception that Mother Earth and all Souls upon her are interconnected within the Universal Plane of Existence by the bond formed through Unification with God. The experience of Unification with God, dear Ones, acknowledges and recognizes the Unity with God factor within ALL Things and ALL Souls around you, thereby, leading to the experience of “movement of the Soul” through Time in the present moment of NOW! More than likely you already experience Universal Awareness and give little credibility to the artificial and synthetic categories devised to segregate people by national origin, religion, culture, creed, color, or gender preference. In Mother Earth’s evolution into the Fifth Dimension there will be no artificial or synthetic categories implemented to establish a rule of segregation among people, for Unity with God will be the permeating influence of commonality in all Souls, Man of Light and Lightworker Souls, moving into the direction of his or her Heart and Soul with God. The “upper” Dimensions of the Universe are not designed for an individualistic approach by having each Soul fend for him or herself against others, but are developed and designed for a TEAM approach in every respect! Universal Awareness will lead all Souls into progress towards the True experience of Unity with God! 

A derivative of Universal Awareness has seemingly been used on Earth as the Golden Rule, “treat others as you would like others to treat you.” But rather than being an optional suggestion for protocol, the Universal Energy of August 17, 2015 will begin implementing the standard of Universal Awareness as a formal rule upon Earth in anticipation of Mother Earth’s emerging status as a New Earth! Mother Earth’s status as a New Earth will arrive on May 16, 2016. As a New Earth, Mother Earth will become a Creator Planet specifically designed for all Souls to Create with Love in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Mother Earth’s development as a New Earth will dovetail fittingly with the completion of generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field on May 22, 2016, at which time she will fully complement and blend into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! Your clocks will still be functioning on May 22, 2016, dear Ones, but will be rendered useless by the fact that clocks only perform the act of simulating the time of the day based upon the Sun’s location for your geographical vicinity, and not according to your perception of the Universal Energies!

Through the evolving process of Mother Earth generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field, Universal Awareness will serve to align all participating Souls into Time in the present moment of NOW through the interconnection facilitated by one’s Seven Member Chakra System. The Seven Member Chakra System will operate similar to a transceiver device (a device designed to both transmit and receive communications) with God Source. By consciously applying the concept of Universal Awareness into your Life, dear Ones, you will find that your Chakra System’s connection to God Source will not only become much stronger, clearer, and purer, but also increase your ability to hear, feel, or intuit (depending on your preferred method of internalized communication) God’s Presence as if God Himself/Herself were standing right next to you, and it is so! The internal connectivity that Universal Awareness will contribute to your growth is already unconsciously heightening within you. By the Time period from October 6 through October 25, 2015 arrives, when God’s Harmony will Activate for you, so will the strength, clearness, and purity of your communication abilities also increase! In the continual practice of Universal Awareness through constant awareness of Time in the present moment of NOW, you will also realize God’s Presence was, is, and always will be accomplished through your state of Lovingness, as it was all along!

The clock is an artificial and synthetic emulation of the sunlight’s presence on Earth. The clock has simplified scheduling issues by increasing the likelihood that people can meet at a previously agreed upon time through the implementation of time zones. The clock, however, was not designed for Time as “the movement of the Soul” in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. It will be to each and every individual Soul to evolve and implement Universal Awareness through the acquisition and practice of Time in the present moment of NOW! It is not that there will be a “great purging” of Souls for those who do not instantaneously follow Universal Awareness, or the Golden Rule for that matter, but it will be a major opportunity missed by not realizing that God’s Presence is situated in the Present Moment of NOW! Not yesterday when things could have been better and certainly not tomorrow, if things get better, but in the motion of Time as the movement of the Soul in the Present Moment of NOW! There is a great process of Transformation and Change occurring outside our influence and it will not be producing the last chapter of humanity’s existence on Earth, but inviting and welcoming all Souls to experience Life with God in God’s Fifth Heaven, the Fifth Dimension of the Universe!