Saturday, July 11, 2015

Learning in Activation

On February 7, 2015 the Universal Energies arrived to proclaim every single Lightworker Soul present on Mother Earth, and those to come in the future, as a leader representing every facet of Spiritual Wisdom available with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! The leadership composed of every Lightworker on Earth will have three Activation phases coordinated by God Source and the Universal Energies. Two of the three phases for Activating in Earth’s leadership with God have already completed. The first phase occurred from March 15 through April 14, 2015, and served to Activate each individual Lightworker Soul from a solitary individual in Unity with God into Activation as a cooperative member within the aggregate whole of all Lightworker Souls on Mother Earth – the Legion of Light! The second phase began on April 15, 2015 and concluded on June 14, 2015. This phase produced God’s Sanctification for enacting the task of each Lightworker entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. The third and final phase of the Lightworker Activation with God will begin on October 6, 2015 and will complete on October 25, 2015. This last and final phase will Activate each and every individual Lightworker Soul with God’s Harmony!

God’s Harmony Vibration began on Mother Earth on May 4, 2015 and will briefly depart from Earth on October 20, 2015. God’s Harmony Vibration will subsequently return permanently upon Mother Earth on February 25, 2016. The Harmony Vibration of God is permanently attached to God’s Presence and is best analogized to your own individual auric field, dear Ones, but in this case, it is God’s Auric Field of His/Her Individuality within the spectrum of Energy encompassing the entire Universe! Your Activation with God’s Harmony will occur before the brief departure of God’s Harmony Vibration from October 21, 2015 to February 24, 2016, but it will Truly not be departing, for God’s Harmony Vibration will remain Activated within you and with you throughout your days on Mother Earth! From July 22, 2015 through October 25, 2015, all Lightworker Souls will be Learning in Activation with God’s Harmony Vibration. God’s Harmony Vibration will bring you closer to God than you have experienced since you willfully “volunteered” to assist Man of Destiny Souls on Earth evolve as Man of Light Souls in order to become more like you and everything else in the Universe – EMPOWERED AS the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

The Learning in Activation phase from July 22, 2015 through October 25, 2015 will serve to assist you in reengaging and reclaiming your Spiritual memories, knowledge, and wisdom, dear Ones! Thereby leading you to prosper once more within your specialization of Light, Love, and Harmony in God’s Universe! There will be an element of prevailing interference, but it will not come from doubt, uncertainty, or indecision in your immediate world but from the fact that there will be an enduring Reality Split occurring – Mother Earth’s Fourth and Fifth Dimensions will continue in an unnatural co-existence until May 21, 2016! Issues of the Fourth Dimension will be interfering with the progress of every single Soul on Earth, Man and Light. The interference will lead many Man of Destiny Souls to attempt deeds and actions built on an erroneous trust in the past! The past, dear Ones, will not be an indicator of future Life on Earth but will instead become more like the historical symbols of an ancient civilization, ancient statues and buildings built to honor the people and places of a long ago deceased power, devoid in meaning and insignificant to the progress of any Soul entering into the Fifth Dimension. All the answers to your questions about reengaging and reclaiming your Spiritual memories, knowledge, and wisdom are in the Fifth Dimension!

The old adage states that “seeing is believing” and will have many Souls convinced to continue seeking their answers in the past and not in the NOW of Mother Earth’s newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! No one will be able to see, hear, smell, taste or even touch Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, just as no will ever see, hear, smell, taste or touch God’s Harmony Vibration Field. For that matter, no one could even claim that he or she has ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or even touched Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration. But much like describing the physical properties of gravity or electricity, people have to accept that the properties and power exhibited by gravity and electricity have an effect on their world through the powers they demonstrate! And this is exactly what you will be doing, dear Ones, demonstrating and role modeling the Spiritual Wisdom you will garner by being immersed once again within the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe emerging through Mother Earth’s newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! 

On May 22, 2016 Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World will be exclusively populated by God’s Presence through God Source, all Lightworker Souls exhibiting the fullest sense of Unity with God through God’s Harmony Vibration, and Man of Light Souls willfully endeavoring to attain in Unity with God status! Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension will have completed its purpose on May 21, 2016 – to teach Man of Destiny Souls that Love is the Power of ALL Things in the Universe! Having reached the maximum extremes of logic, coherence, and rationale for learning to Love by Man of Destiny Souls, Mother Earth will fully merge directly into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016. The algorithm of probability will have reached its maximum capability for instructing Man of Destiny with anything else new for learning to Love. The Time, Place, and Destination of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transformation completes on May 22, 2016. Your leadership, dear Ones, through the Learning in Activation with God phase will serve to fully integrate and revive your own Spiritual Wisdom as well as prepare you for the Universe’s Fifth Dimension with God!